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  1. 21-6A in 2019

    Isn’t North Shore an open campus?
  2. Best QB in Silsbee High School History??

    That man caused many Marlin tears late in the fourth with that run. I believe Donnie Little and State champion Dickinson only beat Silsbee 6-0 the next week. This delayed my dome turf debut until 1996 as DC in Crosby. Great times.
  3. Best QB in Silsbee High School History??

    Been looking for an old timer to mention a name of someone I played against, William Arline I believe, QB from the 77 Silsbee team that beat us , Marlin Bulldogs, at Stephen F in the second round. He was explosive and scored from about 60 out late in the fourth to re take the lead and beat us. He may not be the same caliber as later quarterbacks, but he was dangerous. This silsbee team also had Graham, Schankle ( future horns) Eddy Roby and Craig Mcgallion. Donnie Little and Dickinson beat them the next week by a touchdown in the dome on the way to the state championship. We were so heartbroken especially when we found out the dome was the predetermined site of the next game in 3A playoffs. The DOME in the 70’s was a big deal. Is my memory of the quarterback s name correct? Thanks 
  4. Stop blaming, great season, great group of seniors, awesome year. 90% of all football players in the state would give anything to make it this far.
  5. Good luck PNG, no mistakes, a couple of trick plays, great gang tackling and hopefully catch Marshal looking ahead. 
  6. FB Marshall (12-0) vs PNG (9-3)

    Love all the posts about png and Dustin Long the year y’all beat lamarque. We (Crosby)lost to them the week before  13-7 and I was the defensive coordinator. Near the end, they fumbled and my defensive end could of scooped and scored for the win, but he didn’t drop his big butt and he ended up fumbling and recovering. We didn’t put it in. Great memories, Dome had some great games, teams, and memories.
  7. FB Marshall (12-0) vs PNG (9-3)

    At this stage of the playoffs little things matter, a lot. Marshals defense is NOT their bright spot, but obviously they’ve gotten away with it all year. The buffalo poor defense will not change how they practice nor their poor defensive expectations of their coaching staff, and thus their downfall either Friday or next week. Defense still wins championships in all team sports.  Marshal sees what is on the horizon with Huntsville so I think they’ll be looking ahead to some hornets. They’ve watched png/Huntsville video. In their minds they’re are already repping against Huntsville so if PNG starts well, a victory is possible. Harder to overcome adversity against a team you (in their minds) have already put up on the bookshelves with another win. I don’t bet, but if I did, the stage is set for an upset. PNG has won many close games which has helped prepare them for this one. If PNG is tied or ahead at half, they win. Indians will not blow out the Buffs, yet buffs could blow out png. I pick png by 10 in the upset. Tall receiver and smart special teams (f g kicker, onside) must have great games. 
  8. PNG@The Hill

    I have problems separating work and personal life. If you as a coach can NOT defend the defenseless and justify it by saying it is at work and not personal , you are warped mentally or led by Satan or a liberal who defends children but supports abortion. When I said cheating, extrapolate that to cheating at humanity. So I suppose you would support a co worker beating a defenseless woman because it is a work situation???? CHEATING,LYING, STEALING, it is all WRONG, no wonder our society is screwed up. FOLLOW THE RULES SNOWFLAKE!!!!
  9. PNG@The Hill

    Man the comedy on here is great, but I have to give it to BHFan for the best comebacks, classic and then I see his goofy avatar, he is that kid in school you want to hang with and laugh but not get too close when the principal or cops come around. I think it is going to be a good game, 7 points either way, physical. But if you think that there is an excuse for png , no way. That is CHEATING and there is no way it was a one time happening. Not Barbers hill fault I applaud them for doing the right thing and not the liberal, politically correct thing. Cheating is cheating, follow the law and rules. No excuses.  all cheaters should be turned in. That is why the Ohio st Coach is now having headaches again like he did when he dropped out of Florida, he knows he was wrong for keeping that coach on staff . 
  10. PNG@The Hill

    This is a mental game for both teams. Can the Hill get back up after an emotional gut spiller with Crosby. Hard to get up after that. Is there any possible way PNG can be mentally ready when they know Nederland who has ruled them is less than 2weeks away. The hill lost a solid quarterback though their second is almost up to par. The hill gains home field advantage worth 7, while losing qb is -3. PNG qB is college level, but hill defense is a TEAM, maybe best in district. The Hill by 7, then PNG by 7 over Ned. Ned by 14 over Crosby . Lee wins, they are scary. 
  11. Barbers Hill 49 Crosby 30/FINAL

    On one point you have to give credit to the Crosby team and staff for continuing to fight in these games with 1) the loss of a truly special QB and 2) the soap opera/Watergate like fiasco that has infiltrated every part of Crosby. I heard it in a post where there was mention of the small crowds cause of the utter disgust of the community on what has been brought to light and the unbelievable stuff that hasn’t (May never) come out—yet. Yet, on the other hand I DON’T get it. How can our crowds have decreased so much, isn’t it at times like this we need support more than ever? This is a sign of a ME society, thinking of I instead of us. Would other communities act similarly, I don’t know. I was always shocked when I started coaching in 83 at Clear Lake the lack of a crowd at such a large school, even when Jerry Stewart turned it around and we were going two rounds at the thump thump school. There always was something else going on and supporting the youth and school is lost in bigger, more affluent communities. I know in Marlin, the poor town I call home, when we won, the WHOLE town traveled like the PNG caravan.  Also adversity can be the greatest motivator for young men to band together if the leadership is there. Eventually it comes down to 11 bodies in a human battle/fight against 11 bodies, that simple. We can make excuses until the cows come home. We got beat in a hard fought game , but got whooped at the character ending. Tough times. We still have two more that could exemplify a monumental comeback and scratching our way back to life like Lazarus to the state playoffs. Gonna take a LOT, but can happen. Hook em, Gig em, Geaux Tigers.
  12. Barbers Hill 49 Crosby 30/FINAL

    Ha ha heh heh heh
  13. Barbers Hill 49 Crosby 30/FINAL

    Eagles 82 see me in cowboy hat at halftime for a battery, cricket coverage not good here 
  14. Barbers Hill 49 Crosby 30/FINAL

    Defense? Defense?
  15. BH Vs. Crosby

    I want Crosby to win, just afraid they are in a spiral.. my heart says Crosby 35 hill 28. My brain tells me hill 42 Crosby 28. I hope my heart is right, but I am old and know better. Any hunters on the Hill, got 2 $3000 hunts in del rio in a raffle for Crosby band. See me in cowboy hat and blazer before game in parking lot, halftime and after game.  $25 each or 5 for $100. Galveston bay guide fish trip for 4 second place and many gift certificates for woodlands market square for third. Drawing on dec 12.