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  1. Hummmmmmmmmmmm!
  2. Bad part about this is he has ZERO jurisdiction!  From the article: " If there’s one thing Special Counsel Robert Mueller is exceedingly good at it is indicting Russians over whom he has zero jurisdiction. Mueller had previously indicted 13 Russian individuals and companies, and Friday he added 12 more to the list. It’s a neat little trick – bring charges against people you’ll never get in court, therefore you’ll never have to prove them. This allows Mueller and his team to say they’re “doing something,” that the American people are getting something for the millions his investigation has cost us, while not having to actually prove anything."
  3. Checkmate For Trump!
  4. Go fo rit.  Just as long as there is not any Federal money involved.  This program will eventually run dry.  Again -- go for it!
  5. Just For You Big Girl

    Calling BigGirl, Calling BigGirl -- where are you?!
  6. God Bless The American Education System!

    Before jimma carter created the Federal Education Dept, The U.S. was 2nd in educational outcome in the world.  Since that creation to now we are 17th in educational outcome.  A 38 year educational decline since the feds got involved.  Need anymore reason to get rid of it??!!
  7. I heard the other day that President Trump is thinking about telling anyone that comes into America illegally will NEVER gain citizenship.  Talk about stopping illegal crossings in a heart beat.  We won't even need a wall!  I say -- do it! 
  8. Brett Kavanaugh

    This just shows how evil the Dimms have gotten!
  9. Go Billary, Go Billary!
  10.   LOL!  Hasn't even been named yet!!    
  12. Justice Anthony Kennedy to retire

    Is Amy Barrett the pick?  Hummm! +
  13. We shall see!
  14. Bang Up Work, Clowns!
  15. Bernie too Right Wing ?

    Lee Atwater once said, when the other side is in the process of destroying themselves, you just keep quite and get out of their way and let them do it!
  17. Spontaneous Reaction?

    This ding-dong bell is a teacher.  From Rush Limbaugh's website:  "She’s not just a teacher. She’s got tats all over her arms, and she’s a teacher at Sidwell Friends. Does that ring a bell with you? Sidwell Friends is where everybody who is anybody in Washington sends their kids. It’s a private school. The Obama daughters went there. The list is exhaustively long. And they’re just identifying her as a left wing teacher."  She knew he was there.  Plus, again, she was reading what she was told to read.and say!
  18. Spontaneous Reaction?

    I wonder who paid her?  Do you notice this dingle-berry is reading her concerns?  Spontaneous?!  Give me a break!!
  19. Fact Checking The New Socialist Darling!

    The Socialist/Communist confused again!