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  1. I saw, and that would suck, suck and more suck. Next year going down the tube with that choice.
  2. If he has the support of the community, I would think he would stay, at least till his kids graduate.
  3. I figured that would happen. Our student production only streamed during the regular season.
  4. We have NDN Press. They're at every game filming and taking pictures. They live stream all regular season games.
  5. Taking Texas High School football to Louisiana. Odd. Didn't see a lot of defense played in round 1 or 2. We're fixing to see it in Round 3. Hopefully Trahan is good to go. PNG 35 Texas High - 28 PNG takes down their 2nd undefeated team.
  6. I saw him get the piggy back ride, but he didn't stay up there long. He was walking in the line for hand shakes. Hope it's minor and he's back next week.
  7. This is crazy. I thought it was a typo..lol Texas HS playoffs being played in Louisiana. Wonder who's idea this was.
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