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  1. Cuero 29 Silsbee 24/FINAL

    Congrats Silsbee.  Ya'll had a great year.  Too bad it had to end this way.
  2. Congrats Silsbee.  You should win out from here if all your players don't get the flu.
  3. Go Stangs!  Go Tigers!  Entertain us!!!
  4. Absolutely true.  Can't cry about it now, but the good news is that both Hunt and Limbrick will be back next year.  Limbrick is only a Sophomore and already has had flashes of the same lightning that Hunt has.  Either would have been a great help tonight.
  5. Deja vu all over again!  Congrats WOS!
  6. Having to earn those yards the old fashioned way.  Three yards and a cloud of turf.
  7. Just playing with you.  Not you, not sure whose posts seem unchanged from first game.  "Cannot run on WOS."  I believed that then, believe it now.  But I was wrong to believe it for the first game.  Just waiting to see for this game.
  8. Whistling in the dark keeps the buggers away also.  Especially while walking past the graveyard. I know this is dumb.  Just doing my part to help get to 20 pages!  At least this site is not dead..
  9. Guess #7 Hunt may not play.  But his little brother from the JV may play?  No idea what his number is.  Wasn't on the program last week.
  10. Silsbee vs Giddings

    I'll bite on that.  If each of three RB is as good as Hunt then how did Silsbee lose the game to WOS?  3 times 374 would be a lot of yards.
  11. I think I know how you feel.  It is great to get to play WOS, but on a seeding basis, this probably should be the state championship game.  Kind of a shame actually to have to play at this level.
  12. Yeah I wasn't going to mention how the Stark season ended.  
  13. Kind of funny.  He picked up on West Orange but apparently overlooked the game against Stark in 1962 at Jasper.  That game also did not end well for Jasper either.  65-6 loss.  Jasper celebrated anyway because they scored a TD against a top 10 ranked team That was a David Foster qb'd team for Stark if any of you Orange folks are old enough to remember him.
  14. WOS, you do have Jasper's attention.  Link to KJAS: http://www.kjas.com/news/local_news/article_84a6f950-f299-11e8-a61a-47a34e27f6ea.html The history of Stark and West Orange is a bit jumbled, but the 1986 and on pretty well sums up the beatings the dogs have taken at the hands of WOS.