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  1. Kountze

    Another question- will the new coach be able to hire assistants that know football too. Not saying that Kountze coaches don’t, but I figured they’d at least wanna bring in a coordinator for at least one side of the ball. 
  2. Kountze

    Scored 24 points in district play and 76 for the year. 11 wins the past 5 years. 2014= 4-7 2015=2-8 2016=3-7 2017=1-7 2018=1-9 I agree that it is best to have a guy come in to lead the team.  But if I were a betting man, itll take more than a fresh face to turn it around anytime soon.  I think the talent level has gone down altogether in Kountze.  They had a couple athletic kids play football recently, but it's hard to turn the corner.  I wish them luck.  Would like to see another successful SETX team.
  3. Grandview 42 Woodville 14/FINAL

    Truth. I concur. 
  4. Grandview 42 Woodville 14/FINAL

    The Coach has brought 30 wins in the last 3 years. That’s more than previous 6 years. Yes the passing game needs to be better, or even existent. No team will win it all running the ball every play. What do you do though? It’s what they run and feel comfortable doing. Throwing the ball is uncomfortable to a lot of smalls schools in setx. 
  5. FYI from ol Soulja....

    Who’s the OC and dc at United?
  6. Buna 28 Kirbyville 7/FINAL

    Isn’t hardin losing their rb?
  7. Buna 28 Kirbyville 7/FINAL

    Not sleeping on them. I don’t think that they’ll compete for the title next year. They’ll compete for the 3rd/4th spot at best. I just don’t see them beating woodville and Ec. Buna, clearly was a competitive game. So there’s no sleeping on the them. They have some cats who can play. 

    That’s pretty impressive!
  9. Buna 28 Kirbyville 7/FINAL

    I wouldn’t go that far. Maybe playoffs at best. 

    How can you get shut out?
  11. 11/8 Sub-Varsity Results

    That’s pretty impressive. 
  12. East Chambers 62 Warren 0/FINAL

    62-0. How do you get a program like this to turn around?
  13. East Chambers 62 Warren 0/FINAL

    Holy cow. 9 plays
  14. Buna 70 Hardin 14/FINAL

    The regular season does mean something.  To the top teams in the district, its a fight for a higher seed for to go further in the playoffs.  For the lesser teams, it is a chance to do something as a building block for the future.  It may be lackluster to make the 4th place spot, but some 3rd and 4th place teams to win, because they are in a tough district. Also, youre telling me that if Warren made the 4th place spot you wouldn't be excited, or it'd just be whatever because 4 teams go and it's not a big deal?
  15. Buna 70 Hardin 14/FINAL