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  1. Definitely,  Adonis won't have the footing problems that a slashing RB might experience.  Calvin adjusted to it last year and did quite well, I believe.
  2. Definitely true and I was a participant.  And Adonis deserves the recognition.
  3. Not saying it should. I said I agree but that it is a shame.  Like I said poor decision as far as location.
  4. As much as I agree, I still feel it's a shame to have such a nice field with such a bad surface as it has been.  Poor decision originally on the location.  Too bad it couldn't have been built up by the pond.
  5. Lumberton Football

    Great news.  And of course it's private, even though I know we are all curious.
  6. Lumberton Football

    Watching what was a live feed from Lumberton ledger where they backed off before life flight arrived out of respect for the situation.  Praying for all.
  7. Mike was ejected with the score still in single digits for both teams.  College Park took the lead 9-6 when he was ejected.  I was sitting at the scorers table.  Not sure what was tehe case on the first tech , heard the same thing.  But the second was BS if Michael said anything else to the ref it was well before the tech was called.  Michael was walking towards the scorers table with the ref behind him.  The ref was watching just waiting to call that second one.  Michael had his hands up in the air walking away but kept jesturing and shaking his head.  He got at least halfway back to our side before it was called.  
  8.  I Don't know yearly costs for either but I do know that the initial cost for turf is way up there.  I would love to see us have turf in Silsbee but the students education is primary and if there are not enough extra funds for turf the unfortunately we must do without.
  9. 8th Grader

    Ahh sounds like getting the offers may not be the concern.
  10. 8th Grader

    If you really read my remark the way it was intended it was directed at the other participant in this thread thinking he was in 8th I stated I don't think many offers would be coming for a 16 year old 8th grader!
  11. I doubt there will be much of a chance for that game to be scheduled due to the scheduled games being mostly if not entirely the same as last year.  Not sure of open spots but I will say this to every basketball fan in the area.  Whatever the date is, if the game is still on the schedule like I was told it will be,  you need to be in the Tiger gym on the night College Park  comes to town to see Quentin Grimes.  You definitely will not regret it.  
  12. 8th Grader

    Somehow I think those offers would be pretty limited if that was the case!
  13. 8th Grader

    16 as a 8th grader.......
  14. On receiving a scholarship to play for North Platte Community College!!
  15. All it takes is one voice.........