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  1. Is Miller going to be back this soon from his injury?
  2. Are they missing players due to illness or discipline or grades??
  3. They wont be ready for a bit but i am sure some will play maybe by monday.
  4. And an unsportsmanlike on Carthage..
  5. The Tigers will get some help next week......
  6. Funny thing to see that jealousy coming out of Jasper. When is the last time Jasper had a playoff run? Carthage may beat us like a drum. They are supposed to unlike being a top ranked team and getting beat like a drum in the first round. Only thing worse than seeing a player on a team who is getting beaten badly mouthing after making a play is a fan running his mouth after his team got whipped!
  7. The outcome, i dont think it will be as lopsided but this year it would have to be an upset if the Tigers were to win.
  8. Really hard to believe this game talk is still going on. The result was much as expected. The outcome later in the year if it happens will likely be the same. It’s been said all along take your best shot at the Tigers this year and maybe next but hold on after that....
  9. Ok yes the core of those two state championships were those 4 players but that second team really only played 7 or 8 players and those other players were mainly Tre Lowe, Chris Martin and Kalon Barnes all big parts of the football team and on the court. That first team had basically two A teams and big parts of those were Bruce Newton, Michael McCain, Calvin Tyler, Willie Jones, Chris Martin, and Kalon Barnes. So i would say a pretty good part of both of those teams were on the football field as well. Those teams had a core that could beat most anyone by themselves but definitely werent ne
  10. Saw a tweet by Ashly Elam that it was 25-9 after the first.
  11. Lots of players there. He is very impressive. Kind of a slow start in that first quarter wasnt really liking him sitting outside kind of being a non factor offensively then in the second quarter bam. Very impressive handling the ball and shooting for his size. Good vision as well Defense speaks for itself. All that and still looks like he is still growing into his size a little.
  12. I am afraid that the best chance anyone has at getting past Carthage is if carthage has to forfeit....
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