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  1. For us older people, Webster dictionary would suffice for help with definition of words...
  2. I di know this. Evadale will put some points up, but their defense will probably be worn down early, especially with the style of Lumberton Offense. Evadale - 24 L-Train - 49
  3. They are evaluating the damages. Rumor is BU and Fehl-Price Elementary were the only 2 schools in Beaumont that took in water... based on what I know, they are trying to clean it up and make it ready as soon as possible. I think it'll be ready. Remember, during Harvey, Ozen took in water, and was ready to go shortly after. Worse case scenario... and this is me talking... there are options for using other buildings in the district temporarily. Just that you'd split the population of BU up. Hopefully, it doesn't get that bad...
  4. What about the scheduled Tuesday volleyball game?
  5. Gotta factor in the traffic as well. Everyone will be taking alternative routes.. gonna be a hot mess...
  6. Well, I'll be taking 90 or 105 for the United trips to Houston...
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