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  1. Poor execution and decision making by Crosby mixed with poor tackling on defense. Doesn’t look like we’ll do it again but we’ve won from here before. JoJo Earle and Demarco Roberts are just better than our guys. Killing us with that trap play up the middle.
  2. Man, that was supposed to be a crucial three and out.
  3. My mom is friends with Charlie’s mom, they went to high school together in Crosby. I’m sure there were plenty other candidates, none of them had the #1 recruit in the country though.
  4. Dunn’s are even longer than his. They would have to short themselves 5k yards of offense for a haircut, lol. Think of the players TW would’ve lost if they had that rule at Allen?
  5. BH gave Ponda Collier, Charlie’s mom, a lot of money to take a job in the district which allowed her to transfer legally to play basketball. Crazy part is if she would’ve stayed she probably helps Crosby beat Canyon at the state tournament and win a title. It makes perfect financial sense on why they moved. Casey stayed because they were already there. Probably won’t get another one in football from Crosby unless he just can’t play here. Matter of fact, y’all might get a qb from us? Crosby with the big head? Have you been seeing your post for the past year and off-season? You would’v
  6. Not even close. Ball was at the 1 1/2 yardline and you can tell by number 16’s reaction that Crosby recovered it, plus I’m pretty sure that only the player that fumbles can advance the ball in OT in high school. I don’t think he walks right in either? I think #42’s footwork/timing got off because he saw #90 break through from Crosby and it led to a bad handoff.
  7. Definitely disagree. There’s not a coach in the state of Texas you can walk up to and say Phil Danaher isn’t elite and be taken seriously. The reverse of your question is what if a guy wins two state titles at 11-5 but his overall record looks like Jeff Matthews’. You’re saying that’s elite? Terry Gambill has won a title while at Allen and will probably win another one. He didn’t win any at Midway and only got out of the region once but now since he’s at Allen and will win a couple he’s elite? Meanwhile Westerberg, who won multiple titles while at Allen, is at BH and probably won’t w
  8. They can execute like them all they want. Unless they switch personnel with LH they’ll probably have similar results to their current ones. Vidor’s slot-t would be harder to defend than LH’s IMO they had the same personnel. Easy to see how they knocked off Carthage in the semis a couple of years ago.
  9. Preston has been at A&M for three years and is still struggling to get on the field. Preston was highly ranked for his big play ability but it was mostly catch and run stuff off short passes/screens. That’s why he keeps getting outplayed by 3-star kids. Marshall is a better route runner, runs more routes from the tree, has better hands and better ball skills. IDK about the pure top end speed but he’s quicker in short areas than Preston and is lighter but plays with the same physicality. Where Preston is struggling to play to his rating, I think Marshall would be the best receive
  10. Interesting fact: Crosby is the only one of 8 teams playing this weekend who hasn’t made at least four title game appearances. Cedar Park is the one with the 4 but has only been opened since 1998.
  11. This may be the highest per capita household income game ever to be played in a UIL state championship? Whoever wins this game gets to be the man that beat the man that beat the man. I think North Shore is still the best team in the state but a three turnover day caused the not to be that afternoon against Westlake. More than any other year I can think of, which happens to also be the UIL’s 100th, the 2020 5A and 6A championship games highlight the dichotomy of THSF. Two things get you to a title game. 1) The best athlete x coach combination which is Crosby, Cedar Hill and Denton Rya
  12. Woodberry got singled up all day by one of Crosby’s corners and got his. Our corner made the plays that were needed though, including a crucial one late. Crosby pretty much played Marshall straight up. Crosby started to shade and help over the top some in the second half before he got ejected but it wasn’t anything outside the normal coverage you would play on a kid that needs extra attention. They may not be the highest rated players but the best two high school receivers I’ve seen Crosby in the field with is Jalen Preston from Manvel and AJ Dugat from Dayton. Marshall is significant
  13. There’s a difference in backyard football and scrambling to get away from pressure. Crosby didn’t play backyard football either if you’re not going to call the time LJ’s qb scrambled and hit Westerfeldt the same thing. Our offenses definitely are different, if Dunn or Branch get lose on some of those keepers or scrambles that LJ’s qb did they won’t just be first downs, they’ll be chunk plays. Lol, one fan says Crosby just needs to see it as another game. I said they would and the very next Aledo fan says they won’t because it’s state. That’s what I was mentioning in the other post. S
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