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The 2022 High School Football Season is Almost Here! 

The countdown has finished!


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  1. I'm laughing so hard I'm crying, especially that last mom.😂
  2. In my opinion, the best rivalry of black schools back in the day was Charleton-Pollard vs. Hebert. My dad used to call those games the last few years they were around and our family would go watch. The games were always fantastic and the half time shows were second to none, from start to stop the games were a blast to go see. It was almost like a carnival atmosphere. They were held at Lamar all the times I went and it was standing room only.
  3. My understanding is that WOS rarely has a good kicker because the soccer boys can't handle the pressure of the Mustangs' hard core practicing.
  4. You're right it is Ward and he is a beast. Look for him to do really good things this year and next.
  5. Lumberton got their Jumbotron last year. and as far as parking goes, L-Town has always had some of the most accesible in the area along with Silsbee and BISD. If room runs out at the school then Walmart is right across the highway.
  6. Need to fix the Lumberton link, it leads to Livingston.
  7. I was kind of wondering why they didn't do that. Lumberton did and still had to play the first few games away because the field wasn't quite ready.
  8. Prayers for all of those young men.🙏
  9. Go for it Aggie, they are certainly the right colors for you.
  10. That's a good looking helmet but the gaps I see on the stickers, those are going to get town off. I suggest a heat gun to melt the completely to the helmet.
  11. Okay, okay, I got a new name for y'all! How about the NederOwners!😝
  12. It's got to be either Cedar Hill or Paris, the other 3 schools already have their 2022/23 schedules up.
  13. Congratulations to Midlothian Heritage and great season to the Lumberton Lady Raiders!
  14. Looked like an own ball on Lumberton, Midlothian up 4-1.
  15. Yeah, they've gotten it over the 50 yard line maybe 3 times so far this half.
  16. 18 minutes left, Midlothian Heritage up 3-1.
  17. Dang, Midlothian scored twice in the first 8 minutes of the 2nd half.
  18. Lumberton leads at half time. Hopefully the wind will die down by the time the next half starts otherwise this is going to get dangerous for our girls.
  19. Pretty evenly matched. Lumbertons' goal came on a corner kick that curled into the net. Lumberton has the wind to their back right now but Midlothian gets the wind in the 2nd half.
  20. Lumberton scores first with 30:30 left in the half.
  21. Well, the good thing is Midlothian is now in White, guess their warm ups were red.
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