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  1. My 2018 High School Football Schedule

    You can always make one of those 2 Elijahs either the Pickett House or just up the road a little farther in Colmesneil, the Texas Star.
  2. Butch to be renamed...

    I cant blame themfor changing it.  No matter what part Thomas did or didnt play in all the problems,  i wouldnt want a name that was tied to that timespan.  I also think they need a better name than the proposed one.
  3. My 2018 High School Football Schedule

    Yes it is already closed in Woodville.
  4. My 2018 High School Football Schedule

    You may want to check on The Tree, not sure if they are or will be still open in Woodville at that time.  They may be in their new location in Lumberton by then.
  5. My 2018 SETXsports District picks

    I hope my Tigers make this prediction valid.  I also hope even if it doesnt come true that it isnt like so many of these past years where there is a lot of talk and then a lopsided loss.  In all honesty we have to prove ourselves, the district belongs to WOS until we make a statement.
  6. UIL Train Horn Ban

    Every series....most of us dont want to here cherokee every series either!!
  7. UIL Train Horn Ban

    I would think so but they allow them not the others...
  8. UIL Train Horn Ban

    They dont really bother me but why are they allowed when other noise makers arent??
  9. Ok i thought you said both,  we do have one...
  10. United fartherest game is houston, i wouldnt call that very distant.....
  11. I have seen another video of this incident. It starts with the inbounds on the other end of the court.  It follows the action up the court til about mid court.  Then it moves under the other basket. After just a couple secs you heat the whistle and an ohh.  It pans back to the ref with his fists already up moving towards a player several feet away.  I would like to see what went on in those few secs. No doubt the team went way to far.  But with what I have seen it seems the ref may have some fault as well.  Unless that video was altered it was awful quick for a ref to throw up his hands.  Other circumstances may have contributed to this and the players were definitely in the wrong but the situation definitely needs a little investigation.
  12. Seems like a tough loss for BC,  they have been much imoroved the last year or two.
  13. 2017 Carthage v 2016 WOS

    If you are counting me in your 4 Silsbee fans you better subtract one, i havent picked nor will i pick a winner.
  14. 2017 Carthage v 2016 WOS

    One point here i would have to go against is the wearing down of wos defensive line.  I know Carthage had some big guys but through the years i have had the same thoughts when we have had a big size advantage on the line and at times in the playoffs.  But it never happens.  I think those guys have energizers in their pads!!
  15. Our two time defending state champion Tigers went 6-1 this weekend losing in the championship game by 1 in double overtime to a team made up of players UT is recruiting.  Great showing guys!!