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  1. It was sad to watch them play this last game , always hate it for the seniors. Proud of them all and especially proud of my son. This was only second year to play football in high school. He started both years and ended his senior year with a great season. He wore the blue and gold with honor and respect and always left it on the field. Now to Basketball and baseball the sports he has played on varsity every year. The Rebels finished the season with class and respect. Great year Rebels you had to overcome one of the smallest teams in numbers and then fight through more injuries than anyone could keep up with. Again you did it with class and never laid down.
  2. You and me both, I'm like a kid waiting to get home from school to talk to my parents. But in this case waiting to get home and find out from my son or another social media post to see if there has been any word. Of course it is all going to be how he feels at practice tomorrow; if he was released today. OF COURSE I don't want any further injury or prolonged healing to cost us time at Basketball. LOL I'm not bias or partial though toward basketball...😉
  3. Well here we are again waiting on the lottery numbers to fall..... LOL Someone close to #3 asked us to be praying for him yesterday because he goes back to the dr today and feels he is going to be released. If he is released he will work out during practice to see how things look and feel. This is all good, but I'm not going to make my picks above till I hear how it went with Dr release and at practice. With how they have been passing the ball past couple of weeks and then you get to add #3 in the back field it should change a lot of ways people have to play us. They want just be able to stack the box waiting on the run because if they go man to man on our receivers we will move the ball in the air. If we are moving the ball in the air it is going to allow #3 to get some yards per carry before he starts taking the hits on the line. I can only say I'm hopeful and prayerful at this point.....
  4. No actually our QB #10 got his shirt ripped apart so they made him put a jersey on. Well, Farr had his jersey on sideline so our QB went back in as #3.... LOL
  5. The lotto didn’t drop the #3.. LOL. Not dressed out and we have 2 other starters out and 2 lineman playing with pink eye... when it hits it hits....
  6. you already have the other numbers just impatiently waiting on that #3 to complete the other numbers on your sheet.....
  7. I haven't heard that he is, all I have heard is he is still healing and don't want to take any chances. Like I previously said its like watching the power ball to drop and all you need it #3 to win...…. LOL
  8. sure would be nice.....😀😀😀😀
  9. LOL.... I did to but even having someone on the inside it does me no good...… LMBO Its going to be like the lottery, you buy the ticket and wait for the numbers to pop out…..
  10. It is Wednesday and there still hasn't been any confirmation on whether #3 will be in the backfield Friday night. 😳
  11. Dang everyone is split on who wins But majority agrees it is going to be a close game. If Farr is back and we should know this week if he is going to be able to play, it is going to be a different type of game. The passing will have to continue like it has been the past couple of weeks even with him back. But with him in back field, will definitely draw attention from the defensive backfield and create some mismatch coverages on our receivers. Of course, this is all depending if #3 gets to return.
  12. Evadale had o er 200 yards passing I believe a little less than 100 rushing against the bulldogs. So him back will help
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