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  1. OK that is ok to say, but what has been done SINCE is departure? One state appearance, right, no more titles and declining. Can we agree on that?
  2. OK Understood. If you were a betting man, would SMART money be to put it on the guy who HAS WON at a new school already and built the program from the ground?
  3. Not real sure why your love is so deep for Thomas and Paul, but WHAT HAVE THEY DONE? won a few games? That's terrific. So you mean to tell me you call someone saying that they will not and should not get the United job a slap in the face? If Boutte decides he wants that job, it will be his. PERIOD. You are being ridiculous to even THINK those two guys should be named the coach just because you are "cool" with them or because they have done a decent job in the start of their careers.  
  4. ABSOLUTELY! These guys have extensive resumes, and are great people as well. Sutherland can be mentioned WITH these guys, but the "GOAT"? NO.
  5. The "GOAT"? Wow you guys must have forgotten about the gentleman that is currently guiding Beaumont Westbrook to its best record and district finish since 1995, and has won state titles at two different schools as well. Come on now, the "GOAT"? That's just disrespectful.  Sutherland is one of he best the area has seen, and I respect what he has been able to do, but Coach Boutte has just shown us all once and for all that he is pretty darn great in his own right. And the season is not over yet.  What if he is able to make state title run at WB? Would you guys give him his credit at that point? 
  6. Going "young" is DEFINITELY not the answer for this job. How about they go QUALIFIED AND PROVEN. What is wrong with that choice?
  7. I know them MUCH better than you may realize. Let's just wait and see what happens. Hint: if either of them were going to be seriously considered for this spot, it would have been announced and closed at this point. Just wait, you will see. Boutte HAS been officially approached about the situation and has indicated that he is making no decisions until this season ends. They are both good guys, and are doing a good job in their respected positions, and I wish nothing but the best for them both and they both know that.
  8. Not knocking them at all...Boutte didn't start off at PA Lincoln, he started off at Kountze...So did Green as a head coach. See a pattern here?  You don't gain experience at jobs that you are not ready for. Note I did NOT say jobs that they 'cannot HANDLE'....I said NOT READY FOR. Dues are underrated, but certain jobs will require a certain type of savvy in coaching AND off court management that some guys are just not ready for...Not a knock, just facts.
  9. Simple. Track record. Either of those guys would be capable of taking over that basketball job, however, if the BISD AD wants RESULTS, the guys that I named have a PROVEN TRACK RECORD OF RESULTS.
  10. If either of those guys were to be considered, that job would not be open to outside applicants.  The new Beaumont jobs are not for inexperienced head coaches in basketball or football.  While they are both decent coaches in their own right, I just don't think they are the right choice for a consolidated job between the two schools. It will take a coach that BOTH groups of kids will respect and follow.  David Green, Andre Boutte, Todd Sutherland, Duane Joubert, Joe Sigler, are the names that come to mind from the area in basketball.  Football will definitely have to go outside, but that's another discussion.
  11. I have very good information that Andre Boutte will be given the first shot at the new school for basketball and they are targeting one of the West Orange Stark coaches for football, but I'm not sure which one, but it's one of the coordinators, I THINK. If Boutte decides to stay at Westbrook, they WILL go outside for this hire. David Green, from my understanding, is not interested if Boutte turns it down. It should be an interesting few weeks when basketball season concludes in March. 
  12. Former Ozen star transfers to Lamar

    Why Lamar? Just wondering. Other than it being home for him, it is basically a downgrade for him going from the WAC to the Southland. Plus sitting out a year can be tough, as far as staying focused academically.  I don't get this one. Good luck to him and his family.
  13. Let's not get besides ourselves here. Silsbee is talented and should do great in 4A, but they would be terribly over matched against Cy-Falls. It would not be a close game if they played.
  14. Saveat Out at Ozen.

    Why we're parents mad at Coach Boutte and Coach Paul?
  15. Cleveland USED to be a very attractive job for coaches. What's gone wrong there?