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  1. Depends on respect, I believe Coach K gives respect to those teams who have a history of respect, thus their score vs Laporte which could have been much worse as compared to the deer score. I believe they’ll put up 75-80.  Bandwagon nice to see you still got it-like that quick dry wit. Another note bandwagon I do believe PNG QB is the Truth and will be the man for the horns by game 2 cause west lake kid too careless with the rock. I hope Tom leaves for Ohio U after wife gets NOW organization fired up from her tweets about buckeye coach. I think Dabo makes the plunge, hopefully. What do you think, Bandwagon?
  2. BH Vs. Vidor

    It is always the defense that wins and is most important in ALL team sports/competitions, ALWAYS. Which is why the best head coaches in all sports come from a defensive background. Just dumping my 2 cents on a comment above. I believe Vidor wins in another close game. I agree that Santa Fe caught them at the right time(maybe they’ll catch Crosby this week as distractions are everywhere) vidor 35 hill 28.
  3. Port Neches-Groves 48 Crosby 45/FINAL

    Quality game again, this district is unbelievable with the level of talent and games. The quality of young men exhibited in our district is outstanding. I was privelaged to meet and speak with a special man who ll serve as an example for future players. I didn't like the fact he led his team to beat my Cougars, but as a reporter and UT grad i was proud of what he did. Good luck on the rest of the season and your career. Great fans last night from both Crosby (who i don't know how they continue to battle amid all the doom and gloom in our district) and PNG who remind me so much of the LSU fans.
  4. Study the teachings of Dr Edward Deming and why he left USA after WWII. Same problem here. After he resurrected Japan by establishing principals that formed Toyota and Sony he came back to America who adopted his principals to form our entire MBA program. One guiding principle of his was stop blaming the workers, ALWAYS THE FAULT OF MANAGEMENT.  
  5. Kids deserve better, stop blaming the kids
  6. Head of the snake is the problem.
  7. Crosby V. PNG

    Maybe it is quiet because of fear, from both sides. Fear of what your great QUARTERBACK can do to Crosby, he looks 110%. And fear from Cherokee nation of being beaten by a very good team who lost their D-1 quarterback. A lot of buttholes being puckered. Again I have taught science in high schools for over 33 years, a sphincter muscle in the anal region constricting will not allow flapping of the gums. I am just freaking excited for this game. 
  8. Crosby V. PNG

    woke up at my usual 3:00 to the thought of that Indian chop music. Gonna be an epic game only better if I was playing or coaching in it. Hey 14.2. Let’s talk to Jfree and get him to suit us out. I need my #50 to block for that 14. On my way to toastmasters I swear I saw a truck, big one with purple and white streamers here already but it pulled over out of gas just before race way   Signs. Crosby 72-PNG-63. Indians almost there but couldn’t finish. I may be wrong. Much respect to Indian Nation and their history and future and UT grd but anti-Herman that q b could take us to promised land that colt barely missed. Don’t forget hunters and wives oh hunters raffle for 2 $3000 hunts at Sindomar ranch in Del Rio before and after game in parking lot. 2 prize 4 man guided Galveston bay fishing trip. 3 place $1200 in woodlands market square gift coupons. Drawing on dec 12. Supporting Crosby band international competition at Midwest in Chicago end of December. Pass to other fans I’ll be in a black cowboy hat and blazer. $25 per ticket or 5 for $100. Hook em and go cougars 
  9. Really low #s. Should be 5A but they still got kids /players. Don’t know what’s happened. Two defensive linemen committed early one to Air Force and one to Texas St. Had a freshman running back and freshman tight end last year that could go. 
  10. Crosby Qb

    I had roshon Fontenot a noseguard for me at clear lake snap his acl in first quarter and play the whole game. He weighed 340 and squatted 600, Great athlete, strong. Strength can hold the joint in place for some. Bobby Locke blew his out in la marque dome playoff and attempted to play on it. Some have strong musculature and are tough, different for everyone. 
  11. Crosby V. PNG

    Terrible news if true about Howard, hopefully the schools interested will hold true with offers.  If so I could see the team rallying behind Coker. Still predicting 56-49
  12. Crosby V. PNG

    Actually I have to chime in cause the comment about Crosby and PNG both being Vidors daddy cause he saw it on Jerry Springer. Jerry Springer was correct. Now understand I have taught biology, advanced animal science, forensic science, food science, aquatic science, horticulture, life science, and entrepreneurship for over 33 years so I know about the reproductive techniques and going ons of most animals (includes cougars, Indians, and pirates), fungi, micro-organisms, and plants (bet y’all didn’t know that a squash or any member of the cruciferous family of plants have a boy flower (look for the tallywacker) and a girl flower (NO tally or whacker). So in the case of multiple daddy’s the female human had twins, one black and one white. Actually happened. How you ask, you found the answer man. The woman made whoopie with a black man whose sperm fertilized an egg. But lol and behold a few hours later she had whoopie with a white man and his sperm fertilized a second egg ( women sometimes release 2 or more especially if they are on fertility drugs. These were twins in a way, not identical but twins, but since their moms genetics is the same but the dads are different they are actually steptwins. Now, is Vidor a stepchild twin of Crosby and PNG, I don’t know, all I know is that Coach Matthews gets more out of his step twin players than anybody else in southeast Texas. And that concludes your biology lesson for today. Crosby 56-46 sorry keep changing. How many fans is Indian nation going to bring anyhow? Do any hunt cause I got $25 chance tickets (or 5 for $100. Dec 12 drawing) for first place 2 x $3000 hunts for 2.5 days to Sindomar Ranch in Del Rio, second place Galveston bay guide fishing for 4, and third place is a woman’s dream, over $1000 in gift certificates to Woodlands Market square shops and restaurants. See coach Bear in the cowboy hat right after the game on the way out.
  13. New Caney vs Port Arthur Memorial

    New Caney secondary is great. If P A goes in thinking a cakewalk, NC will win. Both teams play their best, then p a wins by 10. I think they take them lightly and at New Caney, N C by 3.
  14. Dayton Running Back

    Thank you yes #s got screwed up 34. He played tough for a youngster