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  1. Exactly. So far they been able to overcome them all season, but at some point they will play someone where they need every yard, and every score and can’t afford to have those mistakes. That could be this week.
  2. All those miscues are very irritating. Untimely penalties and high or bad snaps. Luckily they been able to overcome them all season.
  3. LCM game is at 6 on Friday also. Wonder which one KOGT is carrying this week.
  4. I just heard on KOGT that’s what there doing. I hope Texanlive stream is better. It’s been very bad all season. Not really with the money so far.
  5. Anyone know if KOGT is covering this game or the LCM game? I know that’s a decision they haven’t been for forced to make before!
  6. You should go to some WO-S games! We see that kind of officiating every week!
  7. They sure were. The center # 65 looked like a college lineman
  8. LCM just scored. 2pt conversion good. 20-17 LCM 34 sec left in 3rd
  9. LCM has moved the ball fairly well, the drive early where they had it deep in Wildcat territory and came up empty hurt. Main problem is the defense has had trouble stopping Palestine. Maybe adjustments at halftime will help.
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