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  1. This sentiment is exactly why I say Reginald Samples may be the best coach in the state the last 20 years considering where he's done it and who he's done it against. Samples has averaged something like 12.5 wins per season in 6A-D1 since taking 4A Dallas Lincoln to the state title game. Oddly enough no DISD team had been to the title game since, until SOC and one of his former players/understudy won a title this year. He has 311 wins in 32 years on the sideline, 10+ wins 14 of the last 15 seasons and has won 7 regional titles in the last 12 years. Dude is one of the greatest of all time.
  2. A different way to say it is that "He didn't have a scheme that could overcome the talent deficit he was working against." If he struggled with that at Liberty it's almost certain to happen at GCM. Hopefully Crosby doesn't lose any more staff to head coaching vacancies, I could see Coach Poth being a prime candidate for this job if the money got right.
  3. I'm not really sure how attractive the job would be to an established coach? Lower end of the payscale not to be an inner-city school, middle of the road athletes, somewhat limited control over your staff since you're not the AD and in 14 years of existence they've never won more than six games in a season. GCM has only won more than four games in a season twice in their history. On top of that they're most likely going back to 6A next realignment. I do think Coach Mann would've been a great hire but I don't think he could've done much more than be .500 with GCM's talent level. Even though he's in a tougher 5A-D1 district with LC, he also has a lot more talent comparable to the class up there. He also took over a program that was 12-1 the prior year.
  4. Makes you wonder how good he really was if he didn't start on varsity and they were playing a freshman on varsity in front of him as the #2 QB? Seems like he was 3rd on the depth chart and chose to leave?
  5. Was looking at some mocks ahead of realignment in regards to how Crosby would fare if we stayed in D1 and it actually looks very promising. If we could win the district we would basically flip-flop sides of the bracket from where we played in D2 in 2021. Crosby would play in 9-5A-D1 so our bi-district would be HISD schools like the past two years in 12-5A-D2. If you played from the #1 position in the district you would avoid a potential district champ like Manvel or Cedar Park until the 3rd round. Manvel and Cedar Park are also the only two teams predicted to come back to the region that made it to the 3rd round last year with Paetow and FB Hightower moving to 6A. Long road ahead but with what we have coming through the program the next two years don't be surprised if Crosby wins four consecutive regional titles. I don't think there will be a whole lot of difference in competition between 2nd-4th round games in 5A-D1-R3.
  6. I'm not sure the UIL will take opt-ups into consideration when determining the total number of schools in the classes this year? It caused the 5A-D2 gap to be wider than they probably wanted it last realignment? One outlet I've seen has the 5A-D2 cutoff number moving to 1,934 when you take opt-ups into consideration, they still have Crosby aligned in a 5A-D1 district for mock purposes though. Probably the best looking/least questionable mock I've seen so far: Barbers Hill Crosby Friendswood Galveston Ball Baytown Lee GCM Baytown Sterling La Porte PAM It would also make sense for GB to play in district with Manvel and Angleton too. In this mock Kingwood Park goes to region two with Porter which makes a lot of sense since their districts are basically across the street from each other. The reason I said I'm not sure the UIL will take opt-ups into consideration as far as the team counts in the class is because they put this out with the opt-ups already accounted for but haven't revised the cutoffs. Research I've done looks like if the UIL is going to modify the numbers that it would be done prior to January 15th:
  7. That's why it's hard to get good coaches to come to SETX if they're not from there, even when you combine the HFC and AD positions. Not that money is everything but you can make significantly more of it coaching at some of the multi-ISD schools and not have the administrative headaches of the AD role to deal with. I think PNG may be the only outlier? Says Foreman got a 25% raise to over six figures when he left Central for Shoemaker. He was making about the same as CT was at WOS at the time. Killeen ISD also probably has a more accelerated pay scale than the one at WOS, meaning he's probably gotten bigger raises in 5 years than CT got in 11 years. I know one of the main reasons Flannigan couldn't wait to leave Westbrook is that the guy who replaced him, Coach Riordan, was making close to $50k more than him at Crosby in 2017. I think it would be tough to get a "big name" head coach to take the job because it would mean taking a significant pay cut.
  8. Crosby has never lost a regional final game in our school’s history but I’ve been fortunate enough watch us lose in the five other rounds. I tell you what, that semifinal crying is different. You can feel that stop at Buccee’s in Madisonville within grasp. Not that I expect Crosby to be playing for a state championship every year but it was pretty surreal waking up this morning and not making hotel reservations in Dallas.
  9. Maybe the most sickening part of losing last night is that we only gave up 35 offensive points to the slot-T. That’s actually one of our better performances against that style offenses, yet we score 14 on a defense we should’ve easily gotten 50 on.
  10. The only difference is that TH had one of the best defenses Crosby has ever faced. Liberty Hill’s defense was probably on Dayton’s level.
  11. Lol, the mouth breathers have to wait all the way until mid-December to start cracking jokes on our football program.
  12. Crazy to think that if Jones plays he probably gets the ball 20+ times tonight and runs for 150+ and multiple tds. Seems like we struggled to find a second act. That first drive we probably would’ve handed it to him and scored instead of moving early and fumbling on a called qb keeper. That was a huge momentum killer. Would’ve been in second and short all night like we’ve been all playoffs. We literally didn’t make one “Crosby” play tonight. It just wasn’t our time and we deserved to lose. Penalties, turnovers and missed opportunities? That was the worst game we played all year. Still a great season though. I’m getting used to this December football thing.
  13. Crosby goes down without a fight tonight. Tough one for the community to watch us exit on. Didn’t even look like we were prepared to play. If the numbers hold firm and Crosby does move up to 5A-D1 it’s been a hell of a 10 year run. Oddly enough it was bookended by embarrassing playoff losses to the slot-T. Considering where we came from I’ll gladly take 3 regional titles and a trip to the finals. Back when the UIL split 5A I said Crosby would be one of the biggest benefactors and we were. We finished one game shy of playing all 32 this last realignment. Now we may move into the deepest division in THSF. I’m looking very forward to seeing how we respond next year.
  14. May have him another Tyrik Rollison if Brisbane develops as a passer. He’s probably going to win a title in the next few years and I think he’ll take one of the openings at a bigger East Texas/DFW job. Dude is proving he can win anywhere if given the players.
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