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  1. Yes I know they have one and I don’t really mean matching the number of state titles but even a consistency of real high level play. The last few years have been close but what about all those years in between. As good as those Lincoln teams were you would think the talent “bloodline” would continue and then be Abe to add some from the other schools and keep rolling but it just doesn’t seem to work that way.
  2. Why hasnt PA been really even close to that level since Lincoln closed??
  3. Could not be more happy for or proud of the young man.
  4. Brae’s post has him in a #4 McNeese jersey, however that number is retired at McNeese for Joe Dumars.
  5. Yes had been told thats where focus was myself but was waiting for that official post.
  6. For everyone who has been speculating or wondering!! Congratulations to Braelon Bush who announced his commitment to McNeese State on Facebook!!
  7. I hate to see this and i sure hope they are being over cautious but i have heard directly from some officials, that we really havent been hit yet. Our heavy time is still expected to be about 2 weeks away. Folks this is scary. I hope and pray for everyone and their loved ones safety.
  8. If it happens would definitely not feel like would be near the same as winning it would have.
  9. Ok but you being a fan of yates and me being a fan Of Silsbee know dang good and well aau shape and the shape these guys are in for high school are not the same at all. And a month off for a team with the style those two teams play is big as far as game condition goes.
  10. But what a mess that will be come back in say a month and these teams haven’t practiced, some are out of shape, heck some have moved back to their true homes and then you try to have a championship. Won’t be near the same!!
  11. Probably so but those people are already inside stadium unless they are still letting some in for next game.
  12. So have they stayed anything about any refund policy for all tournament ticket holders for Saturday??
  13. Does Argyle get the number of transfers yearly, and I am talking about athletes, that Yates gets??
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