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  1. Garrett Hagler had 20 carries for 231 yards against KP. BH had over 400 rushing as a team. I think a lot of teams are going to do that to KP if they choose though. TC will probably run for over 400 on them too.
  2. Like BHfan alluded to, if Crosby brings pressure Holdren is probably going to throw it to us multiple times. If Crosby shuts down the run game the way we have on everybody except Manvel I don't think he is the Jamar Sanders type player that can beat you by himself. One thing I like that Crosby did was to adjust to Dayton going quick in the passing game after Dayton initially adjusted to Crosby's pass rush. Womack's pick was due to Dayton's QB forcing a bad throw with pressure in his face but three of the other four picks were guys jumping routes after our defenders started to realize Dent
  3. Through 4 contests PNG is only averaging 22ppg. PNG has also given up 40ppg the last couple of weeks. I’m not saying they will but Dayton is more than capable of getting 30+ points on the Indian defense. Dayton also did a good job against the run when they played Crosby, if they carry that same energy into this week’s contest it’s going to be a ball game. If you were to watch the film you would see that Dayton and BH have extremely similar personnel.
  4. I think whoever loses this one is going to have an awful tough time getting into the playoffs. I’m lookin for Dayton to give PNG a very tough game, wouldn’t be surprised to see it turn into a shootout. Dayton’s qb already has over 1,000 passing yards and some decent personnel to work with.
  5. One thing you usually have to do if you want to go deep in the playoffs is run the ball and play defense. I think Abseck is making that BH’s identity. Haggler just had another huge game, 231 yards on 20 carries, and BH rushed for over 400 as a team. Considering the way BH leans on the run game and the way Crosby has been stopping it this year I like our chances there. Another thing that keeps popping up is the rate the BH qb turns the ball over at. Throwing three picks against KP doesn’t bode well when you consider Holdren is going to see a lot better pass rush this week against Cros
  6. After losing seven in a row Barbers Hill has won two of the last three contest against Crosby. Last year’s game was more of a regression to the mean with The Hill losing by 27 points in The Jungle. This year Crosby travels to Mont Belvieu in hopes of starting a new streak. Knocking off what looks to be a solid Cougar team would be a great win for the Eagles early in the Abseck era.
  7. @Mr. Buddy Garrity I didn’t respond in the other thread about the BU vs Sterling game because I thought you were being a little harsh on Soulja’s boys. IDK though? I think this game, Friendswood and GCM are probably their only chances at a win though? 0-10 may be more beneficial in the long run though. You hate it for the seniors but at that point I think the AD would have to review what he has going over there. I’m sure there are some young coordinators around that could have BU actually playing like they look.
  8. Quick stats from the game vs Dayton: Cyrin Myles - 7/7 252 yards and 3tds Kameren Kirkwood - 3 catches for 177 yards and 3tds Luke Smith(#2) - 5 catches 83 yards 1td OLB Tyler Cooper(#5) - int return TD He doesn’t really get the notoriety some of our other kids do but Braden Womack is the truth. Kid goes both ways darn near the whole game and plays special teams too. Returned a punt for a TD last night and also had one of Crosby’s 5 ints.
  9. Unless you lined up against them, which Crosby had the pleasure of doing twice, you’ll never understand how good of a high school tandem the Bobino brothers were. Huntsville got good because of that defense and the fact that they had Matthew Southern, which was the head coach’s son, at qb for three years. They dropped 54 on Crosby in the second round in ‘19 and 43 on FB Marshall in the regional final in ‘18. Outside of that they’ve never really been able to score on good defenses. For as big as the Hornets are they play a pretty finesse style of offense. On top of that it’s not
  10. Dayton really isn’t that bad. They look a lot more like the Bronco teams we used to play physically. Dayton has played the Crosby run game better than anybody so far this season, their dbs are just struggling to cover the Crosby receivers. Dayton had some confidence coming into the game but Crosby has put their best half of the season together so far. At this point both teams just need to be trying to get out of here healthy.
  11. People actually forget that KP has the largest enrollment in the district at 1,888. Texas City also has a larger enrollment than both Crosby and BH. It could be as much as half of the current district that has D1 numbers at realignment. I’m sure the caps will go up so it will probably keep at least two of the four in D2.
  12. Soulja got me worried now. Texas City beat Clear Lake 30-0 the week after Clear Lake beat La Porte. I guess I need to consider TC a factor now if La Porte is that good. They do have Crosby’s old DC as their head coach now though, maybe they’re improving.
  13. Depending on the up coming snapshot numbers from Crosby, this game may go the way of the Sherman/Denison rivalry. Border towns that had been in the same district forever but with the splits to 5A their Battle of the Axe game has become a non-district contest. I’m sure the fans and players would want to keep the game on the schedule as a non-district contest but I’m not sure Coach P would? With a move up in class he may favor playing more challenging teams. I could see us possibly going something like Carthage, CE King and Manvel in non-district and leaving the feel good game with th
  14. What I’m saying is I don’t believe Durley ever gets the Westbrook job in the first place if he doesn’t win that title in ‘76 at Hebert.
  15. Those facts hurt, huh? Smh, something this imbecilic doesn’t even really deserve a response but I’ll oblige. I’m probably the only racist you know that spends three hours a night watching Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell and Brian Williams consecutively while voting for moderate democrats like Hilary and Biden. I don’t know what your obsession is with me but it’s pretty sad in itself, lol.
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