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  1. I considered Lumberton too. I actually think their center field logo and PA’s is the best. But maybe I haven’t been to Lumberton’s stadium in a while, but I didn’t think they have a Jumbotron? On my list, Lumberton and WO-S are interchangeable.
  2. Well, I considered that, but I’m not sure about Vidor’s parking situation. Last time I was there parking was horrible.
  3. Turf needs to be replaced at least every 10 years…
  4. When Silsbee gets turf, my top 5 will be: 1. BISD 2. Port Arthur 3. Silsbee 4. PN-G 5. WO-S
  5. Literally, the concessions and restrooms are the only minus. PA has arguably the best parking in SETX and a great press box. Also, the turf and logo on the field along with the Jumbotron is why I put it as a top 3 stadiums in SETX.
  6. With the upgrade to turf, I definitely put this stadium up there with Port Arthur and BISD stadium as the best in SETX.
  7. This was truly very sad and heartbreaking all around. My prayers go out to all families involved. I’m glad the shooter was put out of his misery. And on another note, I feel that the Buffalo shooter should’ve gotten blown away as well. He was peaceful taken away…
  8. Spooner is not very popular in the community. She’s still taking heat for voting with the state appointed BOM’s on how they handled the closure of Central high school. Don’t run with her opinion. She’s just a yes man. Just piggy back off of the nearest fella…
  9. I believe that’s very subjective. I think that the detractors are in the minority…
  10. So you mean to tell me that people will stop spending money and paying taxes because of a blasted name on a stadium? If that determines tax base, then someone needs to seriously re-evaluate their true motives…
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