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  1. In class 2a San Augustine is loaded. All 11 back on offense 8 on defense. Back to back region 3 champs imo will make it 3 years in a row this season. 
  2. San Augustine 46 Jewitt Leon 8/FINAL

    SA up 24 to 8. Half  
  3. San Augustine 51 Hull-Daisetta 14/FINAL

    SA is huge on the lines. Very young at the skill positions.  Very athletic  and have a rb that is quick. Played a tough nondistrict schedule.
  4. Wolves are young but still imo the team to beat in class 2a div 1 region3. Way to open a new year with a sophomore qb. 
  5. Thursday Night Varsity Scoreboard

    San Augustine 22 big sandy 6 late 3rd qt
  6. We will see how good Broaddus is in the playoffs vs shelbyville SA or Teneha. That district is loaded. Still think. SA and Teneha will be in regionals. People forget they have only been on the court for a lil over two weeks 
  7. This is SA first real game. Not to bad against a team that's been practicing for a while. They will be tough in the playoffs 
  8. And imo both will be in reg 3 finals. Teneha and SA are loaded 
  9. Well Broaddus better get ready the best team in SA county is back after a darn good football season fully expectSA vs Teneha for reg3 final
  10. Refugio 63 San Augustine 21/FINAL

    SA has had a great season. Just ran into a darn good team that has made no mistakes 
  11. Refugio 63 San Augustine 21/FINAL

    Let's go SA. No matter what y'all had a darn good season. 
  12. San Augustine 50 Centerville 14/FINAL

    Final 50-14 SA congrats SA. Show them teams how southeast Texas plays ball
  13. San Augustine 58 Price Carlisle 27/FINAL

    SA with the win 58-27. Congrats SA 
  14. San Augustine 58 Price Carlisle 27/FINAL

    SA with  99 yd td pass wow after a goaline stand at the one 
  15. San Augustine 58 Price Carlisle 27/FINAL

    SA 45-20 10 min left in game