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  1. 2018 recruiting

    Idk how true it is but being hearing players inside the Texas program are negative recruiting,  telling recruits not to come to Texas 
  2. 2018 recruiting

    7 on 7 the new AAU???
  3. Coaching vacancies

    Yea maybe but only some are realistically possible.  All I'm trying yo say is he's better then alot of college coaches in place now . Some coaches wish they seen a bowl game every year and a winning record 
  4. College Football Playoff

    Hearing some rumbling that she only did that cause he wouldn't date her, if that's true she should get jail time...Women are doing this entirely to much
  5. Coaching vacancies

    Just listen to the rumblings in College Station, and how 8+ wins aren't good enough anymore , which is the reason he's gone now, you know ..so obviously the bar is raised and they feel they should have 10+ wins a season + fight for conference championships ..
  6. Coaching vacancies

    I’m being serious,,and that’s my point before he got there, 10wins wasn’t even a serious expectation there...He’s raised the bar at A&M is all I’m saying, and he should be a sought after coach..
  7. Coaching vacancies

    He's not?? I mean how many coaches would love a winning season every year with a bowl game?? Not to many doing that,..plus he made A&M relevant again, before he got there A&M was a avg football program. Don't forget hes the reason A&M fans feel 10+ wins is a norm now (think about that for a sec)
  8. Coaching vacancies

    They should, Sumlin is probably one of the better coaches in the country ..hes sure better then alot of coaches with jobs 
  9. What if Central and Ozen combine?

    I said this earlier, Maroon and Gold would be nice. Kinda like Arizona State,  you know 
  10. 2018 recruiting

    I hope it's just not many linemen in Texas this year,  rather then him not recruiting them 
  11. What if Central and Ozen combine?

    Yea I like that, The black just brings out an Intemidation factor, you know and with the Hurricanes as a logo.. That would be perfect 
  12. What if Central and Ozen combine?

    1st choice , Give me the Hurricanes with the OIlers colors (Black & Silver or Black and Orange) and instead of using he “U” logo using a real Hurricane logo since it’s what United the two schools in the first place    2nd choice would be the Oilers, I like that Black and Silver with the Oilers logo which the city is known for and for the Highschool name , how bout Boomtown HS lol Boomtown Oilers and like someone else said, put a star  where Beaumont would be 
  13. 2018 recruiting

    Might not be such a bad method , Strong potentialy signed 3-4 Future 1st round picks and more if you include his Louisville players 
  14. Jimbo fisher is now an Aggie

    So this raises my question, has Florida State fallen from the ranks of blue bloods while A&M has risen in ?? Or was this just a Jimbo thing 
  15. College Football Playoff

    And In my opinion,  the committee got it right, for everyone who doesn't think so, no one told Ohio State to lose to Iowa ...Ohio State should be mad at themselves if they gone be mad at anyone