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  1. Yes this is between the best 2 teams in district. District championship is on the line.
  2. I agree after seeing the start of the season and the changes made with the OC along with the other issues going on with the team. I don’t even see Woodville in the playoffs.
  3. One thing that I have learned over the years is that cool aid drinkers will still drink the cool aid no matter what and there will always be a salesman on every corner selling a bill of goods to the vulnerable.
  4. I really don’t know what to say. Where is old mother HUBBARD.
  5. Good job Orangefield looks like coach did a good job with his scouting report and game plan.
  6. I hear Orangefield is missing several starters is this true.
  7. Like I said we were watching two different games. It is a good thing that the district is as weak as it is or we could not entertain the thought of the playoffs.
  8. I think we watched two different games. Neither team has anything to write home about. Newton is not the same team as years past . Our offense is horrible The defense gets no rest even after making several good stops.
  9. Nothing changed from the scrimmage with the powerhouse Sheppard P- Rats. We only lost a couple players from last year and are 10 times in worse shape. What happened to this magical offense. Where is the line where is anything that resembles football. Stay home from the game Friday and load your trucks with the real estate signs. It is time for a change before it is to late. Call it like it is. Quit sugar coating it and Quit buying in to a salesman’s bill of goods.
  10. Woodville did not do very well. My expectations have been dashed.
  11. With the loss of our offensive coordinator, everything is in doubt now.
  12. 2016 17 and 18 we were District Champs East chambers must not have been in our District. So I may be wrong.
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