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  1. It'll happen.. no way even a little virus will stop the tradition of spring ball in Nederland...
  2. Congrats. Special congrats to BU's Harrison, Silsbee's Bush and my favorite player for next year PA's Abrams.
  3. I like that order! But I never seen that '95 Silsbee team...
  4. Tight one. 2004 Kountze, 2014 Central, 2017 Silsbee, 1995 Lincoln had some dudes that punched ot through...
  5. Don't have a final score, but United lost to Anahuac...
  6. Anyway, my take on this is this. I don't think a coach should be allowed to pick himself or anyone on his team on the selections for all district. There should be a rule against this, however, if there is not and he did, its morally wrong, but not against the rules. He did it, so whatever. The all district selections for the most part is a joke anyway as I've explained in the recent past, especially in football. Boils down to a popularity contest, IMHO...
  7. ...if something is funny, I'll laugh. Don't matter who said it. But that was a very silly and clown arse reply from you though... considering what I'm an advocate for. I wouldn't expect you to understand.
  8. Although I was already given the explanation of why the pick was made, I don't agree with Coach Locke being coach of the year. Should've clearly been Coach Brown (BU).. I even could've understood Coach Campbell (NS).
  9. I'm screaming....literally..... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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