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  1. I want to see Jones succeed, Even with my Hometown fans saying he is better than my brother and how he will do this and that better than Roschon, I want to see him succeed. Now on the other hand I don't mind pointing out when people are wrong. Looking dead wrong so far. 
  2. I agree that both of them have not seen meaningful snaps but the difference to me is Ladia is a true quarterback and Keitha is an athlete. I think they are intricacies at the position. Being a more natural qb, I think he would have a better shot as success especially passing. It's just one game though. From what I hear he is already a better passer. That's what y'all need. Y'all have like 4 Rbs right. Moving Keitha out wide instantly upgrades that position 
  3. I agree. What I also think is that if anything affected Keitha passing ability it's waiting this late into his high school career to have him take meaningful varsity snaps. To me that has may have a bigger affect than the storm layoff. Many other top qbs across the southeast and southern parts of the state had layoffs and performed well. Keitha can do it, just got to perform. And again if it don't work Ladia is right there
  4. You think Ladia should take over? I do especially if Keitha is used like a rb and is a so so passer
  5. 22-5A vs 21-5A

    I haven't change my mind memorial will still win district though it will be close. In my opinion PNG is a few defensive athletes away. Offense wise, ain't nobody messing w PNG though in 22-5a
  6. highlights via hudl
  7. Port Neches-Groves 42 Lumberton 0/FINAL via png hudl
  8. Port Neches-Groves 42 Lumberton 0/FINAL

    PNG runs a similar offense in middle school as high school. So shotgun spread sideline to sideline passes and the deep ball.  Read option on run. At least that's what it was with Roschon 
  9. Lumberton @ PNG

    How was the game? Any opinions
  10. Port Neches-Groves 42 Lumberton 0/FINAL

    Good game. Improvements on D but I still need more on that side. Somebody needs to step up and the leader on that side. I know it seems critical considering it was a  shut out but the teams atvthe top of this district and in playoffs will score
  11. Port Neches-Groves 42 Lumberton 0/FINAL

  12. Naw this the same  ol story. At least through one district game.