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  1. Congrats to LCM and Coach Jeffcoat on a huge win. Good luck the rest of the way
  2. Anybody have the updated standing for this district
  3. Anybody have the updated standing for this district
  4. So if Lumberton doesn’t win 20 game and doesn’t make the playoff does that mean coach Mitchell isn’t a good coach anymore? The list the Dragon made seems pretty fair beside Wilson .
  5. How many programs can say this year in and year our .. like I said earlier let’s just move on because obviously you have a personal vendetta against him
  6. I think you have a personal problem with Coach Davis. Nobody said he’s the best coach in the area but if underachieving is wining 20 game and making the playoffs ever year that’s crazy. That’s tuff to do at any school. Give credit where credit is due no matter what think of the dude. We are beating a dead horse so let just move on. Who we gonna talk about next?
  7. What is your point ? Every school has move ins. He does a great job with the kids he has. Like him or not Coach Davis does a great job and should be on this list.
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