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  1. Well then it will definitely be worth watching and see who steps up!
  2. So as far as we know the QB job is up for grabs?
  3. Well speaking of LCM I’ve heard Peavey is making some sweeping changes over there.
  4. Memory is failing me and I can’t remember who was Pop Terrell's backup last season. Will he be the go to guy this season or is there an up and coming QB who may take over the offense? Anyone have any info?
  5. Interesting...I had heard about the possible Bond but haven’t heard about the 2 jr highs merging.
  6. Did anyone confirm who the new DC is? And where he’s from?
  7. Just announced he’s retiring at the end of the school Year.
  8. Good luck to the Bulldogs from this WO-S alumni.
  9. I think the biggest question is who will be the next HC once Cornel retires? I’m sure many folks personal favorite is Toby Foreman. He grew up a Mustang as was an assistant coach for several years there. I remember him as the ball boy on the sidelines before he even got to high school. Also he relates to the kids very well. Question is would he be willing to leave Shoemaker where he has turned that program completely around? Will they promote someone already there Or will they hire someone outside of the Mustang blood line?
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