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  1. West Brook at Nederland

    Thanks for letting me know.  Haven't made it to a game yet so I am looking forward to seeing them tonight.    
  2. Is this game happening tonight at Dog Dome?  If so what time?
  3. Got this from the High School website for Bulldog Classic Varsity Pool Play0001.pdf
  4. Nederland @ Vidor

    at least  GO BULLDOGS!!!
  5. BH Vs. Crosby

    Barbers Hill wins this one
  6. Nederland @ Vidor

    You are right, we will see an 0-4 team move to 0-5 in District.
  7. Well ... we will find out Friday night won't we? 
  8. Santa Fe Tribe is gonna scalp the PNG Cherokee, Apache, Comanche, Coushatta or whatever tribe they associate themselves as.  Santa Fe Tribe - 35 PNG  -  21
  9. Nederland @ Vidor

    Nederland wins this one and moves on to 7-0
  10. Freshman and JV scores

    Anybody know how Nederland Freshman did last night?  
  11. Crosby Qb

    Awww man so sorry to hear that for the kid.  Hope he has a speedy recovery. Please tell me he isn't a Senior.
  12. Dayton@Nederland

    I'm all for TEAM support so I'm going with my BULLDOGS in this one. Getting the win for Homecoming and moving to 6-0. As far as field conditions, I don't think it will be like most are saying, that dry cool front air dries dirt out really fast. GO BULLDOGS!
  13. Nederland@The Hill

    Cheering for my BULLDOGS tonight.  I think they get the job done and come home with the win.  Hoping for good weather tonight.
  14. Nederland vs Santa Fe

    Dogs win, just hope everyone stays healthy
  15. 5A Division II Rankings

    lol ... are you a democrat?  Just a question, next.