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  1. Cleveland looks real out of place in that group. Like a turd in the punch bowl. How does cleveland fit with these schools when they have New Caney, Porter, Caney Creek etc..within 15-20 miles,
  2. There isn’t a D2 district any closer that has room for new teams. Because the district manvel left, which was a 9 team district, also lost Milby who went up to D1, naturally replacing one HISD with another(Austin) is what will happen, making that an 8 team district, which is currently D11, and all those schools are s/sw of houston. D10 is west and north of Houston. And the current D12 including TC and SF, if you look at a map all the schools in that district are coastal lying towns, that, on a map seem relatively close, and are all situated East of the other districts. The struggle lies in having 2 divisions from the start of the season instead of Separating at playoff time, so in order to play on an equal field with schools your size, there’s certain sacrifices that have to be made, and travel is the main one. But even if there weren’t divisions, it would still involve a lot of travel for teams in Baytown BH Crosby and golden triangle, who are always paired together, Baytown schools and golden triangle have been together for decades, with the exception of when WB went region 2, years back. So if you are a fan of a 5A or 6A School in the Golden triangle or Baytown area you’re going to travel at least half your games a good distance, it’s in evitable but it’s also what makes it fun.
  3. According to Dave Campbell’s GCM turned in 2097
  4. Start Haywood, then Pitre comes in later, no set rotation, but they play the hot hand
  5. 1. Consolidated 2. Lee 3. Newton 4. Evadale 5. United 6. Memorial 7. West Brook 8. Barbers Hill 9. Nederland 10. Crosby 11. Franklin 12. Orangefield 13. Hardin 14. Anahuac 15. East Chambers 16. Little Cypress-Mauriceville 17. Jasper 18. Silsbee 19. Hamshire-Fannett 20. West Orange-Stark 21. Alto 22. Kountze 23. San Augustine 24. Chester 25. Beaumont Kelly Catholic
  6. 1. Crosby 2. Vidor 3. Huffman Hargrave 4. Splendora 5. Tarkington 6. Hamshire-Fannett 7. Jasper 8. Lumberton 9. Diboll 10. Corrigan-Camden 11. Coldspring-Oakhurst 12. Beaumont Kelly 13. Colmesneil 14. Evadale 15. Cushing 16. Mt. Enterprise 17. San Augustine 18. West Sabine 19. Tomball Rosehill Christian 20. Orange Community Christian 21. Houston Lutheran North 22. Baytown Christian 23. High Island 24. King 25. Beckville
  7. 1. Port Arthur Memorial 2. Newton 3. San Augustine 4. Beaumont West Brook 5. Goose Creek Memorial 6. Vidor 7. Porter 8. Tomball 9. Silsbee 10. Diboll 11. Huffman Hargrave 12. Jasper 13. Huntington 14. Lumberton 15. Orangefield 16. Anahuac 17. East Chambers 18. Woodville 19. Tarkington 20. Buna 21. Kirbyville 22. Deweyville 23. Hull-Daisetta 24. Evadale 25. Barbers Hill
  8. 1. Newton 2. West Sabine 3. Beaumont West Brook 4. Manvel 5. Barbers Hill 6. Port Arthur Memorial 7. Huntsville 8. Goose Creek Memorial 9. Jasper 10. West Orange-Stark 11. East Chambers 12. /Hamshire-Fannett 13. Livingston 14. Lumberton 15. Buna 16. Woodville 17. Evadale 18. Hull-Daisetta 19. Trinity School of Texas 20. Beaumont Kelly Catholic 21. Orange Community Christian 22. Baytown Christian 23. Houston Emery-Weiner 24. /Deweyville 25. Hardin
  9. A wins a win, this regime didn’t schedule these opponents, all they can do is play the people on the schedule, no sense in taking away from a victory, that they haven’t seen too many of Recently, and the “not” comment you adddd to the end...come on bro that’s so played out, let the boys enjoy the W
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