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  1. Was a good game. EC has lots of speed in the backfield with Sheldon and Caesar. Defense is fast and swarm to the ball. Freshman QB does a ok job throwing the ball. Field goal kicker is very good. A few big kids on the o line. Coaching is off the chain but that’s to be expected
  2. 19-0. EC. Can this announcer get anymore annoying
  3. Bobcats on a high it’s the 40th anniversary of the 1979 State Champs. Not really Deweyville by 14.
  4. Every one is in titled to his or her opinion. I don’t see us beating EC but rest assured they will play with Buna and Woodville
  5. Buna, Woodville and Orangefield are all ball control offenses. When they fall behind it becomes a problem. You see it every year in the playoffs.
  6. They have a shot but depth has been our problem. We’ve been in every game in district till the 3rd quarter. I think the cool weather helped us this week.
  7. Woodville having a down year? Lost lots of Seniors
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