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  1. If Vidor drops down it will be because of enrollment losses due to Harvey. Oh well, back to the game, looks to be a muddy, sloppy field. This matchup is usually entertaining and should be again this year. Here's to an injury free game in the mud bowl, I mean black and gold bowl.
  2. I don't think Imelda will figure in to this snapshot. I know several families that are still here but have said once insurance is settled they are not rebuilding and will be leaving. We have kids in the high school program that will not be in Vidor next year.
  3. I believe snapshot day is this Friday, October 25. I'm sure we can find out the number pretty quickly. UIL will meet in February and that's when will know where we are.
  4. This summer I was told from someone in administration that as of the last day of school last year we were about 80 kids below the the 4a d1 cutoff..... I guess we will know soon enough.
  5. You obviously have the answers on how to fix the problems with our qb and tailback and the offense in general. I simply want to know how to fix the problems. I mean you are so knowledgeable, you need to go talk to Jeff and Trahan and line them out.
  6. PM me yours big guy. Would love to talk to ya!
  7. Dude you have no clue. All you do is run your mouth and trash Vidor and the team. That tailback that you have trashed on here several times has carried this offense for the last 2 years. There is nothing the kid can do if he is getting hit in the backfield every play. You don't have the backbone to run your mouth to the team or to Jeff. But your a tough guy on here no doubt. You must have been a beast when you were tearing it up at Pirate Stadium every Friday night.
  8. Go to Mutt and Jeff's! It's in a gas station but it is really good. From I 10 turn right on Main, go over the tracks and turn right and into the gas station. You will not regret it.
  9. That is hilarious! I'm still laughing!
  10. And if I remember correctly, Pirates recovered that kick and scored 3 plays later......😀
  11. It was good scrimmage. Both teams have things to work on. Both teams won and lost the scrimmage. Vidor threw a pass with 2 minutes to play that never gets thrown in a game. Silsbee scored their only Td on the ensuing drive. This was a scrimmage so I agree with throwing that pass 100%. So in summary, 1st half 1's on 1's, neither team scored. 2nd half Vidor scored once, Silsbee scored once and kicked a fg.
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