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  1. Cutoff Numbers

    Kirbyville  Buna Orangefield warren Hardin   anahuac Ec hempstead hitchcock colombus   woodville diboll crickett trinity coldspring
  2. Cutoff Numbers

    Buna Orangefield Warren Kirbyville ??   Anahuac  EC Hardin ?? ??? likely region 4    Crockett Woodville Coldspring Trinity Diboll
  3. Congratulations Buna Cougars

    Not salty just don’t like one person that trolls Kirbyville and talks smack only about us. 
  4. Congratulations Buna Cougars

    Check your facts and I’d worry about my aggies before I go worrying about the Wildcats. I guess I could have said wait until next football season. 
  5. Congratulations Buna Cougars

    The only reason I respond to you is because you have did nothing but kick and make wise ass cracks about Kirbyville. Let’s not hide behind our Port Arthur IP address. Your a fair weather fan of whose ever playing Kirbyville. When ever Buna makes it to 2 straight state championship games then you can talk smack about how good they are, until then enjoy going 2-3 deep and starting basketball the Monday after thanksgiving every year    
  6. Congratulations Buna Cougars

    Buna was in whether win or lose. That’s probably Buna’s only win in the last 15 years on Kirbyvilles home field. See you on the diamond sport. 
  7. Tenaha v Colmesneil

    Well when the UIL says 4 teams from each district goes to the playoffs you get matchups like this. Probably will go to 6 from each district before it’s all said and done. 
  8. 11-3A-I vs 12-3A-I

    I do like Buna over EC. 
  9. 11-3A-I vs 12-3A-I

  10. 11-3A-I vs 12-3A-I

    District 11 wins 3 of 4 imo. 
  11. Kirbyville Trivia Time

    No that is the HC, OC and DC at merryville
  12. Kirbyville Trivia Time

    Should win Friday night 
  13. Kirbyville Trivia Time

    Should win Friday night 
  14. Kirbyville Trivia Time

    What’s the question 
  15. Kirbyville Trivia Time

    Slot T/ Wing T  jones brister ford