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  1. LCM has the potential to have one of their better seasons. Play calling has to improve and be a little more aggressive.
  2. I’ll second that statement.
  3. I counted around 29-30 suited up this past Friday
  4. Even Gary Stelly said if the Bears have a chance to make a comeback they need to throw the ball. Then they run those 3 plays
  5. Surprised LCM ran out the clock at the end of the half. They’ve proved they can throw on WO-S.
  6. WO-S young secondary may get tested a lot tonight. they played well last week but will face a better passing game tonight.
  7. Yea I heard that too. Didn't know about it back in April. He had one of those sports voices that only few have.
  8. Yes. We sit on the very top row next to the press box. On the side with the flagpole. Now next week I'll be sitting in my usual spot at Mustang stadium on the Mustangs side! lol
  9. LCM's offense was impressive overall. QB looked poised and made some good throws. The offense did bog down on 2 drives in the first half inside Woodville's 30 yard line. Should have had at least 1 if not 2 more Td's.
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