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  1. Anahuac's New Stadium

    According to what I read in " The Vindicator " was suppose to be ready for 2017 season. Of course you got to factor in weather and other delays.  Just like when Jasper built there new facility it opened a lot later than expected because of bleacher issues.  
  2. Deweyville Scrimmage Friday

    Yea I meant Buna 
  3. Deweyville Scrimmage Friday

    Bridge City scrimmages Buna
  4. Assessments after day 1 of Pads

    Yes it's in bridge city. 
  5. Assessments after day 1 of Pads

    Kirbyville is running an entirely new offense and defense. It was a very controlled first day in pads. Scrimmage vs Center this Friday at home should get a better assessment, but from what I saw I hate to say it but it's going to be a long year I'm afraid. 
  6. Turf in Cleveland

    Seems like they would want nice facilities, being centrally located could draw lots of playoff games bringing money to local businesses 
  7. Turf in Cleveland

    Saw them working on it a week or so ago. To be going to 5a they have got to have the worst facilities. The school itself looks really nice from the outside. The baseball field looks like a 2a facility 
  8. 2017 District 11-3A D1 Preview

    Of coarse these are all just assumptions on how the district will unfold. Not too many of us know a whole heck of a lot about other towns and teams. Most of this is based on what they did last year and who all graduated. Who knows maybe  Warren had 6 D1 athletes move in over the summer nobody really knows. It's a crap shoot based on last years performance and who all is coming back. I would never base it on " kirbyville was hit hard by graduation as was Trinity". Doesn't Katy get hit hard by graduation every year but they are always in the mix by seasons end. I will say Woodville is the favorite for this year but don't sleep on Trinity or Kountze this year. They have got some talent coming up. As far as Coldsprings they are a 4a school playing in a 3a district so they will compete well. Buna is always scrappy but their offense is a ball control, clock eater. Get them down by a couple scores and it takes them out of their element. Warren let's just say would be lots better off in a 2a district where they could compete better. Kirbyville I think will struggle this year because they are so far behind with a new hire and new offense and defense. Yea we may be the laughing stock this year but I wouldn't laugh too hard or too long because my wildcats will be back on top of that mountain before you know it. Maybe not next year or the next but their time is near. The cream always rises to the top. 
  9. 2017 District 11-3A D1 Preview

    I think the last thing Kirbyville is worried about now is ring sizes. The way it looks with all these lawyer fees and lawsuits we may have to drop athletics 
  10. 2017 District 11-3A D1 Preview

    Woodville  coldspring buna trinity kountze kirbyville warren
  11. Predict Your Teams Record For 2017

    I wanted to say 2-8. 
  12. Predict Your Teams Record For 2017

    Kirbyville's Mighty Wildcats 3-7 ( if we are lucky)
  13. Kirbyville prayers

    He won't do it on his own. The school board will need to do it. I don't see them doing anything at all about him
  14. I'm thinking Lufkin 
  15. Good win cats one game at a time. Next week vs #1 Nac Central Heights if they win one of 2 today. They have a stud pitcher in Grayson Rodriguez Junior Rt hander Texas A and M signee . Threw a no hitter against Franklin on Thursday night. Velocity in lower to mid 90's. Maybe we will have a 3 gamer and not a 1 gamer. I say save Burchett for game 2 and take your chances like that.