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  1. Port Neches-Groves @ Beaumont Central

    That's nothing the game in 09 where Central was probably the best team in the area that year and played P.N.G at babe and lost due to a blocked FG...Now that was that Hurt lol
  2. Port Neches-Groves @ Beaumont Central

    Talk to my friend a scout from Jacksonville State , he said some calls were questionable but others were just simple stuff. Nothing really just major that doesn't happen anywhere else from what he seen  Other than that he said Central defense has pretty good persuit to that ball and defense is pretty quick but Lumberton didn't really have a good offenseive gameplan from the looks of it, He said neither team really just looked that good, but Central was the better team on the field from what he saw  And that's from a D1-AA college scout 
  3. Like I've said before Until Westbrook gets a really good hard nose, no nonsense coach  it'll continue to be the same story, No matter how Good the players are 2ND TIER 
  4. Beaumont Central @ Lumberton

    One thing I never understood was, why people thought Dixon was such a good COACH..Great man off the field , but on the field he was all discipline and that's it, he also didn't surround himself with the best coaches specially on offense..They underutilized so much talent back then...Defense was good but he could never score points which is why I really didn't like the Dixon era, loved him as a man but hated the scheme . You can say Washington almost did the same thing, instead of going out and finding a good OC, he hired from inside and it hurt them when they played against good coached teams, we just had good athletes on that side of the ball that made him look good at times One reason i loved Stowers is becaues he knew he was a defense of coach and went out and got good OC to handle the offense, and wasn't afraid to go out of the area and find them, 
  5. Beaumont Central @ Lumberton

    Central has always been a pretty good late season team throughout history so gimmie the Jags  Jags 31 Raiders 21 but if Central goes back to Thoes early season mistakes  Jags 21 Raiders 28
  6. Beaumont Central @ Lumberton

    Yea, thoes teams he had in 2009 and 2010 after Stowers left underachieved imo..So much talent on Thoes teams specially that 2009 roster (Hale,O'Neal,Jackson,Holman, Heard,Ogletree,Cantue,etc) and got out coached in the playoffs twice (Friendswood, Humble) 
  7. Realignment

        Wow, just a few years ago, I was hearing talk of Central being on the verge of having 5A numbers, (before there was a 6A) ,I have never known Central to be that small. Did Ozen or West Brook gain Students?    Another thing is im just not understanding how a city of over 118,000 can have very small school numbers . I know a lot of parents in Beaumont are sending there kids to HJ but that still doesn't make sense for the small numbers these Highschools are turning out 
  8. Trinity 48 Kountze 0/FINAL

    Where is this Trinity team from, they've been doing really good 
  9. Idk about that, Newton and W.O.S may be a good game and I do also believe They would give Memorial and P.N.G hell but I don't think they hang around with Brook, it won't even be close. That's another monster 
  10. Westbrook defense needs to make a big stop here 
  11. Woodlands getting Away with some suspect flags     westbrook also not taking advantage of opportunities 
  12. Westbrook DBs are playing flat footed, WRs have got behind them multiple times this game..could come back to hunt them 
  13. I thought he was playing, the announcer just said he's out there, but not getting the ball 
  14. Told you, Elia will be the difference in this game...Halftime adjustments will be crucial 
  15. West Brook @ The Woodlands

    Why was that??