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  1. BOOM! Trump Approval Rating Reaches 50%.

    Funny, last time I checked, Trump's approval rating was only 35%. http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/338092-trump-disapproval-hits-64-percent-in-ap-poll?rnd=1497614900
  2. I honestly feel like the apocalypse has just started. http://www.kcra.com/article/security-incident-reported-at-travis-air-force-base/10024987
  3. When does God laugh?

    When does God laugh? Every time he posts on social media. http://thegoodlordabove.com/
  4. Did you vote for Hillary

    I voted for neither. I picked Gary Johnson (Libertarian) in 2016.
  5. Tiger Woods

    Honestly wouldn't be surprised if we found out that he's addicted to opiates/prescription painkillers.

    Probably a Nerdland Poodles fan.
  7. Predict Your Teams Record For 2017

    This game will be at the Hill this year, so I'm expecting this game to be a one-possession game.
  8. Predict Your Teams Record For 2017

    BH went 8-2 during the regular season last year, finishing 3rd in district. Their only losses came to Crosby and NC, both of which were on the road. If anything, it's a pretty good jump from 4-6 the previous year.
  9. Predict Your Teams Record For 2017

    Actually I basically have BH, Crosby, and NC finishing in a 3-way tie for the DC.
  10. Predict Your Teams Record For 2017

    Dayton 6-4 lose to PNG in round 1. 6-5 overall Crosby 8-2 goes 2 rounds deep to go 9-3.
  11. Predict Your Teams Record For 2017

    Barbers Hill 9-1, going 3 rounds deep in the playoffs for an 11-2 season.
  12. Where Are You on the Political Spectrum ?

    Left: 3.81 Libertarian: 5.67
  13. Matchups I would love to see

    I believe you mean Dalhart vs. Brownsville Lopez and Canutillo vs. WO-S. Also, Anthony vs. Sabine Pass Anthony vs. Deweyville Booker vs. Santa Maria
  14. Separation of Church and State?

    That wasn't the real problem with Trump when he said that. I had a problem with "I don't even wait."