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  1. I’m a WO-S guy so this probably will be my only post on this thread as I don’t have a dog in this fight, but this is complete nonsense. I’ve seen many WOS-PNG games going back to the early 80s and I’ve seen PNG play in other games as well and nothing they do dishonors, discredits or demeans the American Indian. Political correctness will be the death of us all eventually. Why don’t we all just forget about mascots, traditions and team logos. I know some of you will disagree with me and say I’m ignorant or racist or whatever, well let me say I’m none of the above. Like I said this isn’t my fight but this is stupidity at its highest level. I’m calling it as it is and It is what it is. I hope PNG family stands firm. They have my support. I’m done, over and out.
  2. Want to wish all my Setxsports friends a Happy New Year and for Gods Blessings upon everyone in 2020. Now we wait 8 long months before high school football again!
  3. They must have brought up the whole 9th and JV teams with them
  4. If someone is at the game How many kids does Carthage have suited up?
  5. Well I held off commenting for almost 24 hours because this one really stings. It will be along time before this wears off. I don’t think in our 42 year history we’ve ever blown an 11 point lead with around 7 mins left to play. Credit to Silsbee they played a whale of a game. Things very easily could have been different but that’s neither here nor there. Good luck Tigers. I will be pulling for you next week against Wimberely. I’d like to drive to Dallas in 2 weeks to see y’all play Pleasant Grove
  6. On a different note, did anyone actually try and use the coupon for a free whataburger that was on the back of the ticket? I stopped in Vidor on the way back to get one and it had expired in June of 2019! I can only guess they were extra playoff tickets from last year that BISD was trying to get rid of! Lol
  7. I bet they will. Kogt usually follows the Mustangs as for long as they play.
  8. 24-14 1:05 left Belleville just drove 99 yards. Coach T not gonna be happy.
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