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  1. It doesn't matter what pace China Springs likes to play at. HJ will control the tempo because they're just better. HJ by 50+
  2. I agree. Great season for both teams, and I've seen them both as well. HJ is on another level compared to most if not all other 4A teams. That's no knock on the Lady Tigers, they can play. I'll take HJ by 40+
  3. Yes, but the 4th with the broken bone came back last week.
  4. The girl that broke her hand was a starter from time even when the sisters were there, and after they left she started every game. She's a really good player. Yes, all 3 sisters started.
  5. Most of what you said is correct. They lost 3 starters (they are all sisters and they moved out of the district), and another broke her hand. What their coach has done this season to keep it together and make the playoffs is nothing short of remarkable.
  6. Warren is much better than you think, and IMO they have the district MVP in their PG. Buna isn't loaded, they're very young and have had a successful season making it to the playoffs. Buna will compete for the district title next season.
  7. Yes, Kville and Buna split. Buna beat Kville by 2 last week.
  8. Don't feed the troll... I'm sure he knows Lumberton has been solid the last 3 years or so. This guy is just looking for a reason to bash a kid or a program that's been on the rise. Probably because McClure torched little Johnny at some point earlier this year for 40+.
  9. Buna and Newton will play that game this Saturday, January 30th. Newton had to reschedule due to Coronavirus concerns.
  10. Just wanted to point out the Buna is 5-3 in district, while EC is 3-5. I think the score of the EC/Buna game from last week was recorded wrong on here. The final was 56-53, Buna won in OT. I also know that Kville beat Warren earlier this week, but do not know the final score.
  11. Final was 56-53 Buna in OT. The result is posted incorrectly in the Schedule/Results thread. It shows EC won by the same score.
  12. It's tough to argue with the unaware who just spew idiocy to see who will believe them. I hope you find a way to watch the game.
  13. You're not aware of much of anything. It's easy to realize from your posts on this page. Go read a KFDM post, they're owned by Sinclair, then come try to tell us they're "pro-Trump."
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