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  1. All the hype about PNG and PAM

    That pos PAM  front 7 is among the vbest in the state. Their back end is ok. Png might as well play the dads of the kids on D if we gonna get burnt so often lol  Your post really only applies to png. 
  2. Is PAM overrated?

    Me too. Thought the talent gap was too wide.
  3. did he learn from last weeks lost??

    Stansbury was a safety last year. I'm good. He great where he at now. Lol put hughes there.
  4. Nederland bulldogs vs manvel mavericks

    PAM run defense would do pretty well. Look up jalen preston though, unless xavier hull cam play cb, Y'all have nothing for him at wr but then again, no one has so far. Not a knock, kid is that good. I hope.nederland does well too. I also hope of they don't and you meet manvel that y'all take them out
  5. did he learn from last weeks lost??

    I said this during the nederland game and following the loss. Hughes is a quick sure handed kid. He does touch the ball as a rb but u would love to see more as well.  
  6. PNG vs Texas City

    Are you going to this one then? I'll miss out o it
  7. Nederland bulldogs vs manvel mavericks

    Watch out for Jalen preston, he will score. Kids skills are insane. Comitted to FSU
  8. did he learn from last weeks lost??

    I'm cool with it on certain 3rd and 4th downs. Him and riggs out there
  9. Longview 42 Beaumont West Brook 14/FINAL

    This game was close for such a long time then exploded! I thought the Brook had won this being that I didnt see the score. Good season Brook and good luck
  10. I'm starting to think that...

    Not touching this one.  Both are Good! 
  11. Port Neches-Groves 72 Crosby 69/FINAL

    I think Faircloth shut that down. You got to call the plays even if they don't work at first. The first sign of trouble and we went completely away from it. You have the #3 national dual threat against guys who won't be playing football in a few years.  But point taken.  The result was a L. Ned did what they had to do and it worked. Moving on to Texas City and good luck w Manvel
  12. Port Neches-Groves 72 Crosby 69/FINAL

    Even in that game he was unstoppable. Its just Nederlands offense was unstoppable as well with our D out there. Cant do it all