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  1. Hardin at Kirbyville/Post updates here!

    Kirbyville wins by 1. 
  2. Nederland vs PNG?

    How is the PNG JV?
  3. THSB Rankings - March 26

    Class 3a 2 Central Heights  16 Kirbyville  20 Hardin
  4. Evadale vs Central Heights

    Did Rodriguez pitch ? Kind of odd playing a Saturday game vs a non district opponent
  5. No lights at H-J

    We played HJ JV in Orangefield tournament and they have a very good team. Most of our JV team are freshmen and we have 2 JV teams at that. 
  6. Hardin 3 Kirbyville 2/FINAL

    Hardin 3 Kirbyville 2 Final
  7. No lights at H-J

    Back when we played there in the early 90’s they didn’t have lights either. Started all their home games around 4pm 
  8. Jasper Tournament/Post updates here!

    Yes an A & M commit to play shortstop, but I’m guessing he may be on the bump also
  9. Jasper Tournament/Post updates here!

    Didn’t Central Heights no hit you and strike out 19
  10. Jasper Tournament/Post updates here!

  11. Lipan 77 Leggett 41/FINAL

    Lipan is for real beat Kountze, Nacogdoches Central Heights and Thorndale this year
  12. UIL State Tournament Brackets

    Lipan is really good to be 1a beating Thorndale, Nacogdoches Central Heights and Kountze 
  13. Kirbyville 8 Lufkin Hudson 4/FINAL

    Kirbyville 8 Hudson 4 Final
  14. Evadale Tourney

    Kirbyville vs Big Sandy score
  15. Evadale Tourney