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  1. Thank goodness we have the PNG fans to add up the stats for us... 😂😂😂
  2. Nederland has a little talent, but are currently making way to many mistakes to win football games. O-Line, QB play, and definitely the secondary need to improve. Luckily, we get a week off and start the district campaign 0-0. We also need to find some leadership. That appears to be lacking at the moment. Congrats to Silsbee on a nice win. You guys got some nice talent over there.
  3. I was speaking of the WOS game. Lost by 1, had bad snap on PAT and the run failed. Had a 42 yard FG that was 9 yards short and fielded and ran back to the 45 to set up the game winning drive for the Stangs.
  4. We gotta remember that teams are rarely as good or as bad as their last game. It’s a proven fact. Ned was awful against United, point blank. Worst game I have seen is play in years. With that being said, BU was a much better football team than us and I’m not sure it would have mattered. Ned looked good against WO-S and could have won that game. Lost it due to special teams. Home field. 0-2 record. Motivation to play well and clean things up before district starts. I think we get a good effort from the Dogs this week and the depth should wear out a good solid Silsbee team in the 4th quarter.
  5. BU looking better this half. Same old same old for Ned... We got some improving to do. BU definitely the better team.
  6. Both teams look baaaaaaaddddd so far. This is not the team I watched vs WOS. Not having Kade Scott hurts, but come on Dogs. I can’t imagine the BU fans are happy either and they HAD to have looked better than this last week. Ned is fortunate to be down only 4. I hope both teams look much better in 2nd half.
  7. As good as both these two teams looked last week, they look equally bad this week.
  8. Nederland’s 3 best players are underclassmen.
  9. Maybe it’s the same stuff that would lead someone to pick United to win this game by 18? 🤷‍♂️
  10. Pump the breaks. WO-S by 21 or more.
  11. WOS finally has a kicker, too! I know the Stang Nation is pumped about this! It’s been a while!
  12. Great ballgame. WOS came out firing and controlled the first half. The Dogs settled in and played very well in 2nd half. The high snap on the XP was huge and trying a 44 yard FG on a wet field is not smart on 4th and 5 imo. That turned the game around. Chain Gang is for real. Ned offense is exciting to watch. Fuseleier and both RBs look great for the Dogs. Ned dropped what looked like it might have been a TD on a slant route with under 3 to play. Both teams look very good to me. Good luck the rest of the way to the Stangs and congrats on a hard fought win.
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