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  1. I think Dayton has a better offense than us, but we have a much better defense. We should pull out enough stops to get a win. We aren’t very good though. The Hill and Crosby gonna have their way with us. Ned could be in a bind even if we win this…
  2. Not impressed with TC either, hopefully we have another 2nd half miracle in us.
  3. Our offense is an absolute joke. The fans who made this trip also got a free ticket to the circus as well which are these refs.
  4. I hope I am wrong, but I’m thinking TC by 2-3 scores. We will need to play much better than we have been the last few weeks to be competitive in my opinion.
  5. We were getting all these great updates from NDNWarrior and then crickets… “We can’t hear you!” 😂
  6. LC-M beats HF week 1 and now they are supposed to beat WO-S because the Stangs lost a shortened game on the road to a solid Nederland team? Not today, bubba. Not today. Stangs by double digits.
  7. Your bookie has to be rich…
  8. What was the final score on WB/United? I’m leaning BU in this game, but I think it’ll be a good one.
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