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  1. A BH fan?? That’s good. I do respect them, but I promise you I know more about the Cougars than anyone else on this thread. The coogs are getting ready for 2021.
  2. They will reload the way any great programs does. Hardwork!!!!
  3. 4 deep 2X is the only Qualification??? So your hoping WOS or Newton has a coach that is dying to come to Lumberton? How bout this go find a coach that can win with the type of kids that you have.
  4. I love how all you slaps are salivating over a kid who just got kicked off his team.
  5. My point was who cares who won 20 years ago or even last year. All that really matters is the current year. Too many people living in the past. Good luck to both teams this week.
  6. I can remember the last time y’all lost to them! It was about 20 minutes ago! Good luck next week. Hook em
  7. No. Shouldn’t. T-town will have a good QB, Anahuac will have better skill kids, EC has Caesar. Tough 3 games for the Hornets.
  8. What happens if a fan at a game makes a chain gang reference? Will he or she be asked to leave? Will they be taken under the bleachers and be given a pamphlet on cultural awareness? You can call them whatever you want. They are going to knock the hell out of whoever they are playing, and that is all that really matters.
  9. I wanna say NS. Although they did not come out the gate smoking last year. 6A is different though.
  10. Texas players should be concerned about winning a big 12 championship or even just beating OU. Stop gloating about bowl wins against teams that have quit and whining about your school song. If Vince Young or Earl Campbell wanted change it would be different.
  11. I love how stirred up people get about Hardin Hornet football on this forum. Very passionate.
  12. I love how typical this site is. “Sleeping Giants” and people say Newton, silsbee, WOS. When did those guys go to sleep?
  13. In years where Hardin doesn’t have a Reescano they should be allowed to cheat
  14. I wonder if changing SAT standards (due to covid) played a roll in this. You can like or hate whoever you want. Bottom line is Zach Evans ran all over the best high school competition you can find.
  15. I will only list the players I have coached against. No homer picks. Jalen Hurts Innis Gaines Kameron Martin Corey Dauphine Keith Corbin Ryan Grant Christian Micheal Those guys were fun to watch.
  16. Can’t do much better than winning all your games!
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