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  1. I think it’s only 3 in our region. So no. But so BU, I know we got a III last year good to see us get a II. Shooting for a 1 next year.
  2. United has just went through a band director change. The new guy’s first year and lacked an assistant. So I’ll give this year a pass.
  3. I’ve heard of this happening too from my Port Arthur co-worker. But is there now an article for this?
  4. PA. United’s old band director Mr. Martin left for Yates HS and the assistant Mr. Underhill took over this year. So I blame BU’s issues this year on that. I expect them to battle better with PA better next year.
  5. We’re set up to go 1-9, man. I’m the meanwhile, my email draft is getting longer and longer. I can’t wait to hit send…
  6. I turned the channel. Man, I'm out.. Maybe ill go to the swing out club.
  7. And here's the delay of game penalties... I knew it was coming...
  8. The first play of the last 3 drives habe been the same play for a loss of yards. But we continue to run that play. Last 3 drives have been 3 and outs... Smh
  9. We're an option Team and we've done an option play maybe twice all year...
  10. Here we go with the 3 and outs.... Then a horrible punt... Smh
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