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  1. 2018 Willie Ray Smith Finalists

    Give it to McGrue.  McGrue dont even have offers yet on 247. Let that kid have his moment and pad his resume for a late scholarship run. Shug might come back for the ceremony if he wants but I wouldnt. Being recognized is enough.
  2. West Brook vs Longview 6A D2 title game

    Elia and them boys deserve this.  This sets up the future for confident play out of WB. Bryce will keep it running once these guys leave.    
  3. Cuero 29 Silsbee 24/FINAL

    Congrats to silsbee on an outstanding year. Really didnt think that team png played early this season had it in them to make it this far. Proved me wrong. Nearly pulled this one off too. Great season. Merry christmas yall. See ya
  4. Now that its over, i guess im done here too. Thanks for the fun discussion and heated debates. Thanks for the love and the hate. Im happy i can finally get rid of this png purple, wearing it 3 years straight can stain your skin lol and im always P.A. at heart. To the many friends i have made on here our story will continue as you know where to find me. To the others i bid you farewell and happy lives! Dueces!  
  5. High schools career is over and the next chapter begins. Dueces fellas!
  6. FB Marshall (12-0) vs PNG (9-3)

    Been a heck of a ride. I really hope it continues. But if it don't, Ok. Cool. Hookem!!
  7. FB Marshall (12-0) vs PNG (9-3)

      Shug is the recruit of the week....again!
  8. Kenny Ray

    I know he wanted the kids at PAM to do well, but for his adult detractors.....he laughing his butt off!!!!
  9. FB Marshall (12-0) vs PNG (9-3)

    Can be scored on like Manvels or Crosbys was. Their O is the killer. They went toe to toe with Manvel before barely edging them out. That was without Hornsby. With him they win by a couple scores probably. If we can manage, the best scenario for us is it turns into a crosby like game where we trade scores
  10. Kenny Ray

        Looks like he has something out there in SC.    
  11. So i guess the football team is doing great so far if yall arguing about stadiums. While im sure the kids want something like NRG, im sure they would take the W if they played ankle deep in mud at nederland. I just hope WB advances.
  12. Port Neches-Groves 50 Lindale 28/FINAL

    That game was close. When i got there it was a single score game and 8 mins later marshall has 50 plus points. Towards the end it looked like ned just wanted to go home and get out of there. Ned doesnt have any one star playmaker on O like last year in Latulas and it showed here and against us. No big play guy. Unless kade scott is a D1 prospect coming back from injury and  can run through people like the next big setx thing, its gonna be hard to beat teams who can put up points. I think simmons the past 2 years was Better than any the backs they have now. Their wrs are no connor perkins and latulas either. Those boys could ball.
  13. Port Neches-Groves 50 Lindale 28/FINAL

    No ned got beat by marshall. This is ft bend marshall. I would much rather play marshall like ned did or even hutnsville again than ft.bend but it is What it is
  14. Port Neches-Groves 50 Lindale 28/FINAL