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  1. Crosby V. PNG

    Speaking of Riggs, where is he playing at now.  That young man was awesome.
  2. Vidor@PNG

    Same here brother! All in good fun. I can't wait to see RJ in burnt orange.  I will buy his Jersey. I pull for all local teams when they travel or got to the playoffs. 
  3. Vidor@PNG

    Lol! You are correct chorizo. It's Big Ned or bust. 
  4. Vidor@PNG

    Well I guess since this thread is now officially the early mcm thread, oh, and RJ for Heisman, Vidor should just forfeit to PNG and get ready for Santa Fe next week. 
  5. Penalties killing us. 
  6. HT 27-7 Pirates.  Qb 1 out. He will be fine. Just a bruise.