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  1. You know Wharton should be complaining about this as well. It took away their option of playing friday.
  2. They shouldn’t have had to wait. The uil should have enforced the rules it had set.
  3. The more I hear the more I would like to know if other teams have had any COVID issues in the playoffs so far both on the boys and girls side.
  4. I am pretty sure i saw it will be broadcast here and wont be surprised if it is video broadcast as well...
  5. You are right. I didnt like the rule but they made it.
  6. You are right about this Tiger team.....however we are very young and it will be the first time dealing with a team like Yates. Now we can apply just as much pressure as they do but where we may have trouble is dealing with their pressure and still being able to apply ours. Legs will get tired and decision making of our youngsters will be tested. To most anyone it will be a surprise if we can make it a real good game. With that said i have faith in my young Tigers and know they will give it all they can. I wont be surprised to see this one either way. Unfortunately i dont know if i will
  7. No its not hood now but unfortunately its what was expected...........the game that is..
  8. Exactly just like the uil set rules we couldnt change ours theirs shouldnt be allowed either.
  9. Yes Yates was exposed in their game saturday. By rules they are supposed to sit out 7 days and have to have a negative test after 5 days before participating. From what i have been told HiSD has fought to move this game to friday to try to circumvent that rule and the playoff schedule to keep yates from having to use their jv and freshmen. Now anyone knows that i am anti big city schools and what goes on there as far as transfers etc. But i will say i hate to see this covid crap messing up anyones season, but the rules set should be what is followed. No exceptions should be made. Would i
  10. No a change is once again big cities circumventing the rules......
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