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  1. We overcame COVID, hurricanes, and ice storms this year but came up short tonight against Waco Robinson. 58-50. Proud of these seniors and what they accomplished this year - Co-District Camps and a 17-6 record.
  2. Thanks! Been a long wait. No idea how it will effect us. But we play hard tomorrow.
  3. We are scheduled to play everyday Monday - Thursday at 6:00 in Crockett. Will make a call each day around noon as to if both schools feel they can get there safely. we are putting snow chains on the bus tires tomorrow!!
  4. How can we compare listenership if girls games havnt been done? Do sponsors say that won’t advertise during girls games? They only want to advertise during boys games? interesting topic
  5. Been some really good games and players during that span. What a shame.
  6. True - no set date for when we play at this time. Weather looks to be getting worse for next several days.
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