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  1. Going to be a good early season test for both teams, in my opinion. Anyone know how many players Nederland still has playing football? I'm looking forward to seeing how far Hefner has progressed over the summer.  I think this will be a single digit margin of victory for either team with it coming down to who executes in the 4th quarter.  Oh yeah and LC-M can't get off to a slow start like they do sometimes. It seems Jeffcoat works some magic at halftime, as the 3rd quarter tends to be their most sound played.
  2. Brown looked strong beings he came straight off the football field from Thursday Night. Monday night in the Dawg Dome will be a huge test for the Bears who lost to Nederland last year in the Bear Cave. If anyone has a chance to make it over to Nederland Monday night I think the Brown vs Hefner matchup will be worth the price of admission! 
  3. You're right, Hunter Gonzalez was the PG and a QB on the football team. He's 24 now, so that would have been about 6 years ago
  4. In 1999, they won District with Marcus Campbell as a Post and the PG you may be thinking of was Jon Jenkins (JJ), neither was QB though. So we may not be thinking of the same season. They actually beat Lincoln that season in the Bear Cave. If anyone can correct me on that, please help me out. Marcus was a solid big man, he went on to play for Lamar.
  5. Yes, for atleast one more week
  6. Tuesday Night (11/14) is the official opening of the beautiful new Hargrove Pavilion on the Little Cypress Mauriceville campus. The Bears who are ranked 19th in the Preseason Poll in 4A host the PN-G Indians at 7:30PM. Coach Jeffcoat is in just his 2nd season after winning 24 games last season, has brought back an excitement to the LC-M Community that has not been seen in almost 20 years! Anyone care to predict an outcome of this game?
  7. Ayson Simmons played fantastic, I think he had close to 30 points! Great win by LC-M. Congrats to Coach Jeffcoat on his first playoff victory! 
  8. I hit it right on the money! 50 pt victory
  9. Im not gonna be kind, I'm gonna keep it honest in here......Silsbee by 50!
  10. I will take Silsbee minus the 40 points. Senior Night for them and I think they try and prove a point they can dominate without Devon. Silsbee by 65 is my prediction.
  11. Looking for Little Dribbler Tournament

    We are registering for that one. Thanks for the help!
  12. Looking for Little Dribbler Tournament

    9-10 Boys 9-10 Girls 11-12 Boys 11-12 Girls