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  1. Evadale and Deweyville has been canceled and will be in Lumberton tomorrow 1pm to play. Evadale coaches sent confirmation through Hudle to all players earlier.
  2. Going to the small schools I have been impressed with what Evadale has been doing through the air, The QB has several good receivers and that line has been protecting him to get the passes off. After last year everyone thought because of their running back putting up over 2,300 yards of rushing office that would be the office this year. Well he is putting up large numbers but the passing game has also been putting up the yards. They are looking well early in the season in the air and on the ground. Of course it helps having a line the size they have also. As the season gets moving we will see if they can keep it consistent, if they do I feel its going to be a long season for them. Great job Rebels......
  3. It is going to be a packed house in Evadale for this one. I believe I have seen some of Lamar's Band will be there in the Evadale stands playing loud and proud for those Rebels.
  4. Galveston canceled this game with Evadale on Thursday evening, stating they didn't have enough players. Evadale's next game will be "The River Bowl" against Deweyville in Evadale.
  5. It was a good game. Will Farr had 4 TD's on 157 yards carrying. Most impressive was Evadale's passing game, Klay Sylvestor passed for 247 yards with 2 TD's. Bryce Tousha had 78 yards receiving and 2 TD's Evadale's run game opened up the pass game.... They were firing on the ground and in the air.
  6. Yes this is Will Farr senior year, they also have 2 other running back, Anthony barns and Chase Smith that are very good with lots of speed, which is helping Farr get the breaks he needs. Chase Smith is probably hands down the fastest kid in the school and he is a sophomore, I believe. Several of the boys talk about he fast he is. Regardless of the running game when you have the size and strength they have on the O-line and D-line a semi descent running back can get lots of yards. With a very good running back like Farr and that line it opens up a different type of game... Look for a couple running backs to be over 100 yards in this one.....
  7. Evadale took control from the beginning. Came out second half and was able to sit 95% of all the varsity starters, Overton took advantage and scored twice in second half. Evadale walked away with the win 46-14 but looked very good.
  8. Wishing Evadale the best of luck as they start this new season....
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