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  1. It’s not gonna work out with Westbrook they said. There’s only one ball they said.
  2. Miami is clicking with Diaz now. Hope to finish strong going into next year. Jarren Williams will be in the heisman talk next year. Remember this.
  3. I was in Denver last weekend and Mariota got shut down and benched all and all it was a great experience the stadium was nice and Denver was a cool city to visit
  4. They actually don’t suck. They been losing in the last seconds. btw I’m going to Denver next week to see titans play at broncos!
  5. Is he the best QB in the league now??
  6. Hopefully this long brings the fanbase back down to earth a little bit. Most cowboys fans were so cocky after beating 3 scrub teams
  7. Mack beat his old pupil Will Muschamp last week. now plays against his old DC he fired in Manny Diaz tommorow
  8. Did anyone see Boise come back on FSU like that? Willie gonna be gone soon
  9. It’s going to take years for Georgia Texh to be pretty good again. They can’t even throw past 10 yards
  10. Boise State goes into Tally and wins. Louisville goes into South Bend and takes a W. Man that would be nice
  11. king

    Manny Diaz

    Honestly we not holding no punches. Mark used to make excuses. Enos telling it like it is. This is a building year.
  12. king

    Manny Diaz

    Gameday and what a test against a tough Florida Gators team.
  13. king


    Jarren williams is no scrub. Top 7 QB in 2018 class im looking forward to seeing how Dan Enos will call plays. Nick Saban was going to promote him before Manny stole him
  14. king


    Tate Martell didn’t win the job at Miami.
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