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  1. Memorial vs Silsbee @ PA

    We will most likely start what are truly 5 guards.  I would expect it to be of course McCain, Adams, Bush, Tyler and Martin.  So to fill in down low it almost has to be McCain with his build and then probably Martin.  The big benefit to that is then offensively you can pull anyone outside and get them the ball and let them work.  You don’t have to worry about a “big” man that can’t handle the ball.  And on the 4A level there won’t be a lot of teams with good size down low.  By that I mean with the size and ability.
  2. Memorial vs Silsbee @ PA

    Not so sure that one of those might not spend more time down low this year,  will have to wait and see.  
  3. Memorial vs Silsbee @ PA

    Yes he was big last year but was pretty much a non factor in the state game due to fouls.
  4. Memorial vs Silsbee @ PA

    I dont think we will really be much smaller than this year.  We really only played seven in the playoffs and Barnes is the only one that we lose from those 7 that was over 6’ and he is only about 6’2 although he played a lot larger.  
  5. Way to go BS!! And i guess you are allowed to do that every now and then!!
  6. Argyle 14 Jasper 4/FINAL

    Undefeated and just a top notch all around athletic program.
  7. WOS Open

    Maybe so. And inagree that BU should be closer  than wos but at the same time bu is unproven and will be playing in 6A.  Big expectations but didnt both central and ozen have those expectations at a lower level.  Hope bu can live up to theirs!
  8. WOS Open

    Wow wouldnt have expected a move from head coach to asst.
  9. Actually the only one we had on the all tourney team that year was Michael McCain.  That was the year we lost to Lincoln.
  10. Unfortunately from some things I have read,  I believe this is true.  I have a hard time believing wind makes much of a difference unless you are running in a hurricane!!!
  11. As a matter of fact he started the state title game as a sophomore as well.
  12. Barnes didn’t come off the bench in basketball,  he was a starter this year and a large part of last year including the state title game.  Jones actually came in off the bench in many of those games including the state game.
  13. It’s hard for me to argue much in these “best ever” but one thing I will definitely say in Barnes favor is not only has he won  those races,  he did it in national record time... none of those others posted that time.  And all those other things just add to it.