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  1. Great season for the Raiders. Best in school history!
  2. I don't know what happened. I'm simply questioning the legitimacy of four outstanding basketball players transferring to one 4A school in the same year for academic reasons. Since doing so for athletic reasons would not be permitted. Is that not a valid question?
  3. I don't think La Marque is ready for that kind of punishment either. Yates is gonna run away with the state title.
  4. I was on the fence about all of this but after reading through some of these posts, if true, Yates had FOUR Senior transfers this year. All who are major contributors to their team. They also had a fifth transfer who was denied. (I must have missed the reasoning for the denial) It seems to me all of the other accusations of recruiting against HJ and Silsbee, etc. are just that. Accusations with no real substantial evidence. I'd say four Senior transfers is more than enough for the UIL to have to look into the situation. Especially four players of that caliber. What are the chances of that actually happening?
  5. This is true. I also saw those 8th grade kids play together at Silsbee. Adams was there playing with the Tigers.
  6. I'm on the fence with the whole recruiting issue. However, I can say if you're going to do some of the things Yates has supposedly done, don't get upset when Yates gets criticized for it.
  7. Not mine.. I can attest to this. When I was in school PA Lincoln would beat the hell out of us in basketball, but when baseball season came around it was our turn. It's worked that way for a long time throughout HS sports.
  8. I stopped at the top of the article when I saw who wrote it. Jerome Solomon is incapable of writing or saying anything that doesn't suit whatever it is he believes that day. I've heard him many times contradict himself on ESPN 97.5 in the same segment.
  9. I don't agree with a lot of things you say on this board, but I agree 100% with this statement.
  10. Who knows? I just think a big playoff win is a time to pt the kids on the back, not the time to criticize the coach.
  11. Stop. Just stop. Like the guy or not it doesn’t matter. This is a big win for the kids at HF. Congratulate them and move on.
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