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  1. Should be an easy win for Newton. What do y'all think?
  2. The battle of the Eagles. What are your thoughts? The Eagles win, guaranteed. LOL I think the Newton Eagles come out on top. Let’s here it.
  3. I'm scared of the dark, so the sun can never set. Fools. This is the real world people. Get over it. There is always something you will not like, the world is not perfect and never will be.
  4. That is where physical conditioning comes in. They're working my boy to hard.
  5. Didn't play every snap, but did play both ways. Evidently wasn't to bad at it, made All-State both ways
  6. How can someone just do what they want. Who is going to enforce the ruling of the Supreme Court? Who is going to start arresting these politicians that think they are above the law? We have a justice system for a reason, where is it at? Who is defending the constitution against these tyrants. They don't get to make the laws that only they believe in. Who is going to stop these tyrants and their executive orders. This is not being ruled by the people, this is being ruled by tyrants that think their way is the only way.
  7. Harassment, he should be on trail for murder. He is the one that ordered the covid patients into nursing homes.
  8. If you back a perv, you must be a perv.
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