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  1. 2018 March Madness

    Lol wow this is ridiculous...Dammit Shaka 
  2. Are you really implying Nederland would have more talent then Westbrook?? I hope not
  3. +1  like i stated If your from Beaumont you know Arthur Louis and how he reacts with the community. Hell I’m sure if he ran for mayor he’ll get a good chunk of the votes and maybe even win. He’s probably had a hand in coaching Or teaching all the kids Born in the late 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s.  He may not have the resume but like I said he will get the kids to come out and as of right now that’s what the school needs. For kids to start back coming out and getting off the streets . To many good athletes on the north and south side of Beaumont not being productive. Good luck to the Timberwolves I’ll be in Attendance against A good Prius Team  
  4. From what I’ve been told they are lady have him. 
  5. If you were around when Stowers was at Central, this may be a shocker lol, he was always crying but I guess Stowers toughened him up real quick . Wish him nothing but success
  6. I always liked the Bulldog relays, I might have to attend that weekend if nothing comes up 
  7. How long are they post to stay in power ?
  8. Usually I wud be upset but if your from Beaumont , you a know Arthur Louis and know what kinda of person he is. my son played for him and he’s a really good X’s and O’s Guy and a greater man, he was behind that explosive Offense at Westbrook with Stump.  What some don’t know is, he got a lot of that talent to Westbrook. Players like Christian Micheals, was finna go to Central before Louis changed his mind. I like the hire  i just wanna know who he will put in charge of the defense,..That’s where a lot of his teams lagged 
  9. One thing for sure, Louis will get the kids to come out and play for him...He’s always been a guy kids knew.  Intrested to see this Coaching staff he puts together
  10. I didn’t see This team beating Lancaster last week but they did, and after taking a closer look at them, this one will be tough I’m going for 409 , but I will say Midlothian can definetly win this game, seen them a few times and they have beat some very good teams,.and lost by 3 to the previous #1team in the Nation (Guyer)  Memorial will definetly need that fight in them this weekend.  #S0409
  11. If they was gonna do that, they shoulda just chose from Taylor and Nelson from the beginning, smh , At least then we’d know who the HC is and prepping for Spring Ball  also did anyone find out if the salaries for both jobs ( United & Westbrook) went up to $100,000?
  12. Wow that is sad, lol ..i understand it but thats not right,  with all that being said its a no brainer, Nelson was with Stump at WB an had Ozen one of the top offenses in the area
  13. RIP Blain Padgett

    Really sad to hear what happen to Blain, remebered his dad from UT when i was at OKST....Great man , hate to hear this for him and the family   Prayers Up 
  14. If Stowers is still in it "which he should be" i can definetly see him landing the job now with all the restrictions BISD has on it, since most of the staff from both schools use to be his assistant coaches while at Central
  15. TXHoops/Shaka

    True, we shot pretty good today, I feel we play up in the big games but down against inferior opponents