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  1. Hummmmmmmmmmmm!
  2. The Degradation Of Journalism!

    The White House is ready for Jim Acosta!
  3. Democrat's Insurance Policy!
  4. Democrat's Insurance Policy!

    The slime drips again!
  5. Global Warming Update!
  6. Florida Vote Fraud!?

    All but 2 Florida counties followed Florida election laws except Broward County and Palm Beach county.  Even the ones that were hit hard by the latest hurricane followed the election laws.   This election official has been in trouble with the law before concerning election activity.  Why was she allowed to be anywhere near the ballots?  
  7. Sure!  You get an asterisk when you cheat. 
  8. It's amazing how no one on the left here responds this this!
  9. Remember -- he's friends with that other anti-Semite and racist obama!
  10. Do As I Say, NOT As I Do!

    Snopes credibility!?
  11. And she wants to ban assault weapons!  LOL!!!!
  12. Go Vote!!!!!

    YES --  make sure you vote!!
  13. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

    Grassley's report released.
  15. Just saw this on the news.  Said the pilot was ex-military.  Also said he called 911 before the crash.  Maybe this call will give some insight into what happened.  Sad!
  16. Cruz Whacks Beto!

  17. Also with help from the slimmy snake soros!
  18. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

    WOW!  But as we figured!  I would not be a bit surprised to find out this will also come from MS. Balsey Ford sometime in the future!!