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  1. Yes. Play winner of LCm/png I think. 
  2. You have to keep in mind that this team has 2 returning starters from last year on a 4th place team in district. Only 4 letterman returning. One of those starters/lettermen was a Freshman last year. Young teams like this need confidence to thrive early in the year to prepare them for district. Basketball is a 60% mental game/40% talent, IMO. These kids can gain confidence by winning and that confidence can go a long ways once district begins. Had This team played in a HOUSTON tournament this year, it is likely they would have been 2 and done and depleted in confidence   If this was a team from 4-7 years ago, I would completely agree with you. If you remember those teams from 4-7years ago played a lot of Houston area teams and played in ‘Bigger’ tournaments, competed, and beat a lot of them. 
  3. End of 1st Q: nederland 15 laredo Nixon 12
  4. Dogs win 64-49 over Sheppard. Move to 10-1 4 in double figures Hefner 16 Cade Smith 15 Rayford 11 Blaine Burnett 11 Play Laredo Nixon at 6
  5. Championship Game: Final  Lufkin 44 Nederland 49 #bulldogclassic
  6. Championship Game: End of 3rd Q Lufkin 28 Nederland 37 #bulldogclassic
  7. Final: LA Christian 45 Nederland 56 Hefner with 28, but we will wait for Soulja to give his official opinion about this kid once we play Central or Ozen! 
  8. End of 3rd Q: LA Christian 37 Nederland 44
  9. Half: LA Christian 23 nederland 21
  10. Whoa! This conversation is waaaaay off topic, but I digress.