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  1.   Here’s a great interview of Coach Sig and a testament to the program:
  2. And who were the others?  I would definitely expect 2 from Carter and probably 00!
  3. And they deserved it all played their tails off and showed the heart of champions.  You can focus on taking one maybe even two out of the game but that other one is going to get you!
  4. They ended up 61% from 3 ball land 11/18 and 58.5 overall.  We finished 56.9 overall and 47.1 in 3s(8/17). But that staggering 88% on fts!!
  5.  6 ranked teams in 7 playoff games!   Couldn’t be prouder of these young men.  All of them. But I have to give a special hats off to #3.  He mentioned it on twitter about the road he has had and I couldn’t be prouder for the way he turned it all around this year and lead his team to a state title.  Not taking away from any of the others but I couldn’t be happier than seeing him finish the season on the floor as the mvp of the title game!!  
  6. I believe it was 80-61 after putting in the last players with around a 30 pt lead.
  7. 24 players on a 1a school...did they bring all the boys in the high school??
  8. Silsbee vs Somerset

    I will not mention any players names on here.  Now toward# the end of the regular season, we had 16 varsity players.  Now if you look at the state shirts that John Kirby showed on Facebook, there is only 14 names.  The playoff shirts at the beginning had 15.   One name missing that was suspended before the playoffs and now the other last weekend.