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  1. Liltex Cup Pick' Ems - Week 4

    The Union Hill/Strawn game has been cancelled according to UH website. 
  2. I think as of now, what I saw last night, was at this time neither were going to pursue legal action. 
  3. Whomever keeps giving us that 1 first place ........... Well they ain't  watching what I'm watching.
  4. Good to see both teams get back on the field. Happy for you guys.
  5. Lol. Last night that was the mantra for sure........but I saw a few bright spot and we adjusted pretty well at the half. I think we will continue to improve on defense, but as I said, LE is certainly no slouch. They have athletes ALL over the field.  As for the Buckeyes, hopefully we will continue to move kids around and figure it out.  More importantly, hopefully some of y'all get dried out and get back to some normalcy. Really hate so many have it so bad right now. It's just a terrible situation for all. God Bless
  6. LE is using cramps for time outs to slow us down. No less than 25 times tonight. That's how they are coached. We are gashing them now but it's not over
  7. Gilmer is very good on offense. We may be making their offense look a little better than it is because we have played so bad on D. LE has some big, fast kids though so I certainly don't want to take anything away from them. I can see this baby being over around midnight. I don't want to complain though because I know a lot of teams would like to be on the field. 
  8. If you can get it it is probably an entertaining listen. It's finally  halftime and LE is beating us 43-42. Ain't nobody stopped nobody. They way bigger than Gilmer and our defense needing some work is an understatement 
  9. West Orange Stark vs Nederland

    I know you guys and also all of the other schools are disappointed that you won't get under way on time. But, at this point football has got to take a way back seat to the terrible problems facing all the cities to the South and Southeast. Football season will start soon enough. All you folks stay safe down there and take care. 
  10. No doubt. Carthage has excellent facilities. 
  11. Man that's a long way to travel for a scrimmage. Did they meet at neutral site?
  12. Atlanta has a history of slow starts.