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  1. District 21-6A Beaumont United Galena Park North Shore Deer Park La Porte West Brook Channelview C.E. King Sterling
  2. Agree with this - I think it's an ethics issue - if the coach believes for any reason that the kid is moving for athletics he should check that box and let the new district or school investigate and make their own decision - unfortunately I have seen too many times when there is more than enough evidence that the move is for athletic reasons the new district still just signs off on allowing the kid to play - ESPECIALLY if the kid is playing something other than football!
  3. Oh sorry I am way off on Mansfield.. They are not region 3 - so you are right.. No region 3 teams in this poll in 5A
  4. It is but its region 3 Lol - I didn't think about that - only team in region 3 is from D/FW area...
  5. Mansfield. But they overlooked Shadow Creek in 5A region 3 imo. Maybe College Station could of been in there but with them only doing top 10 it is tough to be mentioned. especially with the West Texas/Metroplex Bias. At least this starts some girls basketball conversation - One Week Away from first practice!
  6. Felt like HJ should of been 2 and Woodville 1 based off of their finish last year and what they have coming back compared to the other top 5 in their class. And no way Silsbee is top 10 based off of what they lost But its pre-season poll for a reason. March rankings are all that matter. And I’m xtremely biased towards SETX!! Looking forward to the season.
  7. HJ at 4 ?? Woodville at 5?? They return all but one from the state runner up team and they are 5?? smh Other East Texas mentions - Chireno, Timpson, Woden, Diboll, Silsbee,
  8. Jasper is hit or miss - but if you see Quintin Williams back there near the Pitt - then go get in line!!
  9. This may be the best topic ever started on here!
  10. Why do I feel like we have had this conversation before??? déjà vu!
  11. I agree with all of the above - Two teams not mentioned to keep an eye on: Livingston and Tarkington Livingston has Mya Miles who is one of the best players in the area - they also have a new coach Tarkington - returns all of their players off a team that lost a close game in Area and finished second in 21 4A - I think they come out of 21 4A as the champion this year but the misfortune there is they would see HJ in the 3rd round. For all 4A teams in our region - the road to SA goes through HJ - no doubt about it. Another 4A Region 3 team to watch (although not in SETX) is Fairfield - they only lost one Senior off a team that lost to HJ in the Regional Final. SETX girls basketball is on the rise - IMO - we have some very athletic teams and some very good players to watch this season.
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