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  1. Jasper new video score board

    I cannot picture this.  Can the sign be seen from both baseball and football fields?
  2. Jasper new video score board

    Oh this is for football?  From context thought it was baseball.  Somewhere I thought someone posted that it would be ready for the baseball playoffs. But is it as big and good as Carthage's $600,000 scoreboard???  Jasper's sounds mighty big, don't know the size of Carthage's.  Just remember reading about the costs. Hope this makes the players run faster or something!!
  3. Jasper new video score board

    You kidding???   Did Jasper get some new oil wells?
  4. Closer than I would have liked.  And it only gets tougher from here on out.  Bridge City is ALWAYS tough!!!  Go Dogs!
  5. Go Dogs!  Don't need a game 3!
  6. Tarkington is a team that could pose a serious challenge to Jasper if Jasper reads too many press clippings.  According to MaxPreps they had five common opponents during the season.  Tarkington was 2 and 5 against those five teams.  Jasper was 9 and 0 against those same teams.  So this could be a trap series for Jasper.  Jasper better bring its A game.  Tarkenton must have something or they would not be in the second round of the playoffs.  
  7. Don't know.  Hup, where are you???
  8. Who is rating Jasper at #18?  That may be too low, but MaxPrep at 6 or 7 might be too high???
  9. Jasper 18 Huntington 0/FINAL

    Final, Jasper wins 17-0 On to the playoffs!  Congrats Dogs!
  10. Jasper 18 Huntington 0/FINAL

    Jasper leading 17-0 bottom of fifth
  11. At end of first inning, Jasper leading 16-0
  12. Jasper Lady Dawgs headed to state!

    Time to kick the door in!
  13. Jasper Lady Dawgs headed to state!

    Girls, this is your year!!