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  1. Final game from Friday night -- Bridge City 6 Kirbyville 1
  2. Having attended multiple Championships at AT&T as well as the one at NRG, I too acknowledge that AT&T is very accommodating to the teams as well as fans for the UIL games. I had hopes that NRG would have been a better host so the games could return occasionally. The Houston area crowds were many thousands lower than those at AT&T. If you have never attended the UIL Championships, you owe it to yourself to make the trek to Arlington and experience a first-class presentation of our beloved Texas High School Football.
  3. 4A Div. 1 - Bridge City vs. Navasota, Friday at Huffman
  4. Bridge City hasn't run the slot-T since 2017.
  5. Just being curious, why do you say this?
  6. The smaller the school, the better the concession stands! Hamshire- Fannett used to have Al-T's Boudin balls!! Love those small school concessions! Literally the "flavor of Friday Nights"!!!
  7. With these two Wing-T teams, I predict the game will be over about 8:45....😎
  8. Add Bridge City ISD to the closures today ( 9-18 )
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