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  1. Yeah I saw the young players are gonna play here on out. I like Jake Garcia. The qb from California
  2. ACC is terrible. looks like Manny Diaz bounced back against powerhouse Central Connecticut State!
  3. Miami fans are saying “national champs or bust” before the season started. they won the series against #1 Florida today
  4. He would be a below average QB if he couldnt run the ball
  5. Love this! John Lucas will keep him in line. Rockets have a good young corps Christian wood reminds me so much of Anthony Davis.
  6. Saturday. Colts vs Bills Rams vs Seahawks Bucs vs The Football Team Sunday. Ravens vs Titans Bears vs Saints Browns vs Steelers
  7. 2,000!!! Would be wild if he ran for it again next year
  8. Harden would be dumb to want to leave. This is the best team he will have around. John wall for comeback player of the year and Christian Wood is our Anthony Davis.
  9. Expectations for the Stros? I believe we have a good young pitching corps. Het prepared for Springer to leave sadly
  10. Damn nevermind. Antemantekumpo missed the free throw to go to OT 😂Lmao!!!
  11. Stephen Curry not built to lead a team by hisself Nets are my preseason pick to make it out the east. Depends if Kyrie don’t implode mentally
  12. He is a Drama Queen and pouting like a baby. Throwing the ball at his teammates. I would like to trade him to Toronto for Paskal and their small forward and a few 1st rounders Rockets would be a much better team without him.
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