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  1. On Monday morning of this week, Texas A&M made an offer to Nederland Sophomore Hayden Hefner. This is Hefner's 5th offer, others include: Incarnate Word Lamar University University of Houston Oklahoma University Texas A&M University   I know his family well, and I have no doubt that he will continue to work hard and improve over the next 3 years! Congrats young man...    
  2. Former Ozen star transfers to Lamar

    Too bad he and Weisbrod won't play together. That could have been special. 
  3. This game is also for seniors only, correct?
  4. I wouldn't blame him if/when he leaves. He isn't being appreciated by NISD, IMO. However, I've heard nothing about him leaving yet...
  5. Congrats to Nederland PG Darrell Jones on committing to John Brown University. With Zach English graduating this year, JBU signs another Nederland Grad!!
  6. Watched a clip of PAMs last play of the game as the shot hit the front of the rim. Hard way to lose a game for sure. Was hoping someone from 22-5A would reach the regional tourney. This is the 1st year in a long time that we didn't have a team in the regional tourney (from our district).
  7. I agree with both. 
  8. I don't believe that It's not as 'off topic' as you claim. I read numerous posts in this thread stating that it would be good for coach E to 'get a bump' (in pay) as he 'deserves' if Monte gets both titles. I think the remarks were to the effect of him having a master's degree. Not sure how much (if any) he receives for that accomplishment, but a reason to obtain such a degree (in education) is in hopes of an administrative type job. The AD is a type of admin job, especially based on the pay scale. A reliable source tells me he's not receiving $7.5k/year as a stipend. That same source also confirmed that he IS the lowest paid coach in 22-5A for certain. I'm being vocal about this bc I want coach E to stick around a bit longer for my youngest boy. I want him to have the same opportunities as did my oldest son. 
  9. I know it's true amongst 6A/5A/4A coaches, just didn't know/think it could be true for ALL classes. Either way, he deserves more, IMO.
  10. Gotcha. I heard chatter that English is the lowest paid basketball coach in the area (regardless of classification). If true, that's a shame...My kid went through the bball program a few years back, and I know that Coach E. puts in more time with his kids than any bball coach in the area. Too bad there isn't more of a direct correlation with time/pay.
  11. Congrats to Monte. Well deserved after waiting 20 some odd years for his turn at the helm. No doubt he was the best choice for the job. I read a lot of people hoping for this outcome as well as a bump for coach English. Does anyone know if this was addressed?
  12. Didn't know we had any 'haters' amongst our crowd. But congrats and good luck the rest of the way.