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  1. Refugio 63 San Augustine 21/FINAL

    SA has had a great season. Just ran into a darn good team that has made no mistakes 
  2. Refugio 63 San Augustine 21/FINAL

    Let's go SA. No matter what y'all had a darn good season. 
  3. San Augustine 50 Centerville 14/FINAL

    Final 50-14 SA congrats SA. Show them teams how southeast Texas plays ball
  4. San Augustine 58 Price Carlisle 27/FINAL

    SA with the win 58-27. Congrats SA 
  5. San Augustine 58 Price Carlisle 27/FINAL

    SA with  99 yd td pass wow after a goaline stand at the one 
  6. San Augustine 58 Price Carlisle 27/FINAL

    SA 45-20 10 min left in game 
  7. Price Carlisle 41 Kerens 31/FINAL

    SA will be ready .rematch four games in the last year 
  8. Garrison 40 Clifton 21/FINAL

    Good job  dogs. San Augustine shut them out 28-0 earlier so both teams must have hit their strides. 

    Carthage would beat  Wos. And the last three years. They are by far the best in all of 4a
  10. San Augustine 55 Deweyville 6/FINAL

    14-0 SA start of 2nd qt
  11. Yes just confirmed. It's at the Butch. Look forward to it. Lots of history at that stadium 
  12. Its the new stadium is all I know. I think it's beside the Ford Center . I'm old lol been awhile since I have seen a game that way. Last game I saw was PA Thomas Jefferson at home. 
  13. Heard the Pirates won the coin flip 
  14. The Wolves and the Pirates use to be in the same district . Don't know much about them this year . SA has the best team I've seen from them since the state title team in 2003. If they stay healthy I think they represent region 3 in the state semis.