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  1. Rape aggy vs #9 TEXAS

    "Much better than I anticipated. Sam has come into his own. He is still a threat to run like always but isn't turning the ball over."I asked about Buechele if he has to play versus Oklahoma State next weekend: "Have to get him in a rhythm. With two weeks of practice he'll be fine." The source mentioned how rusty Shane was but that the team has the same belief in him as before.I asked about Ehlinger who was supposed to throw on Thursday: "There was tightness when he was stretching so they didn't push it with the extra week. He'll probably throw at some point today and tomorrow."Ehlinger remains questionable for the Cowboys. "   Per Inside Texas
  2. PNG@Dayton

    Aggies love that TU thing lol Well thats good news. I knew they were on a bye and I had saw the Bevocopter drop him in at a few games before. 
  3. PNG@Dayton

    Hermans there? I wouldve thought he would come to Crosby or vs Nederland
  4. PNG@Dayton

    Roschon should get PNG passing record today. 142 yards away.  
  5. Crosby @ Santa Fe

    yeah, if they play Cherokee too it may trigger a PTSD response
  6. Beaumont United vs Channelview

    United gets a W
  7. BH Vs. Vidor

    2 weeks ago Vidor wouldve been the favorite. Now it seems like BH could take this one. For old 22-5a sake ill puck Vidor for their first district w
  8. Port Neches-Groves 48 Crosby 45/FINAL

    Their kids dress up as Shug for Halloween!

    Thanks man, same to you

    At the end of the day, people are adults. Do you. I wont bother on the subject.

    Well...this message board isn't America because there are clear things you can and cant say. Though you didn't say anything yet, this topic is bound to bring up PLENTY of things that shouldn't be said. You are an adult though, you are free to do as you please. Carry on.  

    Yeah....I think the Crosby posters are annoying but this thread aint gonna do anybody any good. Come on, man
  13. PNG@Dayton

    Same here, I always enjoy watching Shug go against another good QB
  14. PNG@Dayton

    Good luck to your kid man