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  1. Deionte Thompson article

    I have kept up with Deionte since he left WOS. One of the most dynamic athletes I have ever seen on a field. 
  2. West Brook vs Longview 6A D2 title game

    I didn't mean it like that. I know Westbrook will be loaded with talent all over the field. I know nothing about Westbrook and have not seen Longview play. But I know the Loboes are very talented. As always, from my perch in Quanah Texas at the deer lease, I just hope for a great competive game. And this time a Lobo win. 
  3. Allen EXPOSED

    It's an unexplained phenomenon!!!
  4. West Brook vs Longview 6A D2 title game

    Longview doesn't have much speed. Saturday night the QB was the holder on a PAT. Kick was blocked. QB ran the returner down from the ground mind you. He didn't tackle him from behind, he passed him and every blocker. Put him on the ground face to face.  Btw. He runs the anchor on Longviews sprint relay from what I've been told. Lobos can run with anyone.  That's not taking anything away from Westbrook. I'm an outsider looking in. I hope it's a hell of a game!!!
  5. West Brook vs Longview 6A D2 title game

    No I understand. But Dad is the coach. Kid has been the ball boy since he was in single digits. He has grown up with it his whole life. Just doesn't make many mistakes. It's going to be a great game!!!  
  6. West Brook vs Longview 6A D2 title game

    That average QB is only a junior and already getting DI offers. And will probably be the most football savvy player on the field.  Now bringing up 81 years of futility doesn't guarantee anything. Longview has come so close so many times. If they win this the will have to earn it. It is one of the games I am most looking forward to along with Cuero/PG
  7. West Brook vs Longview 6A D2 title game

    81 years of futility and a bad azz QB says it's finally the Loboes year. 
  8. Duncanville and lake travis

    It happens!!!
  9. Duncanville and lake travis

  10. Allen EXPOSED

    They got exposed alright........ exposed by Duncanville!!!
  11. State Semifinal Schedule/Scoreboard

    No it not....... North Shore gonna kill them
  12. Newton 79 Daingerfield 12/FINAL

    Anybody remember when Groveton and Rodney Thomas beat Cooper and Bam Morris 82-6 in the regional final. Thomas scored the 1st 6 times he touched the football. Damn I'm getting old.
  13. Milford 51 Gilmer Union Hill 38/FINAL

    Milford 45 Union Hill 16 middle 3rd I'm crushed  
  14. Regional Semi Matchups

    Include Gilmer in this also. 4-6 to end the season . Losses to Paris, Carthage, Newton, Pleasant Grove, Pittsburg all still playing and Liberty Eylau who lost just last week. Now we get the rematch with defending champ PG. We are as healthy as we have been all year and playing our best ball. We shall see what happens Friday night!!!