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  1. United takes out PAM, the mouse is rushed to the emergency room after having a heart attach because of the coaching in PA lol JK!!
  2. yeah I wouldn't make no predictions, our defense has hell with the one on one deep coverage. I just cant understand why we don't have safety help / coverage back in our secondary. Back in the day our safety was the headhunter, now im not sure what or where he is playing these days. They did play better in the second half not giving up any more points, but wow why wait till the third qt to do something adjustment wise. Silsbee hurt us with the deep ball early and often. Why not make an adjustment after getting beat 3 times with the deep ball in the first half. Should have stopped that after seeing it the first time you would think. But what the hell do I know, I guess they cant see that from the field and the people in the pressbox are too busy watching movies on the ipads lol
  3. he might change his tune after united takes them down back to reality lol
  4. yes sir I saw that after I went back and looked a second time. I didn't have my glasses on so im sure it was in plain sight of view lol. im getting old lol
  5. to be honest it has been a long time since The Tigers have stopped PNG. I know yall made it to the state finals last year but that doesn't mean a thing when you facing a school with bigger numbers on a hot humid Friday night. Silsbees guys were cramping right and left, im sure because they were going both ways. the tigers have some talent should be fine.
  6. might be a long year for the hill, having to reboot at the skilled positions isn't good.
  7. dark horse in the district this year, might surprise some people this year.
  8. sweet lol I hear ya, hell you have to let them enjoy their new scoreboard and their new turf which looked great btw. I didn't like the way they went dark green for 20 yards then light green alternating. I think it would have looked better one color all the way thru. Just my opinion
  9. lots of ints but both teams threw ints
  10. I wouldn't go there the scoreboard info was so small I couldn't hardly make out what everything was, I didn't have my glasses on so that is why it prob looked so small. lol I figured by the way you pumped it up like it was some kind of huge scoreboard like whats up in Texas Stadium lol :-)
  11. I heard the bulldogs brought in Romo to do the commentary and analysis play by play.
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