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  1. My 2018 High School Football Schedule

    Loved their burritos
  2. Bryce Anderson of WB is up next

    I heard the same. I don't think someone of his level will be there long though. Perhaps he moves up at the end of the season like roschon did. He can do a variety of things and doesn't have to qb right now with Elia there
  3. Bryce Anderson of WB is up next

    This kid travels across the state and kicks butt. He has already seen state level action in 7 on 7 from those schools. They might slow him down, but he gonna perform. His family is good people and are also good with keeping him focused and exposing him to different camps so he can play against the best in the country. 
  4. Bryce Anderson of WB is up next

    Looks like it posted twice. How did I do that?
  5. Just throwing it out there now. Qb/athlete/whatever else is needed. Freshman might be playing varsity and will amass a large amount of offers. If he isnt on varsity just yet, wait and see. Probably got some offers as an 8th grader. Kid is legit. Feel confident about him like I told y'all Shug was here two years ago. Its his time now.
  6. .

  7. District 12-5A-II preview

    Lol. When you thought the beef was over...
  8. D12 5a Div 2 Who ya Got?

    Every year they forget. And every year ya got to remind them. Ill leave that there and come back to it after the season
  9. Welcome back...

    Touché. PNG threw away the playbook that Morse and the other guys used. They'll go dig it up after this season
  10. Welcome back...

    Looky there, you drop down and found a playbook
  11. UIL Train Horn Ban

    Lol me too. I like the war chant but i hear ya. To be honest where i sit, between my dad, stattrax, and biaplayer, i really dont remember much of the band. We are out there talking too much s****. I forget the band is there until halftime or a td. I can imagine from the other side though lol
  12. UIL Train Horn Ban

    Nooooo. Its the people that ring it for nearly every series that irk me. I don't mind a td cowbell. But I also don't wanna hear it every series
  13. D12 5a Div 2 Who ya Got?

    I'm just gonna watch it ride out this year. I won't know until I get to see