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  1. Woodville vs P. Central 2/24/21 6:15 pm Woden High School
  2. Woodville vs Boling now set for Wednesday at Crosby at 7:00. Tickets online
  3. Woodville (22-4, 14-0) ---- 60 Newton--- 21 It was a make up game from earlier in the season and was played this morning. District standings: 1. Woodville 2. Warren 3. Kville/Buna 4. Kville/Buna---- They will play monday night at 6 in Kountze to determine seeding. Wville plays Central Hts, Warren plays PCA, Huntington plays winner of game, P. Central plays loser of that game.
  4. Woodville 35 ( 21-4, 13-0) Kirbyville 24 ( 9-5) Woodville will match up with Central Hts in the 1st round next Thursday at 6:30 tentatively in Lufkin at the Middle School. We still have a make up game against Newton in the morning at 11:00.
  5. Woodville 11-0 Warren 8-3 Buna 7-3---- still have to make a game with Newton Kirbyville 8-3 Buna plays Warren friday and Woodville will play Buna, Kirbyville, and Newton next week. 3 games to go in district and Woodville just has to win one of their last 3 games to clinch.
  6. Woodville ( 19-4 11-0) 56 Warren (8-3) 46 The win secures at least a tie for the District Cship for Woodville, 1 more win and it will be an outright DC.
  7. Woodville (17-4, 9-0)-----64 Kountze------------------18
  8. Diboll 48 Corrigan 7 Final That is the score I got sent to me.
  9. Woodville 60 (13-4, 5-0) Newton 30 Woodville gets a good bounce back win. All 10 players were able to get in the score book tonight. Woodville will host Buna on Friday.
  10. Woodville 73 ( 11-3, 4-0) Warren 61 The lady eagles had the Summit rocking tonight against a very good Warren team. Woodville moves to 1st in the district with the win.
  11. Woodville (10-3, 3-0) 44 East Chambers (?-? 1-2) 32 Woodville PG is still hurt but did get to play a few minutes tonight, East Chambers finally got all their kids back from grades and being out from various sickness and quarantine.
  12. Woodville 68 Anahuac 28 District Opener at The Eagle Summit for both. Lady Eagles were up 41-13 at half and were able to really get into their bench in the 2nd half.
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