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  1. I don’t know where but somewhere I read or heard Coach T in an interview say Feb 7 would be his last day on campus.
  2. Not sure I’m understanding all the talk about Tobys overall HC record. Let’s not forget he took over a horrible 0-10 Shoemaker team, so a good number of those losses was getting that program going in a different direction. I don’t think anywhere he’s been has the same consistent talent that comes through WOS. Also Some coaches just fit in better in some areas than others. Happens at all levels
  4. Ok thanks. I didn’t know he was also an assistant principle.
  5. What’s with all the talk about the assistant principal?
  6. I know your post is meant to be sarcastic, but the sad fact of the matter is there is some truth to what you stated.
  7. It’s been a great great run at WO-S dating back to 1985. Actually earlier as we had some really good teams before then but only the district champ advanced to playoffs then. The 9-1 1980 team really stands out to me as one that could have made a very deep run but finished 2nd in district to #1 ranked TJ. Guess everything has a time and place and Everything eventually comes to an end. As the old song says, “everything turns, turns, turns”.
  8. My grandparents and parents all listened to Kogt. Growing up it was always on in the kitchen when I ate breakfast before school. One of those things we always took for granted that it would always be there. first Coach T and now Gary and the station. Man I can’t take anymore changes!
  9. Doesn’t the job posting end on the 31st? And if so how soon after that can they publish the list of names of those that applied?
  10. I don’t either. But an assistant possibly.
  11. Well if it is Desoto they are a 6A school in a tough district. Went 11-3 this season.
  12. I keep hearing rumor around town that a coach from the DFW area has applied? Anyone know about this? Who or from where?
  13. I’ve no dog in this fight either, but do have a close friend and graduate of PNG along with all of his kids and was told by this friend that PNG always likes to do things and sweep them under the rug. In other words, on the surface to everyone else they want it to seem everything is squeaky clean but in reality theirs a lot of back stabbing and politics going on. Said it’s been that way forever. Again just what I’ve been told and could Possibly be that way in many districts across the state.
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