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  1. Looks like that game will be at 7:30.  Either I misread a schedule twice or the school has changed the time.
  2. Carthage Henderson scuffle

    I think they had one called back that might have been it.  Either way I didn’t see the large number of Henderson players that I read about,  it didn’t really look as bad as what I read.
  3. We have all known barring any big surprise this year that this region should come down to Silsbee and Yates and we aren’t rated 1 and 2 for nothing.  What I am trying to figure out is why a loss to a 6A North Shore has caused all this talking.  All year I have seen comments on how PA Memorial is the top team in the area or at least right there with is.  North Shore beat them by 19 the game before they beat us.  Maybe there is something I don’t know but just maybe that isn’t as bad a loss as some are trying to make it.  
  4. Carthage Henderson scuffle

    Haven’t found any but it sounded big.
  5. Carthage Henderson scuffle

    And yes I read thru the whole game and no mention of anything else.
  6. Carthage Henderson scuffle

    Ok was wandering about the leaving the “bench” part.
  7. That may be the case but I would double check.  Our schedule on the school website shows all three games but starting at 2.
  8. I am not worried about my Tigers at this point.  I know we are still looking to find out who is going to fill the roles of those graduates.  Although they all had there roles and did great at them, the one we just don’t have is someone to take Jones place size wise down low giving us that second low guy with Barnes.  Devon is probably pretty close in that size part but not sure you can put him down there all the time.   Now I hate to say it but that Dallas Lincoln team is playing a schedule that is right up there with ours, possibly even tougher.  
  9. Don’t drive up there for an evening game if you consider evening after 5,  at least by the schedule it’s at 4:30 As one of those holiday afternoon games.
  10. Was reading a thread on this game and there was a pretty big scuffle apparently on the Henderson sideline.  My question here is just a rule question, apparently A large number of the Henderson players crossed the 25 yard line leaving the team “box”and 10-15 Carthage players crossed the field into the fight area.  I am not going to make any speculations as to what happened, but should these players from both teams that left their team “box” have been ejected?  All that was done was double unsportsmanlikes were called. No ejections. Really only wanting the rule question answered, I am not going to get into a discussion on the fight didn’t see it not going to speculate but  this could have had a major impact on the rest of the playoffs.
  11. Exactly playing different styles and learning at this point...
  12. This years team may not have the same kind of depth that we had last year but still has plenty that will be used.  Once they get their basketball legs and feel you will see it.  We have a few kinks right now but they will get ironed out.  Too much trying to be read into a loss to a pretty good 6A school.