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  1. Coach Calvert is the best thing that came through west hardin in a long while. He gets those kids going. 
  2. Possible QB for Silsbee next year

    Dunno. Wondering if they will run the same offense or something else. If no qb and new OC, will they make a big change?
  3. Trinity is Open

    I'll say maybe Crockett. That's the game for the fourth place spot. Coldspring has been a 30 point deficit the last two years. CS has that RB coming back. Who does Trinity have to help counter that?

    Any news on this one?
  5. Possible QB for Silsbee next year

    What kind of influence will the new OC have on them? Can he help develop a QB or what?
  6. Trinity is Open

    Coldspring Diboll Franklin Crockett Trinity Elkhart Westwood Its going to be tough to get in with that district.  Who do you have them beating to get 2 or even 3?
  7. Kirbyville Applicants list

    How are the underlevels at kirbyville? Jv and junior high? How'd they do? Are there some jerrys and joes that could help with the X's and O's or is the well dry? The culture was there years back with Alvarez and Neece. Who can bring it back?
  8. Tenaha v Colmesneil

    The only time I can really remember around here that this was close to the case was in '14 when Buna, EC, and Kirbyville were all 6-1 in district. I had to look up that kountze was fourth and they got destroyed. This doesn't happen often, since there's only been 2 examples thrown around. 
  9. Warren 46 Kountze 13/FINAL

    I was referring to people making excuses for kountze. 
  10. East Chambers 27 Anahuac 10/FINAL

    Congrats to EC. Good luck in the playoffs. Buna will be a good game. 
  11. West Orange-Stark vs. Brookshire Royal

    As I'm sure you know, there are a few ways of doing it to make it better and more competitive. 4 or 5 team districts need to be gone, otherwise games like Tatum/Huntington will be a battle for playoffs winning one district game. When money is in question, weird decisions will be made. 
  12. HD vs. Timpson

    At least...
  13. Warren 46 Kountze 13/FINAL

    Haters gonna hate. Warren scores 46 and holds Kountze to two scores. That's a heck of a night and one to remember for Warren. You're right about the weight room. Maybe they'll see some gains and carry it to next year. Time will tell. Very tough district. 
  14. SA by however much they want.
  15. 21-5a vs. 22-5a

    Png vs Crosby will be a good one. I think PNG pulls it out in the end.