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  1. I believe you should reward your best coach with the AD title. If that means its the girls basketball coach then it is what it is. I think the issue comes in that a good head football coach expects the AD title and pay. I am just crazy enough to think we should do what's best for the students, and I believe that is rewarding good coaches, those not only successful on the field or court but those able to build relationships with the students. You want more kids involved in more sports, someone has to do the hard work of building relationships. When we had Coach Finney at HD, we fielded a J
  2. Seriously my last comment, we could use an economic steroid shot. It's heart breaking to watch.
  3. No argument there, but 2004 to present would be 15 yrs. He said several decades, just calling out the details. Lol. It's an off topic point anyways. I think I have said my piece on the topic so I am not commenting any more here, it's just hard to let some of 89Falcons trash go by.
  4. If you go several decades you could add Warren, New Waverly, Hardin, Evadale,and East Chambers to the list we competed with and in most cases dominated, but I can't argue about the 1st round loss. To say we competed with only 4 schools shows either your disrespect or your ignorance, I will let you choose. Don't think for one minute coaching isn't important here. Finney with the same number of students had a varsity and a jv. While we did lose in the first round it was 2 very good games against Alto. Now we only field a varsity and there isn't the same excitement in the stands. It seems t
  5. I know you hate HD and have nothing good to say for us, but if that position of AD/HC was opened there would be plenty of candidates.
  6. Who were these coaches run off in the last several years? My whole point is a disservice was done to the students and it looks like no one will be held responsible. As adults we have to make tough decisions, the decision should of been made in a timely manner to which HD would have had a head coach on the sidelines Friday nights, not handed down the day before practice began.
  7. I know enough of the situation to know the right thing by the students wasn't done. You can blame Hodges or the school board/superintendent it makes no matter. No one in their right mind can say this was ok. You say you have so much knowledge of the situation but would you be ok if your son had to suffer because the head coach decided he would do other things instead of fulfilling his obligations. Once again he should have stepped away last year and done the right thing.
  8. No one is saying they are not great guys. No one is saying they don't love their students. Coaching is a job that will always be judged on the product you put on the field. If we have kids that attend the school and we live in the community, I believe we have a right to an opinion on this issue.
  9. Me saying current HC/AD is saying this wasn't a permanent thing and Hodges will return as head coach. Almost no small school has an AD that's not the HC also, and HD never has. He was hired to be AD/HC, in fact hired for football specifically. Again my point is if he knew he couldn't or wouldn't fulfil his obligation he should have stepped aside at the end of last school year to give the the school the opportunity to bring in a head coach for football. It's ok if we don't agree on that, but that doesn't make our opinion ignorant. I also disagree with coaching didn't impact the outcome of
  10. "HD fans are notorious", most of us HD fans will always pay for a few posters. I understand that a coach sacrifices a lot to coach, especially family time. I am a teacher and a pastor, but when I went to college I only wanted to coach. By the time I graduated I didn't feel I could give the time required, so I chose not to coach. If he knew he couldn't make the sacrifices needed he should have resigned. You are not going to convince me otherwise. The school I teach at won't let me sit at home and pay me. Like I said, most of us expected a down year, but it was the way kids seemed lost muc
  11. Why say he is ignorant? We all expected to lose games this year, but not in the manner in which they lost. Players did not look like they were in a position to be successful against comparable talent. As far as the coach, his son did not become a senior over night. If he wanted to watch him instead of coach, he should have stepped aside at the end of last school year so a coach could have been hired. HD was stuck with a basketball coach all season. It wasn't right for the kids or the community. I think the superintendent should have not let him shuck his responsibility of head coach with
  12. I don't have exact numbers in front of me, but what I can tell you is besides graduating starters in key roles, they also had a few starters from last year move to other schools. They start several freshmen and as a whole they are just a young team with a couple seniors mixed in. I am excited for the future of this freshmen class, but this year will be growing pains on top of growing pains.
  13. Honestly, the score of this game will be dependent upon the mercy of the SA coach.
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