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  1. Hey this is coach Bear. I’m going to the game tonight and will sit in the pressbox and Pam side first half. Holler at me. I like meeting site members, most are good men and love the football talk. I’m 6 ft tall and will be in jeans boots, maroon Aggie under armor shirt with burnt orange horn hat. See you tonight.  Coach Bear 

    1. Mr. Buddy Garrity

      Mr. Buddy Garrity

      My bad man, I sit on the visiting side at home games, I stopped sitting on the home side after 2002 cause of certain dumb parents and wannabe Head Coaches we have. 

    2. coach bear

      coach bear

      Us head coaches are everywhere 😉. I sat on Pam side and left midway through 3rd. Had to make a frack bus run at 1 a m. I would love to get your opinion on your coaches at Pam. From watching from stands I have a good opinion. My # 2817874534. Text me sometime and we’ll talk. A little snidbit of info there seems to be a lot of wasted talent and unenthusiastic coaching on the sideline, very plain vanilla excuse the pun but I can say that as a Ukrainian raised in a black central Texas town.  Coach Bear 

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