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  1. Jasper Tournament/Post updates here!

    Kirbyville vs Porter score?
  2. New AD Jones takes over HC @ Kirbyville

    Does that mean your -20 on the IQ chart now
  3. Worst facilities in the area?

    Corruption? They don’t renew a lot of people’s contract and you just happen to be one of them. Happens all the time , explains why you troll and hate on Kirbyville so much. 
  4. Worst facilities in the area?

    Sounds like someone is bitter with the school board ? Sounds like you used to work for Kirbyville? Within a hop, step and a jump from the high school I presume. So tell us how is Buna treating you down there? 
  5. Worst facilities in the area?

    We will see 
  6. Worst facilities in the area?

    Buna is horrible  Newton is awful Warren is horrible   
  7. Kirbyville Applicants list

  8. Kirbyville Applicants list

  9. Kirbyville Applicants list

    Yes last year. 
  10. Kirbyville Applicants list

    Pressure him? He resigned the day Wallis took office. Couldn’t have been to much pressure 
  11. Kirbyville Applicants list

    You don’t know a whole lot about football to make that comment. Do your homework before you spout off at the mouth
  12. Kirbyville Applicants list

    They got who they want so why interview ?
  13. Kirbyville Applicants list

    Rod Blount is at or was at Mathis , Bass is at PNG and Jones at WOS.  
  14. My schedule for this week, Feb. 6-9

    Hardin has a 2 game lead on Kirbyville with 2 too go how will this go if Kirbyville wins Friday 
  15. East Chambers 88 Kountze 49/FINAL

    I’ve seen both teams this year and EC by far is the most talented team. Kountze is not the same ole team I’m accustomed too