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  1. They want play Jasper,They have already refused to play Jasper next year,to much politics
  2. Unfortunately, Baton Rouge school called and cancelled Oct.25th.game with Jasper.
  3. Jasper will play Baton Rouge Centineal on the 25th.in Jasper,not one of the school's we played in the past.
  4. Diboll could not play liberty because liberty school out, Jasper could not play livingston because livingston out of school,so diboll and Jasper will play in Jasper
  5. Not really, newton canceled scrimmage with Jasper this year
  6. Jasper won. Controlled scrimmage 5 to 1 ,live scrimmage with second string playing every other series. Jasper 14 nacogdoches 21
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