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  1. Off topic, but there is a difference between best player and most athletic player. I thought that's what initially came up on this topic. With all due respect to this thread (Nederland and PA), I won't bring up any other players.. But I'll say that the Nederland kid is neither the best player or the most athletic player I SETX, but he's in the top 5 of both, IMO. With respect to Heffner, I know he's a smart kid to have gotten the offer from A&M and I hear he's kicking arse academically. With that said, I know for a fact he'll thrive out there next year.
  2. Well, I never said it was true, but usually when an untruth comes out, there's always someone to dismiss it as false, usually with supporting facts or a confirmation from someone very credible. I've seen neither thus far...
  3. 1-0 Nederland on the dunk count! You sure? Know PA has kids that can 'get up'...
  4. See there? The dunk count is the most important stat there is and should be effectively highlighted in every post game analysis....
  5. Now THAT may be the craziest thing I've read in 2020...
  6. The article I read on it, it appears it was a defensive struggle... I wasn't there so I cannot tell you exactly what happened...
  7. Mustangs S. Gould - 15 pts, M. Patterson - 12 SheWolves P. Anderson - 28 pts, J. Sostand - 16 pts
  8. Mustangs J. Jefferson - 13, J. Cooper - 7 pts T-Wolves T. Arceneaux- 19 pts, K. Harrison - 8 pts, G. Bibbins - 8 pts
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