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  1. I guess so.but last nights game was just sloppy and looked lackluster overall. And here lately we have had a lot better balance overall. Last night just looked more like an early season game or step backwards even.
  2. And neither had a good shooting night. Combining for 80% of the points shows what kind of night the tigers had. Definintely not enough balance overall.
  3. Definitely not a good game for the Tigers. Looked like their hearts werent in it at all. It didnt look like Cartwrights head was in the game tonight. Like was said we missed shots we normally make. We got beat back down the court by the big guy at least a couple times. Their number 4 was left open to hit 4 3s in the first quarter after we jumped out to a 10 pt lead and except for a Bush long 3 at the end of that first quarter, we would have trailed after one. Harper had a good game played some good defense. And i am really liking Baltrip on the floor. Good rebounding and energy. A part of this was just never getting a good flow to the game and that is what BC does to you. Glad we got this one over with. I hope we come out and play a lot better friday.
  4. The Tigers can’t buy a shot inside or out. Open contested or otherwise shots that normally fall just aren’t. Lead 61-47 3:03 left.
  5. BC is a 3 ball machine 23 pt with 6 3s 25-23
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