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  1. STJFL

    Port Arthur & Beaumont with their linemen and speed. Don't count out any of the Nederland teams. WOS is always a force to be reckon with in small school. Orangefield might creep up on you. HF shocked everyone winning the Super Bowl but I think the true shocker was when BC beat WOS in semifinals last year. So many questions and too many days left until the first weekends of games. Pee Wee division seems to be wide open. Let's continue this discussion after week 4. That's usually when the cream is rising to the top or someone is making a run for the playoffs. Don't worry when I go watch the game of the week this year I'm bringing my garmin and GoPro to record and bringing my popcorn as I was told to do last year 
  2. STJFL

    Lots of time to perfect everyone's team on the way to the playoffs. Can't wait to see the schedule so I can see what games I'm attending this year since my boys are playing school ball
  3. Monte Barrow named new HC/AD at Nederland!

    Monte is the go to guy for HC but The Cinco Ranch guy isn't just a chump. I mean he's lead some salty defenses in a extremely 6A district with a powerhouse like Katy to play every year. Go to max preps and look at the his defensive  averages against state champions those years too. He's no chump.  2016 - 11-4 2015 - 9-2  2014 - 9-3   2013 - 9-3  Do I think Monte deserves the head coaching job yes I do but why doesn't English deserve the AD job. Matt Burnett I believe is the AD at PNG or maybe that changed. Who cares about the AD title. Let's get the Dogs a coach so they can start building towards a 2017 season of success. Instead I bet tensions are high in the coaches office and those boys can sense the instability of their program. I believe the school board needs to make a decision. School board needs to grow a pair and nederland voters need to force them to get a new school bond going for new schools, stadium, and etc. pretty sad that Nederland is considered one of the poorest school districts in the area. I'm off my soap box. I'm ready for a decision and quit dragging it out. Cinco ranch guy or Monte are both highly qualified for the job. Monte just has paid his dues at nederland compared to another school. 
  4. Monte Barrow named new HC/AD at Nederland!

    Well guys month is drawing to a close in 13 days. Is Monte our new guy(well deserved), will it be someone that graduated from BIG NED coming home to coach, or someone new to the district. I have to admit the suspense is killing me
  5. Monte Barrow named new HC/AD at Nederland!

    We played them in fall of 99 too. Barbay had to start because Sullivan was out. It was in the astrodome and we beat the younger McNown brother. The defense terrorized him for numerous turnovers. 
  6. Monte Barrow named new HC/AD at Nederland!

    Yea he gone 
  7. Monte Barrow named new HC/AD at Nederland!

    I just want to make a point here. Nederland didn't even give the superintendent job to their home grown boys already working inside administration for years. They went outside to make the hire for superintendent. Maybe the school board sees something we all don't. I agree Monte has been head coach in waiting for years IMO and deserves it. If he was going to get it I feel like he would have already been named and the search for assistant coaches would have started. Also this so called coaching search has been pretty much under lock and key. Maybe I haven't been looking intbe right places but no names have been released about who's applied yet. Seems strange to me. I mean off season is critical to implement your values, offense, defense, among numerous of other things as a head coach. I feel like Big Ned is falling behind really quick if they aren't going with Monte. 
  8. Monte Barrow named new HC/AD at Nederland!

    Bring Kevin Barbay home from Florida to be AD and head football coach to guys that coach him. He has proven his self in the SEC but would Big Ned be the job that brings him home. Monte has been without being said the coach in waiting IMO for years. Rumors swirling around that a masters will be needed for AD and Head Football. Also when it comes to facilities and not passing bonds. Honestly we have to look at what businesses we have in Nederand. We don't have big donors or big businesses in Nederland. I do feel like it's time for parents to come together on a bond that is logical for tax payers and does what is right for the kids in the long run. As much as I want turf at bulldog stadium. We need new schools among other things plus renovation of bulldog stadium. It's not a 5 year plan. It's more like a 10 to 15 year plan plus tax increases. 
  9. Lamar Football Coach

    Does this mean the rumors of Matt Burnett and Larry Neumann becoming Head Football coach at Lamar are about to start happening? What about hometown boy Kevin Barbay at the university of Florida being brought back home to bring Lamar back to the promise land. He was the WR coach when our receivers were top in Southland. only time will tell. Woodard knew his time was up but I hate to see him go after all the injuries this season. O-LINE has to get better. I liked what I saw in the mid-county boys and king in back field just no holes to run into. Also Lamar needs a coach and team to feel the stands at home games. Unfortunately I saw PNG faithful fill the stadium but Lamar didn't this year. Lamar students and alumni we are better than that. I am very intrigued on by this search. 
  10. Again instead of posting comments, call me 

    659-9656. We can talk football and why I coach the way I do. 

  11. Playoff Game Day Round 2

    No thanks I'll pass on seeing you coach again. I only needed to see it once. Plus I've got playoff football and baseball to go watch this weekend. A lot more interesting than your coaching in my humble opinion. Have fun in the pro bowl though. It's a fun time for the kids. Also STJFL was the best league around now unfortunately it's kinda becoming joke. TOO MANY CHIEFS not enough Indians for checks and balances. (NO PNG PUN INTENDED) 
  12. Hey, my name is Danny Reynolds the LCM coach, please call me if you want to talk. 409-659-9656

  13. Playoff Game Day Round 2

    Sounds like a job for the Ethics Committee.... Maybe the Ethics Committee should look into a Jasper team walking off the field with almost 6 minutes left in the game because WOS was cheating. I guess when you are getting beat 27-12 (I believe was the score at that time) everyone one is cheating right? Seriously STJFL should look into what teams actually bring value to their organization as a whole. Ethics Committee should look into the coach from LCM screaming and yelling across the field at Orangefield coaches. I believe that is a violation of the STJFL code of conduct (http://www.stjfl.net/conduct number 12) but I guess that gets over looked because of who is on the STJFL board (LCM Board member is STJFL VP) maybe I don't know. I know STJFL Board members have to be ready to pop the whiskey on another year to be over with.
  14. Nederland 35 Lumberton 21/FINAL

    Praying for your son a speedy recovery 
  15. Week 8 Predictions (Seniors)

    Oh ok so if it's non conference game You don't have your kids show up to play? That's a great lesson to teach your kids. From my understanding OF had back ups scoring TD's on your team just playing non conference game. I know in nederland we try to win every game conference or not.