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  1. Us fans that have kids playing keep it on the low key. So most of these boast full fans will be one and done after tonight, either way. Just praying for a good game and no one gets hurt and both teams represent the district well.
  2. It turned out to be a better game then what I figured it would be.
  3. I was very impressed how they played. Feel good about what I just seen on the court.
  4. I agree even if he was 100% it would be a close game. Evadale going to have to have several others scoring and rebounding. Just isn't good that he will still have stitches for this game, was the point of the upper comment. Game would be a lot closer with him 100%.
  5. Going to be a close one. Evadale's #2 will still not be 100% and will not have the stitches removed from his hand yet.... How many teams has WH played that are above 3A divisions this year? Just curious to see who all they have been playing this year and what those teams records are. I know they have played High Island and Bob Hope several times and some other Christian academy.
  6. I doubt it since Evadale Varsity is playing in it. Normally Evadale plays in the Silsbee Tournament and then plays Memorial and other larger schools.
  7. Pre-season rankings released and Evadale Rebels #8. Should be a great YEAR..
  8. Your exactly right with Jasper and BS playing good ball. But the meaning behind building confidence is now that #2 want be on the court it will force other guards to take the shots instead of wanting to pass it back out. I think they will be fine and several will step up which is going to be huge for us going into district next Friday. Our record may be lop sided but when you look at who we have played all year we have done pretty good, most of our competition has been against 4A, 3A, 5A and a 6A school. They have been handling pretty good other than most of our guards are very young and first year varsity. OH we figure we will take our lumps pretty good the next 2 games... LOL Jasper has some guys that can light it up from way outside, watched them in the Evadale tournament.... BS is always tough.....
  9. It has been discussed and he will be sitting out everything until next Friday for first district game against WH. Coach J convinced him that even though he will still have stitches during the WH game, he doesn't want to take any chances of anything happening before then. He wants him to as close to 100% as he can have him for that game. I think it may be good him not getting to play because it will allow some of the younger ones to build confidence they can do it on their own without him being on the court. Time for some of the others to step up and help #10 out on the court.
  10. Took him this morning and they had to put 6 stitches in it and told him absolutely no ball this week and would have to see about next. Of course he told us that he knows he cant this week but he was going to do everything he could to play Tuesday against Jasper and there was absolutely no way he would be out next Friday against WH. He said wrap it up and he will do what he could. So he will not be playing for sure this Friday against Big Sandy....
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