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  1. Bells QB sets state record

    No outrage here just my opinion I could care less if you won 2-0 or 100-0. There are ways to prevent being blown out and yes defense is one of them. I remember beating Newton in 09 or 10 41-6 or 7 and the dogs were called off after the 1st quarter it could have been 100-6 or 7
  2. Bells QB sets state record

    Bells HS Quarterback Bryan Ponder throws for 11touchdowns breaking old record of 10 held by 3 people 
  3. EC vs Hardin

    Come on now your saying Hardin is better than Kirbyville? First of all we were still running the triple option that game 
  4. District 11-3A 2017

    Woodville  Coldspring Kirbyville Buna
  5. Realignment

    Snapshot is on or around the 27th I hear. Is this for all schools?
  6. EC vs Hardin

    Ok 35+
  7. EC vs Hardin

    EC by 40+
  8. Newton 71 Crockett 8/FINAL

    Yea being in the same district I hope not. 
  9. Kirbyville @ Coldspring

    Why would I predict them to lose every game? As a fan I’m sure most of us on here pick and root for our favorite team. The comment about the last win this season your wrong there Cats win the next 3. Write that down troll. 
  10. Newton 71 Crockett 8/FINAL

    I’m sure there were some slow offensive lineman who would have loved to run the ball. I mean put your 11 slowest out there. 
  11. Realignment

    Beaumont is also the 2nd most dangerous city in the state. Everyone is moving off
  12. Newton 71 Crockett 8/FINAL

    Jack and Neece have always pulled the dogs off and the clock has been ran no matter what, before the UIL implemented the new rule. I can remember punting on 2nd down numerous times 
  13. Newton 71 Crockett 8/FINAL

    Why was it dumb under the new UIL rules if a team is up by 49 or more points after half a running clock is suppose to happen if both coaches agree upon it. It’s hard for me to believe that Crockett did not want this. There are other ways to not run up the score also. Kicking or attempting to kick a FG on 1st down is pretty much a slap in the face of the other team. 
  14. Newton 71 Crockett 8/FINAL

    Class act in my book 
  15. Newton 71 Crockett 8/FINAL

    I don’t see what you gain beating someone this bad. Guess they don’t remember the 82-6 beating Sealy put on them.