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  1. If they had used loaded bats, you think the scores would have been so close?
  2. Jasper vs Godley

    You are probably right.  Jasper has not had great success at  Disch Falk.  Hope this is the break through year.  Like it was at Dell in 2007.  Almost the same scenario.  Jasper had the worst record of the four teams.  Basically put a good Southeast Texas whupping on both teams they played.  Scored 25 runs and stole some 20 bases.  On paper Jasper does not have much of a chance against Argyle, but that I am confident they will show up for the game ready to play ball.  Might be another upset year.  Go Dogs!
  3. Jasper vs Godley

    I expect that you are correct.  That is how it was done in the past as I remember.  Best record against the worst record.  Then by default the other two teams play.  In each case the team with the best record is the home team.  Anyone have any better information?
  4. Congrats Dogs.  And Salado, what a great season!  You pushed Jasper to the very end.
  5. Considering that Jasper never matched the 3 runs that the first pitcher gave up, in retrospect it looks like a good idea to save the pitcher for Saturday.  In the past Jasper has won the first game big, then lost the next two games.  And vice versa.  So games on for Saturday!  go Dogs!
  6. Kirbyville vs. Clifton

    Don't know a thing about either team, but pulling for the Kirbyville Cats!
  7. Jasper vs Salado

    True, Jasper's power throwing pitching "Ace" was limited to playing shortstop.  But the other two starters more than picked up the slack  Of course Jasper scoring 25 runs in two games didn't hurt...
  8. Jasper vs Salado

    I have only seen this Jasper team once.  If the one game is somewhat representative of this squad I would say the huge difference between 2018 and 2007 was the 2007 team aggressiveness on the base paths.  Then Jasper had runners that literally would sometimes steal all the way to home.  Walk to first, steal second, steal third, and then steal home.  I have never personally seen anyone else do that.  And Taylor Hart did it against a very good Bridge City catcher. Of course, every team has its own personality, and clearly the 2018 Dogs have their own ways to win games.
  9. Jasper vs Salado

    Hope to see you there!
  10. Jasper vs Salado

    True.  Middlebrooks played shortstop against Jasper.  I think Jasper's base running speed may have gotten to him a bit as he let a hard hit ground ball go cleanly between his legs.  That was a day that just about everything went right for the Dogs. But still Jasper beat up a very good hard throwing Liberty Eylau pitcher that also had a very good record.  One thing to remember is that Liberty Eylau was the defending state champion. It was surreal that while the game was going on the MLB draft was going on.  Middlebrooks could have gone in the first round but he would not commit to signing instead of going to college.  Each round Boston (as I recall) called to ask if he had changed his mind about committing.  Finally they took him in the fifth round; and he eventually signed anyway for what  probably would be considered first round money at that time.    
  11. Jasper vs Salado

    Huffman, Robinson.  Please weigh in here.  You have played both teams.  It is so hard to judge teams from totally different areas.  Frankly I was surprised to learn that Salado is in Region III.  Comparing won-loss records against totally different teams is rather meaningless.  For example in 2007 when Jasper made it to the state tournament, they had the worst record of the four teams.  Short version.  Jasper won both State games scoring 25 total runs, stealing about 20 bases, and setting a number of state tourny records in the process.