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  1. No lie didn’t see this coming 
  2. Wow has it come to this for La Porte, I remember when the bulldogs always had a great team, big runningbacks strong o line and good defense  . I mean they did just beat a really good Memorial team a few years back ...my how times have changed 
  3. Week 7 Polls

    Idk maybe other than Kansas every game from here on will be a challenge, we have a bad thing of playing down, or not finishing teams lower then us off...we need to change that and start destroying teams cus at the end of the day it’s all about style points imo. The worse you beat a team the more desirable you look , If Texas wants a shot at the Playoffs they’ll have to look the part of a playoff team 
  4. #19 Texas vs #7 Oklahoma

    If you wanna dethrone a Alabama Dynasty you need flagship schools like Texas, LSU, USC, Florida ect to start back winning to lock down there states 
  5. That’s good yet bad news, cus also a word in the street is Ed Taylor is the coach in waiting ... i just don’t understand, the offense or defense of scheme. the offense is so predictable and they don’t even use there playmakers. #17 seems like he is very talented yet they only use him at KR/PR?? Like what are they doing? The Passing concepts are very basic,  Westbrook could have had 55 if they really wanted to in the first half, they got talent over that way, hopefully they make a run in late November 
  6. Sub Varsity Scores 10/04

    WB JV 39 United JV 12
  7. Week 5 Polls

    I think I have two teams right now that could play and possibly beat them  (Georgia, Clemson) 
  8. Week 5 Polls

    Thats my whole thing, We all know Tom will get up for the big games, but its the teams that arent as good that we dont play good against ..(Maryland, Tulsa) This game may say more about the maturity/growth of this team more then the USC, Tcu game 
  9. Week 5 Polls

    I’m actually scared, this has trap game written all over it..,Texas coming off two big wins against a struggling KState team, in a place Texas has trouble, I hope we’re mature enough to take care of business 
  10. This is definetly true...Just cause you have athletes doesn’t guarantee you a win. you have to establish a system , Like Your W.O.S where when you come in you buy into the system which means (Pratice habits, Coaching, Swagger, Workouts,etc) cause you know that’s what you do at W.O.S “Win” You have to have a buy in from the kids as well as coaches, 
  11. TCU @ Texas

    At least thats an extra year lol
  12. USC at Texas

    This game could possibly turn the tide of Texas Recruiting.. If the longhorns come out and take care of SC this could pay big for recruits..gone to be a star studded sideline  
  13. idk what kind of Defense WB runs but its a pain to watch, the safteys play close to the LOS and give up seams as well as deep balls, Its a pain to watch
  14. Week 3 Games

    #22 USC at Texas (-38)  Fox 7pm - Game will say alot about Texas, Herman has to quit ignoring the signs if the team continues to decline LA Monroe at Texas A&M(-26.5) SECN 6:30pm- Should give A&M a last tune up before the Gauntlet begins #5 Oklahoma(-17.5) at Iowa St ABC 11am - Oklahoma looks just as good as last season, and defense may be even better #17 Boise St at #24 Oklahoma St(-3) ESPN 2:30pm- this could be a good game, i picked OKST but wouldnt be surprised at all if Boise State pulls it out BYU at #6 Wisconsin(-21.5)  ABC 2:30pm-Wisconsin is just to powerful #12 LSU at #7 Auburn(-9.5)  CBS 2:30pm- I went back and and fourth with this one, but i love LSU defense and RB, and the QB play is better Houston at Texas Tech(-1.5)  Fox 3:15pm - This is a coinflip but i like Houston defense more the Tech, both teams will score #1 Alabama(-21) at Ole Miss  ESPN 6pm- Ole Miss WR's should challenege Bama a bit but Bama is probably as good as theyve been in years #4 Ohio St(-12.5) at #15 TCU  ABC 7pm- Ohio State is stacked and idk if the freshman will be able to hold up but im pulling for TCU
  15. 51-10 Memorial ..unless they take starters out early then maybe 48-17 ...United offense has no clue and the defense isn’t to much better so