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  1. We need a varsity and JV boys soccer opponent for Friday Jan 12 and Friday Jan 26. Have home stadium ready or will travel. Thank you  
  2. Prayers going up!

    Prayers from Crosby cougars, Laporte bulldogs and Marlin bulldogs    Coach Bear
  3. Who,when, and where does Crosby scrimmage next week? Thanks   
  4. Ozen Is Open?

    Jridge, man I want to meet you somewhere and buy you lunch. In my opinion you are spot on. I have 32 years in this business of coaching young men and I have seen a lot as well as experiencing my own interactions with coaches at my high school of Marlin Texas. But your statement of finding someone who actually cares for the young men as well as wins and losses is the key. When I was DC at Crosby in the 90's, we scrimmaged Ozen and I was impressed with the talent. We also played lamarque twice in the dome during those years and Ozen was the only team that had talent close to lamarque, now they didn't have the experience, coaching, support and other important variables. Unfortunately in our business many coaches are $ hoppers, looking to increase salary or if they are older, looking to increase their retirement multiplier. They are smooth talkers and tell the search or interview committee what they want to hear instead of having that committee due hard core investigating of the REAL reason someone wants to be the head coach of your foreign school. I have had the honor of working for 9 different coaches at 4 different schools, clear lake, Crosby, Aldine Eisenhower , and Baytown sterling. Two were truly great and successful and really cared about their kids and  this led to their success, Coach Stewart of clear lake and coach Carson of big Ike . Two others really cared for kids but weren't as successful for various reasons but I am proud to say I worked for them because they developed men. A few of the others were dull, unimaginative and thus unsuccessful. 3 others were cancers and harmed kids, I wouldn't spit on them to put out a fire on their burning body, yet they still get head jobs today because they get over on those who really do the hiring and are too lazy to research. Jridge I hope you are on the search or interview committee. I like to give the example of UT-AM with regards to coaching. Yes I am a UT grad but also a big supporter of AM ( my most successful player was Steve McKinney an Aggie, then colt, then Texan) and cheer for everything Texas. I had the honor of attending the last ut-am game at Kyle field. Before the game the Aggies HC, I forgot his name which tells you how little impact he had on Aggies nation but especially his players. Met the Aggies seniors as the were announced near mid field. They all came to coach former Texan tight end coach and just shook hands, I was appalled! The week before UT did the same senior recognition and players as well as their families met Mack Brown at the 50 where EVERYONE was crying and hugging. A M hired the no name coach because he looked like them and was a good old boy, thus no one remembers his name, yet former UT players are naming their sons Mack. I know and agree Mack overstayed by 2 years, but that showed why one program was successful and the other a non factor. I emulate Mack because one day I got to answer to St. Peter that I did all I could to help these young men become great men. That is why I still grind after 32 years. MUCH RESPECT TO YOU JRIDGE!!!!! coach bear
  5. barbers hill soccer

    Is barbers hill going to have boys soccer next year? Have they hired a coach already--this job not on their board. thanks