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  1. Preseason AP Poll

    By that poll it says it's WOS and Gilmer in the finals. WOS is the highest D2 team and Gilmer has no one above them in region one or two. I would be pleasantly surprised if this actually happened. 
  2. UIL Train Horn Ban

    Train horns suck. Especially when you are listening to someone else's!!!

    I'm afraid beating Gilmer ain't what it used to be. We have lost some (not all) of our luster. We are still good, but that killer instinct at least for the short term seems to be left in bygone years. 
  4. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    This thread is awesome!!!
  5. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    Other than a little question at QB, we will have 2 to choose from, we will be very good. Lots of talent as always in skill positions, our lines will be much improved as well our defense. Our D got younger and much better later in the season last year. Say what you want but we probably played the 2 state champs as well as anyone. We just laid some eggs when it counted most. Not saying we would have won, but I would have loved to get one more shot at PG in the region finals. We should have won the district game. D let us down with 30 seconds to go. 
  6. Newton Football - 2018 Schedule

    This gonna be nuetral site or home and home with the Buckeyes?
  7. A parade for the mustangs

    Fixing to do another bond. 3rd try. This one may pass if they take out all the fluff they keep hiding. Academics are excellent though.
  8. If the UIL were to Realign FBS Football

    I'm pretty sure the Ags would love D13.....just saying!!
  9. A parade for the mustangs

    15 miles north up TX300...... especially if you have 7th 8th and 9th grade badass athletes!!! Lol
  10. A parade for the mustangs

    Spring Hill is actually in Longview city limits on the north side towards Gilmer. Longview has 3 high schools but they are all independent of each other. Longview, Pine Tree, and Spring Hill. That is my geography lesson for the day!!!
  11. A parade for the mustangs

    Spring Hill should have a parade. They went 5-0 on non-district and 0-5 in district. A parade for everyone!!!
  12. That's the most sane thing I have seen you say in the last 2 days. Your buddies must have been shaming you.
  13. Last game of 2017 fixing to start

    Cy-Fair kicking tail. I hope it gets better. Hate for the last game to suck. 
  14. I feel like I'm going to a funeral. I despise the end of Texas High School Football. I will be in a funk for 2 months........ except when I'm quail hunting. I'm never in a funk when I'm quail hunting!!!!
  15. You know there will still be some major competition about 90 miles southwest. But congrats to you guys. You have a really good team and your defense was especially fun to watch. I hope we can learn from it!!!