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  1. Weather updates

    Is this game going to be broadcast on radio  
  2. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    I think your right, when I went to vote the line was out of the door and that was BEFORE the new tax assessment notifications were received in the mail. I still have a very positive feeling this bond is passing! 
  3. Nederland Next Season

    I do remember the Weaver kid from last year, my lord he is a beast. Is he a senior next year?
  4. Nederland Next Season

    So I'm also anticipating a slow start for us, but fully expect we will be in the playoff mix.  I don't know how we are looking compared to Barber's Hill, who I'm thinking is the favorite for a District Championship this year.  
  5. So my Nederland peeps, I'm tired of reading about the BOND already.  I went and voted YES so it's up to the voters now.  Ready to read about something else so let's see if we can start talking about Nederland Football.  I know our back up QB is returning from last year, and I think he did a pretty decent job so I'm not really worried about that spot.  Curious to know who all is returning on offense and defense.  Also, how will our kicking game look this year?  The new season is right around the corner and it is way too quite on here so let's get going. 
  6. Vidor Turf

    Thanks.  You guys been through a lot.  Hope the turf is installed in time for football season.  I know those kids have got to be excited.  FEMA is taking their sweet time on getting you guys the help you need, but I know it will all get worked out for ya.
  7. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    I went by and voted YES yesterday and the line was close to going out the door.  After being in line for a little while, I got a strong impression that all those folks were there to vote YES as well. 
  8. Vidor Turf

    Glad y'all getting turf, will be nice improvement.  Any word if improved parking is on the agenda for near future?
  9. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    I for one want this bond to pass and have been wanting to see new schools and improvements done for years.  Heck, we were already in serious need when I went through school (graduated Nederland '88).  Point being, for everyone wanting to vote YES, minds are made up and all the NO voters complaining are falling upon deaf ears.  I have spoke to a bunch of Nederland residents, and I mean a bunch, and guess what .... voting YES.  Doesn't surprise me at all.  They all know it needs to happen and putting it off will only be more expensive when we are finally forced to do it. Been riding around town and have seen ten times more vote Yes signs in front of houses and businesses then vote No signs...if that is a real reflection of what is going to happen at the poles May 4th then I will be doing the HAPPY DANCE!
  10. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    I'd rather pass the bond now and pay whatever the increase is NOW rather than waiting another 5, 10, 15 years when the price tag is MUCH HIGHER.  Passing the bond now makes a lot more sense to me.  People that want to vote no now will be asking themselves later why didn't we do this earlier when it was at a cheaper rate.
  11. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    So, I'm curious as to what model and year your current vehicle is?  I bet you upgrade at least every 5-7 years to a newer model.  Why do you do that when your 5-7 year old vehicle is just fine as long as you keep up maintenance on it.  Well I can think of several reasons, such as dependability, less maintenance costs, newer,efficient design and comfort, upgraded technology so as to use the abundant and helpful "smart" features that are now offered.  I can list more but I think you get the point. So have you toured the schools?  Your opinion is buildings are fine, even though maintenance costs are through the roof and overcrowding is serious problem, which a new school would correct and provide a comfortable learning environment.  Current design of the schools are not using the space to get the most bang for the buck, you got overcrowded classrooms and teacher spaces/desks are a joke for them to conduct class from, which again a new school with an UPDATED layout would fix this. As far as technology, these kids need to be exposed to the latest and greatest technological environment that we can possibly provide and not hold them back in a 1970's environment, and once again, a new school will help provide this.  Our schools lose value the older they get and has a direct impact on property values within the district as well. Please, open your eyes and your mindset.  I don't know if you have kids in the schools here and if you don't I can understand why you wouldn't want to pay higher taxes to cover it.  I guess it's kinda like having to pay for car insurance each month that you don't use, but it sure is nice to have when you NEED it right.  Well ..... these kids and future kids coming up NEED this. 
  12. Nederland Bond PASSES!!!!

    I'd like to see the bond pass.  I still have one left in school and would like to see him benefit from a new High School.  According to him there isn't enough room to squeeze in anymore students and the condition of the building is really deteriorating because of the overcrowding and age of school. I have been to the high school on many occasions in the past several years and I understand the frustration of needing justified improvements whether, structural, safety, educational, etc. and everyone agrees it needs to happen, but don't want to pay for it.  So if you need to expand your house because your family is growing, or you need a security system to protect your family, or a new roof, or ..... well you get where I'm going with this, you would take out a loan and pay for it because your family means everything to you right?  Well, isn't that basically the same concept here .... our community family needs to expand the schools to house our kids, keep them safe in a structurally sound environment, provide better technology equipment, security systems, comfortable classroom learning environment for students and teachers, oh my gosh I could go on and on but I know you guys reading this are definitely understanding what I am saying here. Although I completely believe education needs are and should come first, I do back making improvements to our stadium.  The stands need to be expanded on the home side, bathrooms are unsuitable, lighting is unsafe under the stands, I witnessed an elderly person fall and break their nose because it was so dark near the restrooms and couldn't clearly see the sidewalk.  My brother is in a wheelchair and when we take him to the games he can't sit in the designated handicapped seating because it's literally the first row where everyone walks by the railing and they step on his feet and run into him and can't even see the game because of all the traffic, so the police move him to the track where it's a little better but when you are at field level you can't see anything going on so my heart goes out to all of our handicapped community trying to watch their child, grandchild, niece, nephew, etc. participating in the game, band, cheer, drill team, track, soccer, etc.  I'm really not saying anything that hasn't been said before in prior bonds and the current bond.  For the life of me, I can't understand why our community doesn't want to support these improvements.  
  13. West Brook at Nederland

    Thanks for letting me know.  Haven't made it to a game yet so I am looking forward to seeing them tonight.    
  14. Is this game happening tonight at Dog Dome?  If so what time?
  15. Got this from the High School website for Bulldog Classic Varsity Pool Play0001.pdf