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  1. Newton moving on without WR

    Wow....did he get hurt.  Thats a big blow.
  2. Tigers in Pearland

    Definitely if he keeps his act together and finishes the season.  He will be a benefit just has to learn his role within the team.
  3. Tigers in Pearland

    Yes only playing 6 this game NS probably a few more but this is the 3rd game for both and NS second I’m a row where we had about an hour rest.  NS playing good d and moved the ball well.  Also has a good length advantage on us.
  4. Tigers in Pearland

    NS putting it on the Tigers 52-37
  5. Tigers in Pearland

    Will be North Shores second of 2 straight.
  6. Tigers in Pearland

    Will face north shore in our last game at 2.