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  1. Like I said just a minute ago wasn’t meant to sound harsh was just saying it was an understatement. Wasn’t taken as offensive.
  2. By the way I didn’t take that badly was just stating that 20 against this team was a big understatement.
  3. How they should beat this team by 50 unless he pulls everyone real early..
  4. Yes that will be BUs probable opponent this afternoon with SOC likely to be their semi opponent!
  5. How good shooting. WB can’t handle the pressure and quick hands. And the biggest factor was the play of J. Williams down low!
  6. From that the bracket is set up favorably for the Tigers to reach the finals. If they play like they should West Brook and CE King are the biggest challenges. While that top half bracket is loaded, United, Madison, SOC, and Grace Academy and Aldine Nimitz.
  7. I think the dunk count was 1-1. And yes we didn’t have a good first half. Two big parts of that was Madison plays good defense and the fact that we had 4 fouls called on us in the first quarter, 2 on Harris and 2 on Miller. I believe Bottley ended up with 2 in the first half as well. That pretty much handicapped our defense in that half. My hope was that we kept it no more than a 10 point deficit at the half. Which is exactly what it was. We couldn’t get much to fall in that first half either. Now to be honest their was some pretty questionable officiating. I know you always
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