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  1. If I’m not mistaken, that same year, the ‘Lightening and Thunder’ game was played at Babe. That was a higher ranked game IMO.
  2. It’ll be interesting to see if Brisbane can carry the load at QB. Losing a 3 year starter is really tough….
  3. Montgomery the 3rd game only because we’ve NEVER played them before.
  4. I also think that when you said this, they had a coach running the program that hadn’t coaches in FIFTEEN years and it was obvious the game passed him by…
  5. You're all on their jock strap, sooooo.... 😐
  6. Stuff is crazy. I haven’t been to the beach since all those people came in contact with that bacteria. @AggiesAreWe , you’re a beach bum. How are you faring?
  7. Tell me about it. It makes me sick…
  8. No info except one guy pulled a knife and the other retaliated with a gun. That and the usual, ‘free my Patna’ and RIP….
  9. Sad situation on both sides. I don’t know neither the victim or the perp, but several friends on social media knows both.
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