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  1. Thats all i could give you here in Silsbee as well.  Didnt see them allbut Darrel McArthur still has to be listed as the best.
  2. Best Meal in Area Restaurant

    Pivot????? Po boy.......
  3. Best Meal in Area Restaurant

    Tried it today and it is great!!!! Still love me a Juliens shrimp pivot but this one ranks higher overall!!
  4. Food in Lake Charles

    Tried it today and is as good as advertised!!!
  5. After watching that final, i had the same feeling.   Would not have been easy but think that team at home still would have come out on top.
  6. Faith Family vs Yates

    Yes but you can also give the other team the same shot is what i am getting at.  
  7. Faith Family vs Yates

    True.  You cant argue with their success.  One thing i have always felt  is that style also leads to closer games with teams that you may be better than as well, leaving the possibility of a defeat.  I guess what i am saying is they arent normally going to run away from good teams and get a big lead.  Whereas a team that plays like we do does just that many times.  The question is of course which suits your team better and which style do you have more confidence in.  
  8. Faith Family vs Yates

    I think many of us have stated pretty much the same views over the past several years.  Even though my Tigers have been the standard the last few years, I still have fealt that overall a school such  as Silsbee having to compete with some of these big city “small” schools is not quite an equal playing field.
  9. Several of those players that didnt get much time this weekend did get good minutes in many games during the season and in good games not just lopsided ones.  Even with that though you are correct it will be a tough road to get to SA next year. You dont lose players of that caliber and who make up all your size and just jump right back to the top.
  10. Faith Family vs Yates

    Well i know a team that three years ago started 2 freshmen and came within 3 points of that state title so i think it is very possible.....
  11. Only thing I see wrong with this is that last years team wasn’t really deep either.  We only played 7 maybe 8 in those big playoff games.  This year was supposed to be a little deeper, but it didn’t materialize in Huntsville.  I felt like we would have gone at least 8 or 9 deep and possibly 1 or 2 more.  
  12. Are you forgetting Bush, he will be there before football...