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  1. So far, PAM with 3 players with D1 offers.

    They will have more soon. Always a good rb coming out of there at the very least
  2. If this is true, can't they hit the kid with a sex crime? That's peeping right? Being a registered sex offender for the rest of your life because you were immature in high school definitely isn't worth it. Gotta get it together
  3. Roschon Johnson moving on in quest for Elite 11

    Also is an under armour all American and will play in the game they have
  4. I hope he is successful. He is from home and he put in time at HBCU's as a player and coach which is always a plus for me. Good luck to him.
  5. GOOOOOOO TITANS!!!!! GREAT JOB REPRESENTING HOME AND THE 409 AREA.  I got one more year in this purple then its back to the usual. So proud!

    Good Job Mr Louis, guess Dad will have to find another pal to watch and analyze the games with this year. It was always very interesting to hear his perspective on the games and of Roschon. Real coach and man. Here's to his success.
  7. Smh.  Congrats and hope he goes high as he can in the draft
  8. 2017-18 Willie Ray Smith Award Winners

    Foster highlights Roschon highlights    
  9. 2017-18 Willie Ray Smith Award Winners

    One down one more to go.

    Hey Kronos, ya boy dipped on y'all. You made that man feel unappreciated. Had an entire sports site calling him Xbox. Lol Smh. Be free Kenny ray be free  
  11. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    That's fine. O did their part even with turnovers.  36-35 right. Or whatever it was.  Games like that are what im afraid of this year but I'm just a guy, hopefully the coaches get things righted
  12. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    Not concerned about any of these teams in that all of the 12-5a teams have horrible defenses with Crosby and PNG being probably the worst. Nederland would probably have the best D and they also aren't impressive to me. When we lost to Nederland it wasn't because we couldn't score or move the ball, Roschon has like 600 yards and 11 tds on them.  Roschon puts up massive #s on all of them.  Unlike the old 22-5a these teams can ACTUALLY THROW the ball as well. Crosby, BH, and Nederland can throw it if they have someone like Latulas who can take advantage.  We all know PN-G weakness is an athlete. My concern lies within our own team as far as who will step up.   If we can't identify NEW playmakers on either side of the ball, it wont matter. We will score 40 and lose 42-40. This team has a lot to prove and hopefully there will be kids that step up. If not, this season may defined by high scoring L's.