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  1. Jasper 71 Livingston 10/FINAL

    Hup, I didn't want to call out Cleveland!  They may still want a payback!  Coach W must have been mad about something....
  2. Jasper 71 Livingston 10/FINAL

    Per the Jasper announcers, Jasper putting up 70+ points is rather rare.  But I remember in the early Walkoviak years Jasper put up 81 on somebody if I remember correctly.
  3. Jasper 71 Livingston 10/FINAL

    I am kind of surprised that Jasper did handle Livingston with a bit of ease.  But the Jasper announcers applauded how Livingston never quit playing hard. Jasper did have many reserves in at least for most of the second half.  And from 6 to 7 minutes left in the game they let the clock run. Livingston, you should be much better next year.
  4. Livingston @ Jasper

    Perhaps.  Have to see it to believe it.  Livingston has generally been tough for Jasper.  Regardless of record, I expect Livingston will be up for this game.
  5. I was not at the game so I have no idea.  But I did listen to both games.  LCM did much better in the first quarter for sure.
  6. Bridge City 13 Anahuac 6/FINAL

    Congrats BC.  Way to bounce back.
  7. WOS will be ready by the time they get to Jasper in October.  They always are!
  8. Congrats Jasper.  Good luck to LCM in the future.
  9. If they had used loaded bats, you think the scores would have been so close?
  10. Jasper vs Godley

    You are probably right.  Jasper has not had great success at  Disch Falk.  Hope this is the break through year.  Like it was at Dell in 2007.  Almost the same scenario.  Jasper had the worst record of the four teams.  Basically put a good Southeast Texas whupping on both teams they played.  Scored 25 runs and stole some 20 bases.  On paper Jasper does not have much of a chance against Argyle, but that I am confident they will show up for the game ready to play ball.  Might be another upset year.  Go Dogs!
  11. Jasper vs Godley

    I expect that you are correct.  That is how it was done in the past as I remember.  Best record against the worst record.  Then by default the other two teams play.  In each case the team with the best record is the home team.  Anyone have any better information?
  12. Congrats Dogs.  And Salado, what a great season!  You pushed Jasper to the very end.
  13. Considering that Jasper never matched the 3 runs that the first pitcher gave up, in retrospect it looks like a good idea to save the pitcher for Saturday.  In the past Jasper has won the first game big, then lost the next two games.  And vice versa.  So games on for Saturday!  go Dogs!