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  1. Bob Hope wins 68-48. Friday will play Sabine Pass at Lamar Port Arthur
  2. Officials didn't show up so coaches officiating and they decided to just call it a scrimmage. 38-15 Bob Hope leads after 3 quarters
  3. According to friday night app it's 59-16 Diboll after the 3rd quarter
  4. Tigers with a pick 6 21-0 still in the 1st
  5. We have open dates on: March 12 and March 26 - April 23 any dates during that month except Wednesdays or Saturdays email: [email protected]
  6. Bob Hope (1-0) opened the season defeating Good Samaritan tonight. They will host Kelly next Thursday.
  7. It also has Sealy 31 HJ 24 Bellville 44 HJ 27
  8. If you plug the matchups into the calpreps predictor you get.. Bellville 35 Orangefield 24 Orangefield 19 Sealy 17 What are your thoughts about who Orangefield might match up better against?
  9. Winner gets the 3 seed loser goes in as the 4 seed. Bobcats - 31 Hawks - 21
  10. Another big game for the Bobcats in regards to playoff positioning. A win with a HJ loss to Silsbee puts the bobcats and hawks tied for 3rd with next week's game deciding 3rd and 4th I believe. Would be a tough first round draw for either team since you will get either Bellville or Sealy
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