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  1. Don’t act a fool and try to show the umpires up and you’ll stay for the whole game. Break this and it could be an early exit.
  2. Kirbyville Non District Hemphill Shepherd newton Shelbyville
  3. Bucs need to step up and play. I’m sure they would love to play EC
  4. Kids have been kicked off, quit and some went the first day and never came back. I don’t see them getting better any time soon
  5. I think Woodville could go with 11 3a either one will work for them
  6. I’m lost on the selections. Hardin wins 1 district game and has 9 players , Warren wins zero district games and has 5. Kirbyville wins 2 and has 4 on it. Is it because our coach don’t speak up? What’s the process?
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