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  1. Dont know why but that statline it pulls up,for silsbee, is a player short it is missing a keynstarter that played significantly in Jayron Williams.
  2. Yes but if they shot 67% from the 3 pt line against us like they have so far. Well I doubt we would have been as impressive….now I am just looking at the stats right now so they may be all open looks vs our contested ones but still…..
  3. Definitely and like I just said it’s a shame a team like this is playing 4A. We have a special 4A squad you don’t see many with the depth we have or the tenacity and toughness of our team. I have said many times my feelings of big city schools against small town schools but this is different altogether.
  4. More what I was expecting just isn’t right this team is 4A
  5. I wouldn’t expect any truth to it either. Saw other rumors on the Kimball situation as well. They only had the one player out though didn’t they?
  6. Hmmm…and if so is there a rule/precedent for them to follow at this point?
  7. Havent got to watch the game yet but looking at the stats that was the difference, i could live with everything else but shoot 31% when they shot 54% and you are probably gonna end up on the short end. No concellation prize or anything like that but a game like that against a built team with that type of height advantage and i am very proud of this team. It speaks alot to their drive to play a game like that.
  8. Yeah tabc had to have had it wrong oh well just gotta shock everyone had to beat them sooner or later to get what these kids want. Just sure wanted it to be in the finals!
  9. Ahh Boernes record was 25-6 on tabc which would have been led to 31-6.
  10. Hirschi just won so based on tabc records we should be second seed and sets up that possible 1 vs 2 I’m the finals!
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