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  1. Madisonville 21 to 0 Halftime. Nice to see we have worked on a passing game.
  2. Woodville falls of the cliff every year when the playoffs begin. It will just continue this year because everyone knows how to defend them. Pack the box with 11 men and prepare for the screen
  3. No I will be working at the deer lease. Last year I neglected it and went to all eagle games and didn’t get anything. Hopefully I can get it done before District starts. Y’all will have to keep me updated on setx sports.
  4. I don’t think LCM has to worry much, but if the o line is a problem Woodville could make this a ballgame. Our best athletes are defensive tackle Wise 6 2 260 lb and Hyder 6 4 240. Both could play power 5 ball at the next level. If they can up their intensity a notch.
  5. Yes it will be a long year . Will be lucky to make the playoffs.
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