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  1. girls side of basketball lose another quality coach. Good luck Coach DJ!
  2. Very disappointing. This was a team to make a run with. Love these four seniors and hate for them to go out this early. Respect for Palestine. Leading scorers for us Shabralyn Watson 16 JaKayla Brown 14 Heaven Scott 13
  3. Everyone is good now and if you want to keep advancing then you have to face and beat great teams!
  4. Jasper vs Palestine Monday 6:30 at Nacogdoches High School
  5. Jasper 65 Hudson 35 Asia Mitchell 21 JaKayla Brown 19 Jasper 6-2 in 20-4A District Champions First District Championship since 2005
  6. Sorry had those scorers off a little Asia had 19 JaKayla Brown 9 Brae Watson 8 We were down 38-24 at half. Corret final is 71-55
  7. Thanks. Girls played hard tonight! Proud of them.
  8. Jasper 71 Carthage 55 Leading scorers Asia Mitchell 16 Amiah McQueen 13 Aaliyah Robinson 9 Heaven Scott 9 JaKayla Brown 9
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