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  1. Evadale 20 Deweyville 12/FINAL

    Called it  Evadale with the great game. 
  2. Top Jobs in SETX (10 years)

    You can get whoever you want in there but unless he can bring in people to help, it’ll be the same thing over and over again. One guy can only do so much. Those successful guys have coaches that help him establish their programs. 
  3. What do they run on offense? Sounds like a whole lot of everything but not very successful at it. 
  4. Lumberton @ Concordia Lutheran

    There were 19 seniors last year. There are 14 this year. According to max preps. 
  5. Lumberton @ Concordia Lutheran

    I’m going with Concordia Lutheran on this one. Basing that decision off last years scores on max preps. Played St. Pius X to an 11 point game 53-42. That St Pius team beat College Station by 17. I know it was last years team but it’s something to go off of. 
  6. River Bowl Deweyville hosting Evadale...thoughts?

    Kountze won one game last year. Got waxed by Warren the last game and last year they had better backs. The running back for evadale would play at silsbee and start at lumberton. No one on the previous three teams have been close to that. Up a division doesn’t matter. What does matter is that deweyville knows they can compete and be in this game. They are tough kids. That goes a long way in small school ball. Matter of least mistakes and who has the ball last. 
  7. Silsbee vs Bridge City

    I’m going to agree on that score or something relatively close. BC has scored 27 points on the season and 13 came from the anahuac game. I don’t see them putting up much against a highly skilled Silsbee team that is looking for its first win after going through the gauntlet of PNG, Newton, and Nederland. 
  8. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    This will be a close game determined by the special teams. Those PATs/2pts will matter this game. 
  9. River Bowl Deweyville hosting Evadale...thoughts?

    I wouldn’t say a win over kountze is a big one although it is a win. If Deweyville can contain evadales running back they will win. He’s a tough kid who could play anywhere around Setx. It will be a close game like last year. Evadale spreading it out while the pirates ground and pound it. 
  10. River Bowl Deweyville hosting Evadale...thoughts?

    Wasn't he an OC somewhere last year?
  11. Lumberton 54 Houston Furr 23/FINAL

    Who is playing QB this week for the Raiders?  Didn't he get hurt against Kirbyville?
  12. River Bowl Deweyville hosting Evadale...thoughts?

    It'll be hard for the Pirates to stop that running back of Evadale.  Who are the DC's at each place nowadays?  Only hope for the pirates is that slot-t is hard to defend sometimes.  Evadale has done it before though.
  13. Corrigan-Camden 21 Kirbyville 14/FINAL

    I guess they only wanted to win by 7.
  14. Corrigan-Camden 21 Kirbyville 14/FINAL

    Corrigan by however much they want.
  15. Rice Bowl 2018 (EC Homecoming)

    What does HF have that will allow them to win this game?  I think there is too much firepower on EC.