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  1. Round 3 PeeWee Playoffs

    Good Luck to everyone playing this weekend!!!!! Final Four is set. Both games are games of the week 
  2. Week 8 Play off scores

    Post them and let’s see who’s moving on 
  3. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    Juan is BOBCAT101 look him up. Plus Juan has a kids younger than mine. I have a 7th grader. Fact finder 101 failed
  4. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    Then apparently you don't know who I am or who he is when he coaches in your league. you guys are funny.
  5. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    LOL well Uncle Sam wouldn’t be happy with me putting on the pads but Delahoussaye has played a lot over the years. Played against Hardin Jefferson a couple times and Bridge City for fundraisers in Orangefield. I know he still plays. Why don’t y’all contact him to play. Heck I’ll come watch. Y’all have an issue with Delahoussaye go talk to him. I’m sure he will welcome yall. This is great!! Best since the Beaumont guys have moved on. Those guys with the nederland white granger teams were the beast trash talking years. What’s going to be fun is the rain now Saturday they are predicting. Turns every game upside down
  6. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    Then who do you think I am? Albert Einstein?  I toot his horn because he's a stand up guy and I have seen him do alot for a community through coaching. Believe what you want but ya'll don't even have a clue who I am or year I graduated from Nederland. Heck I get told to stop posting but its too fun getting to watch your panties get into a bunch. Not obsessed but I will defend someone i've gone to war with in the trenches and give my two cents which isn't much. Maybe y'all should man up and play some alumni football. stop living your unsuccessful football careers through your kids. it only cost $100 bucks a game. take out some of that testosterone out on the field. I know a guy look him up on gridiron glory.  
  7. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    Never stayed anonymous always said I coached with a buddy who coaches on nederand Black. We won a lot of games in Orangefield. Won some Super Bowls too. We beat big schools in regular season. 
  8. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    That’s cute I came from nederland too. I just wear orange and white now. Enjoy watching friends boys play and love poking bears on this place. It’s fun. Plus his boys are like family to me. Almost blood. 
  9. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    Little Buddy have you seen my friend? He is literally 6'7 and probably looks down on most of ya'll. I'm speaking for myself and what I have seen and yes my buddy coaches on Nederland Black. He's actually played college ball and i promise you if anyone is teaching anything it would be him. Maybe ya'll should take notes. oh wait he graduated from Nederland but moved to orangefield then moved back to nederland. Ya'll probably have coached his kids. I go to the games and I see with my own eyes. so I got some ages wrong. Please excuse me. Plus no playoff system is perfect in my opinion top 6 teams should go with only 2 teams getting a first round bye. then only truly your "BEST" would go. Where would that put a lot of these teams?
  10. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    WBB  3-2 Correct? Weakest HUH? all teams above .500 in their city PNG Purple Above .500 still better record than Nederland Gold maybe? possibly? Vidor Black well poor guys and Vidor Gray was suppose to be the weaker team this year. Per their coaches (Vidor Gray) they were more concerned about the mercy rule because of the red badges watching  the game. Jasper weakest? last I heard is they are challenging WOS in small school and they got beat 33-6    White scored 1 touchdown in the second half on Nederland black? so i'm guessing when two of the best teams come together you don't expect scoring. Their QB got injured and the backup did well. From my understanding the rest ned blacks backfield is 7 year olds and most of nederland white backfield  8 year old. Makes a huge difference.  oh well sounds like someone has Nederland Black Envy. Games are won on the field. Also hope you enjoyed your season.   
  11. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    It's Pee wee football offense is usually one or two one trick ponies. Question remains is can you move the ball and score on their defense. per their points against on here. Only Nederland white who had issues at times doing so but did catch them sleeping and PNG Purple also moved the ball but it was also first game back after Harvey so everyone was rusty but they did it.
  12. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    Just seen the facts and the the kids play in person. Saw gold play in vidor and saw Black play white. those two teams are on another level. sorry my opinion. I mean records don't lie. i'll drink the koolaid and i'm not thirsty. I just had a 6 pack of cherry pepsi.  
  13. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ this guy apparently must be hiding stud players on nederland gold. 
  14. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    If you are going to do a hat draw at least do it live and in front of everyone. That is why I am asking for records to see what it is going to look like in the first round.  NED-B(4-1) vs NED-G (1-3) I think - now no offense but i have heard this is the weakest of the Nederland teams because they are young which usually means next year they will be tough next year  PNG-P (3-2) vs PA (no telling) - Watched PA play BMT- B for 1 quarter and well it wasn't the chiefs I have seen in the past (UPSET ALERT) WBB-W (5-0) vs WBB-G (1-4) - now is this even fair to do this to a team   GAME OF THE WEEK - WBB-B (4-1)  vs Vidor-G (4-1) - this will be a a great playoff match up and worth watching - Nederland White better be scouting this game because Vidor - G has been holding back. (UPSET ALERT) Lumberton -R (2-3) vs PNG-G (1-4) - first off this just isn't right Lumberton-W (3-2) vs Vidor- B (1-4) - come on folks  Ned White (4-1) and PNG White (?) drew 1st round byes.    PLEASE KNOW I AM GUESSING ON RECORDS BECAUSE i WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW EVERYONE DID THIS SEASON. HAT DRAW OR NOT REGULAR SEASON RECORDS SHOULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION FOR FIRST ROUND BYES IN MY OPINION. TOP 4 TEAMS GO IN HAT FIRST. PULL TWO NAMES. BOOM TOP TWO TEAMS. THEN YOU START DRAWING EVERYONE ELSE. IN MY OPINION I HOPE CERTAIN TEAMS DON'T OVER LOOK TEAMS  
  15. Week 8 Pee Wee playoffs

    What are the records of these playoff teams?