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  1. I’m interested in how the defense handles the offense.
  2. The day I’ve been looking for is here. Best wishes to all. May everybody remain healthy ,injury free and have safe travels. Roll Friday night lights.
  3. even with the coaches, the community has to give them the leeway to do what is necessary and not try to tell him how to do it.
  4. One of the things working against them is 6A is not divided into division 1 and 2. Y'all are admitting that they need to go d2 to be able to excel.
  5. A lot of them have pretty good food, if they could ever figure out how to serve it.
  6. Hemphill coming to Newton off a lose to Anderson-Shiro 35-32. Newton coming in with a win over Kountze 66-0. Thoughts or comments. Newton carries on.
  7. Another Friday and another best wishes to all. May everybody remain healthy, injury free and may all have safe travels. Win or lose give it your all and that is all anyone can ask. God bless everybody. Go Friday night lights.
  8. Just a guess, don't really know who his team is.
  9. World beaters or not, the best or the worse it does not hurt for the community to back their team. I tell my grandkids all the time win or lose, do the very best you can for that is all you can do. Unfortunately someone has to lose.
  10. Believing in yourself and your team mates is a part of this game and giving it all you have is all you can do. All anybody can ask of these players is that they give it their all. Here is something I came across that might suit them even if they're not world beaters. Who am I.docx
  11. He can't like anybody else as long as his Falcons are down.
  12. I thought Silsbee would be farther along than what they seem to be, got to find the defense. Without it this game won't be close. WOS Takes it
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