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  1. Well shoot. I may just save my $9.95 and listen to KOGT. They do such a good job it makes you feel as if your there anyway.
  2. Anyone ever watched the broadcast but turn sound down and listened to the game on radio. i’d like to listen to Gary and Dan on KoGt than whoever does the play by play for texanlive. Wonder if there would be a lag or delay?
  3. Are the playoff games just voiced broadcast or can you watch them live on the computer? I saw on thier website something about Friday night games not being shown live.
  4. Wow. That’s impressive. Where did you find all that?
  5. WO-S played LaGrange there in 2014. Anyone remember if we were the home or visitors that night?
  6. I’m sure opinions on this will be split down the middle. For the power house teams playing a 1-9 team just use it as a glorified practice. Bring up some JV players and let them get a taste of playoff atmosphere in a different stadium. Play the game and move on. It is what it is
  7. LCM off to a good start. Must play 4 quarters though.
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