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  1. HD Bobcats 2019

    Anymore horsemen coming through the ranks of Hd
  2. 11 4A DISTRICT

    I don’t think the majority of setx develops QBs. But I agree in the fact that a change needs to happen. Different offenses at the same school is a recipe for disaster. 
  3. Beaumont United...

    I'm on your side man.  I know there is talent in United.  I think with the right person as the leader they could do some damage, but without him being able to bring guys with him and hire people that agree with his philosophies and work ethics, United will perpetually be worse than Westbrook and struggle week to week.  That is what plagues many schools not only in our area, but all over the state. There was interest by big names, but there was no compromise with the district.  BISD knew who they wanted at the helm.  Just like small schools, the "good ole boy" system can be in big schools.  Until some feathers are ruffled, it will be the same old same old. Who do you see, local or not, that can help turn the program around?
  4. Beaumont United...

    this one?
  5. Beaumont United...

    Why wouldn’t a 6a school take advantage of spring ball?

    You are right.  My bad.  

    I was referring to baseball season.  Understand the comment before you try and say something smart.

    Congrats to Coach Bennett. They did him dirty at Kville. Looking to see what he can do at Anahuac. I’m sure the Anahuac Kirbyville week will be hyped at both places. 
  9. Not many good young coaches  will want to teach and be AD for pennies and high fives. 
  10. Beaumont United...

    I agree. Bring in a guy who has some experience at a winning program, who can bring in guys who can help make a change. Easier said than done, but there has to be someone out there who can take them to the next level. 
  11. Beaumont United...

    Ozen 2.0. Even if they allow him to hire people, he will be the one to conduct interviews. Will people want to work in Beaumont isd?
  12. West Hardin

    That is true.  There is a likelihood that they have a working spouse.  But, trying to get good coaches in West Hardin is going to be tough, when you can only offer 40k for a 10 year vet.  What things can an AD say to persuade someone with genuine experience to go there and work?  
  13. West Hardin

    How do they keep teachers with those salaries?
  14. West Hardin

    Will he be able to win with the Larry’s and Joes in wh?
  15. West Hardin

    What type of offense is dude bringing with him? Will he be able to bring anyone with him? If he is only head coach not AD.