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  1. Well look at it like this, Aledo is all these folks know. Time for the Crosby Cougars to introduce themselves.
  2. Surviving the gauntlet to get to Aledo, I wouldn't put anything past Crosby. Crosby 36 Aledo 35
  3. Someone posted that you can watch the game for free on kxan.com
  4. Will be watching on Texan Live! (Wearing purple) Coogs got this! 12-5a going to STATE!!!!
  5. Prayers for the family. Enjoyed watching him banter with pakronos on Facebook over the Cowboys. The losers lounge won't be the same.
  6. I watched the game on Texanlive. Yeah he is something else. It was only a matter of time. Also saw what the Nederland fans were referring to about the coaches.
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