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  1. you people kill me lol, If RJ played for your team you wouldn't be talking about him doubting him yada yada yada. I have to agree He does more with less as so stated, imagine what he could do if he had a defense that went out there and forced 3 and outs every time they went on the field. Comparing stats of Heard to RJ isn't fair to say the least. You put RJ on the same teams with the same talent and im sure his numbers would be staggering. I'm glad the kid doesn't have to prove himself to all of you he prob would be on the bench with the way some of you talk him down. He is a special talent and a joy to watch. I am glad we had the pleasure to watch him play. What ever he does after his high school career im sure he will succeed. If it doesn't work at QB which I don't think will be a problem then whether it be wide receiver or defensive back , doesn't matter he's getting to live his dream and get a education playing at the collegiate level.
  2. different coach, don't see that happening. I really cant speak on what position he will play, but he will get an education and will be successful at whatever position he plays! I would love to see him on the defense, on special teams returning punts of kickoffs, kid has mad running skills is elusive and has great natural instinct! Truly blessed to have this kid playing at Port Neches, just a  shame he doesn't go both ways and is under utilized for all of his potential!
  3. James M I owe you lunch or dinner at Wheel house when you are ready. Hollar at me and let me know! Time to pay up on our bet lol!
  4. PNGs QB will be RJ. He will graduate from PNG. If he did go to another school im sure it would be WOS, he couldn't play for no one else in Our 5A district it would have to be a different classification if im not mistaken. The reason this rumor is started is because PNG has never had a College QB that was highly recruited like RJ has with the exception of Dustin Long, not sure how many offers he had been too long for my memory. yall just need to talk about someone else and not worry about what RJ will be doing in College Ball, whatever he does he will be successful at what ever he does and I don't believe for one second that he will be a wide receiver and not a qb. SMH you people are something else.
  5. Super Gold Football Awards

    so who was offensive player of the year? link wasn't open to see who it was?
  6. Manvel vs Angleton

    Should be worth the price of admission, Could go either way. I would say im going with Manvel but it wouldn't surprise me if Angelton pulled it out, they seem to be rolling and plowing over everyone they play.
  7. congrats to all the teams that made it to the third round, huge props going out to WOS and Newton as they continue their quest to Jerry world, always amazes me how these teams just reload year after year and get it done, Big Kudos bring it home boys!!!!!!
  8. You can go back and compare those teams in past to present, I think it comes down to the athletes and the general aspect of how coaching has changed over the years, I think the offenses have come along ways and the defenses have more or less dropped off. When you think about the 89 team Statt you are pushed to say that they are better because it was our friends and buddies out there getting it done, But the offense and the defense had special players on it some going both ways. With us being in high school back then it is just stuck in our memory banks because it was so much fun. One thing is for sure PNG football has always been there for us thru the good and the bad.
  9. Cappadana  was one of those bench players that had you scratching your head, Why that kid wasn't a starter still boggles my mind.
  10. PN-G vs College Station

    too much RJ we need more team effort lol
  11. Temple vs PAM... the revenge

    I don't know about all that Manvel isn't no punk lol
  12. Temple vs PAM... the revenge

    winner of this game gets Manvel I think
  13. Carthage 64 Silsbee 36/FINAL

    Good luck to the Tigers, Bring home the W!!
  14. good luck WOS, this should be one hell of a game!!! Bring home the W!!!!!
  15. My apologies!

    no apologies need Grad, you have your hands full and do a great job!!!!!
  16. Temple vs PAM... the revenge

    Game day PAM bring home a win!!!!!
  17. PN-G vs College Station

    I don't disagree at all but I think both teams will put up points. Cant wait to watch it!!
  18. PN-G vs College Station

    good question, I haven't heard anything at all, I think backup will get better, believe this weeks practice and coaches on his back will get him straight!!!
  19. Bad news!

    Prayers his way!!!!
  20. Well last week didn't work the clock like he shoulda and we didn't play starters both ways, well last night he worked the last possession clock to the tee, and amazingly Superman Shug played CB and made the last tackle to preserve the win. Sure wish Faircloth had made these decisions last week might have been a different outcome. Clock management on a last drive is so critical and I thought he mastered it last night. Awesome to see Shug out there on defense on last possession for Crosby, this will be a must to move on.
  21. did he learn from last weeks lost??

    well im pretty sure he has his hear set on Texas really don't see him changing his mind. I hear they have a stud QB already coming in after the Christmas holidays, any info on him, I don't follow Texas so I have no idea about him just that he is a baller!
  22. did he learn from last weeks lost??

    I thought I told you that you were full of hot air, never Knew you for a tuba blower, how did band life treat you lol?