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  1. Timpson beat Woden last night 27-21 - big win for Timpson New Waverly 47, Harmony 8
  2. Leading scorers: Asia Mitchell 14 Heaven Scott 8 Shabralyn Watson 8
  3. If I remember right. This was a 3-4 point game with about 2-3 minutes left. Three straight possessions with charge calls on Jasper - 2 of which fouled out Jamario and the game turned downhill for Jasper after that. Game was played much closer than the final score. Huntington played a great game.
  4. Jasper 42 Huntington 36 Huntington is one of the best defensive teams we have played. This was our first win over them in 6-7 years. Asia Mitchell 21 shabralyn Watson 11
  5. 20 4A Center 44 Huntington 42 Carthage 61 Hudson 47
  6. jasper 1-0 carthage 1-0 center 1-1 huntington 1-1 hudson 0-2
  7. No they don't really create their own shots at the three point line. They rely on their man helping on the drive. We run our dribble drive against man or zone.
  8. We have one gym for volleyball and one for basketball during the off season.
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