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  1. Looks like a Defensive struggle. Crosby moving on to next round
  2. I don't care who you said our wins and losses would be. You said we wouldn't make the playoffs when I made the comment Dave Campbell said we wouldn't make the playoffs lol. It's all good I know next time to video record you 😆 sad thing is he did pick Ned and they were actually ranked after absolutely playing nobody to justify the ranking smh.
  3. Like you. Lol at the first of the year you didn't give this team any credit just like every other year. You also didn't think we would make the playoffs so tell us how you want your crow!!!
  4. Looking forward to this game. I like the assessment their good defense against our good offense. As usual I believe if our defense can make a few stops and maybe a turnover or two PNG has A Shot. If Crippen continues to throw dimes like the last two weeks could be a good showing. Praying Trahan shakes off this injury. We need him.
  5. Well we'll well looks like we pulled out another one by the seat of our pants lol. Turnover on first drive saved Montgomeries ass. Or it would have been out of hand. Great game by the offense. But the big offense came thru QB throwing dimes again ,crippen looked sharp even grew some balls and ran a few big runs. Great job young fella looks like Texas City and Barbers hill didn't get the job done Texarkana blanked Texas City by 31 gonna be a tough task next week.
  6. Last time I talked to stattrax I told him what I thought about Dave Campbell picking us not to make the playoffs. He told me have you seen our team they are brutal, but yet here we are. It's anyone's game and Montgomery isn't a powerhouse. I don't judge how teams do against other teams. I don't care who scored what on who. If Crippen can eliminate the turnovers and throw dimes last week we have a shot. If Trahan has a huge game we got a shot. If we make some stops and create a turnover or two we got a shot. That's why we play the game. According to the Mecca aka Code red we don't have a shot.
  7. I would love to see the sweep. I think it's all about matchups . Some teams match-up better with teams as with others. Last year was crazy as png beat Ned played Fort bend Marshall to a 7pt loss with a defense that was as bad as they come. Crosby lost to Nederland which I was shocked. This year BH got a bad call against Crosby should have beat them. Lost to png lost to Texas City but then punishes Fort Bend Marshall. Crosby wipes the field with PNG two years in a row goes on to finally have a Cinderella season and goes to the big Dance and gets squashed. PNG according to Dave Campbell wouldn't
  8. I look for a shootout next week. But I'm hoping our defense can make a few stops or turnovers here and there. We shall see. You are right though ,Crippen gave them 3 turnovers last night, but he overcame that and was throwing dimes. It Def won't be easy. But it is doable.
  9. We should have beat Nederland and Texas City. Stupid turnovers and lack of coaching lost us those games. We weren't supposed to even make the playoffs but yet here we are. We should have had second place rapped up. You are right about one thing though we don't match up well with Crosby but it is about matchups in the end lol.
  10. Last time I looked at the scoreboard our defense showed up and the offense besides the 3 turnovers was a thing of beauty. Now time to get ready for Montgomery
  11. Congrats to the Hill on whooping that A$$!!! Break out the brooms !!!!! Sorry A$$ Galena Park wouldn't even shake our hands after the game. Just plain butrhurt over that 70-burger
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