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  1. R.i.P prayers for his family. Had the pleasure of catching a few games with him.
  2. Man i was at deer lease didnt have a signal i guess when i finally got signal i guess it posted 😅
  3. Good luck to Crosby incredible playoff run. Only one thing left to do Knock off Aledo. This wont be an easy task but anything can happen. Win or lose they have had one hell of a season.
  4. You only scored 21 against PNG. Theybhave the worst defense in the playoff bracket. CROSBY IS BATTLE tested and has a defense unlike PNG. You might wanna swallow your ego and get ready for a loss. This isnt last year or the year before its 2020 ive seen worser upsets happen good luck to Crosby yall got this
  5. will be the largest school and still get their rearends handed to them lol
  6. Yeah I heard it was a donkey stompin runaway show. They scored quick and often. lol Ned may be looking or a new coach here in the near future.
  7. I cant imagine them not hanging 50 plus on us. Our defense cant cover a cough with a handkerchief. Nederland should have walked the dog on us. Soph wr for NED dropped balls that he should have caught. Our defense looks lost when it comes to man on man coverage. Safety is never in position to help our QB. I love my NDN football but im not drowning in the purple koolaid either. I wish them all the best but I don't think it is gonna help. It will more than likely get real ugly. This is a bad matchup for any high school team in the state, scares the hell out of me to be honest lol.
  8. its been a long time since ive seen the Indians so beat up health wise, down 4 rbs running on a spare .lol I haven't heard much about when and if they come back, didn't realize two were hurt till I noticed it was Trahan running the ball. If he is anything like his old man, we shouldn't miss a beat running the ball.
  9. ever since ingram droppred that td against lsu I have labled him as a bust lol. Shug all the way!!
  10. Congrats to Shug, making a strong statement, think he should be getting more looks, I think he might have opened some eyes this week!!
  11. Ha Vidor can throw up their Vs and come shake pom poms for Crosby this week at the Reservation. I understand yall are butthurt because yall lost to the better team infront of a home crowd. We are giving complimentary Ipods to all you Vidor bandwagoners that are on the Code Red train. The first one to get a Ipad is that chump announcer yall have. Talk about a genuine AR$$, that dude needs to tone it down a notch . I have never heard and announcer come across the loud speaker and heckle a referee, talk about class smh. Good luck to Crosby, looking forward to a good clean game with no injuries, s
  12. Vidor was playing ball in the first half. Second half as usual coaching staff made some adjustments and defense did what it does and caused 3 fumbles. and capitalized on them to come back and get the win. I will say this the refs were brutal 7 penalties in 7 minutes for 100 yards was ridiculous. I was watching the news lol commentating on how png wasn't doing so well with one yard rushing in the first half. The penalties were the cause of that, every time we got a first down there was a phantom hold to nullify the 20 yard run, smh. I would really have liked to have seen a cleaner game by both
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