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  1. Man this is great to see that blank page for the last 4 years has been ugly
  2. Your wrong 98% of Kirbyville will tell you the same thing unless they have a last name of Morgan. They worshipped Craig like he was god. Never in my life have I seen so much butt kissing.
  3. CPS may have cleared them but the kids parents who’s a$$ they beat didn’t clear them. I mean whipping a kid 22/42 days because his squat technique is wrong. All I’m going to say that if that would have happened to the right kid with a care free dad that don’t give a crap CPS would have not been needed.
  4. Becomes o line and associate head coach at west brook
  5. I’ll give him 2-3 years and he will leave for bigger and better. I don’t know if Nick Sabin could turn that program around.
  6. This may be 3rd behind Fred vs Spurger in basketball. When those bands get going inside that gym it’s Madness
  7. Nothing will ever beat the rivalry of Tyler County Warren vs Woodville.
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