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  1. Huffman has to be pretty good to be 25-5 but looking at their schedule leads me to believe that record may look better than it really is.   The best win on that schedule may be Midlothian Heritage, who lost to Argyle by 1 and that othersite lists a loss to LCM by 10 in the Fredericksburg tourney that we dont have listed here.  Huffman also has losses by 8 pts to Vidor and HJ.
  2. Former Coach teaching former player.....
  3. Also saw Huffman beat Bay City earlier in the year 82-49...
  4. Yes just saw Bay City won 75-64.
  5. I have noticed from the creek back this way its been bad for quite a while.
  6. I just spit my coke all over the windshield!!!!!
  7. Brought 2 from jv and 2 from freshman team up.
  8. I will agree he is good but I have trouble putting him ahead of any of those three Tigers.  His height is his plus over any of them.  Truthfully for me I could care less about where we think a player ranks amongst his peers.  What matters is that they rank well enough with the recruiters both on and off the court to get a chance to play at the next level and get an education.
  9. Hey Hj fans I have seen stories the last few years about a very strong player that Hj has even stories in jr high.  Who is she and is she playing now?
  10. My only concern in this one is that it doesn’t get too physical.  I can remember a Splendora team or two several years ago that was quite tough.
  11. Adams finished with 42 tonight despite being denied.......  
  12. By looking at the schedules and that Livingston win tonight, the Tigers will face Splendora next week in round one. This based on Livingston sweeping the district series between the two.