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  1. Livingston vs PAM

    Worse part of this game is I am probably going to have to attend.......
  2. I have a different view on this.  That I may be completely off base. I know in the past it was often up to parents to get highlight tapes out there for recruiting purposes.  How much does this play a part in today’s recruiting.  And does social media exposure play any part.  If it does I don’t see a big problem.  I do believe that the focus especially after what I saw this week needs to be more about the team than the individual.  And I guess it’s a question as far as are the highlights just posted as a “look at me” or more for exposure.  Although I guess In some ways that’s one in the same.
  3. Yes and I think Tim is actually doing this while broadcasting by himself so there is definitely and understanding if things are not the same.
  4. Can we go one game without.....

    I would think Cleveland.  Don know about Huffman.  As far as BC goes, they are banged up pretty bad as are we.  My concern with them over us, is our stopping that running game.  I have only seen 3 games so far but we sure are up and down on tha5 defensive side.
  5. Can we go one game without.....

    Yes who is going to miss the playoffs?
  6. Can we go one game without.....

    Who are those bottom 2?
  7. Can we go one game without.....

    Tackling was our downfall.  Two long scores with flags waved off for my Tigers was unusual.  I did see what one was for and it would have been a block in the back. It was waved off correctly as we had one player block the player from the front knocking him into the one that the flag was thrown for.  I did see a few obvious holds not thrown but nothing out of the ordinary.
  8. I don’t know what to expect out of the district.  No one over 500 for the year.  I haven’t really looked at who everyone else has played.  Not sure tonight was a testament of how good LCM is or how bad or beat up we are.   I know LCM looked real good in that first half but some of that was due to our poor play as well .  I know I saw a play or two with at least 5 players missing tackles and I mean good chances at tackles not just a passing lunge or grab. We looked very uninspired to say the least. The second half was a little better but I am sure. LCM was playing a littl3 more conservative.  I do know we need to get healthy and we need to lift ourselves up and play better.
  9. My question is why after what sounded like a good game against Wos?   I understand that last week plays a large part but that team sounds like they were real good.
  10. Just how many points were scored the last couple minutes?
  11. And the half back pass really should have given them another score he threw it to close to the sideline and receiver had to wait on it
  12. And lcm gets kick with 1 second left in the half........