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  1. Yes Sir it is. Strawn was actually one of two losses on last year's schedule and the only team that really throttled the Bulldogs. Their other loss was the semi final and they had a huge lead and lost it in the last 30 seconds. 
  2. They also went out west to Throckmorton and got a 6 man coach with some pedigree and I believe at least one championship. He has them going the right way. 
  3. When the old-timers finally 'gave in" and let the school board go to 6 man they almost immediately started flurishing again. When you have graduation classes like my sons of 18 kids, it's pretty hard to field an 11 man team. I believe good times are heading back to the Hill. 
  4. When I was was in school in the late 70s the Bulldogs were bad to the bone. In 78 they won the last ever Class B championship in Abilene. I will never forget it. Wheeler and their 47 game winning streak rolled in on Greyhound busses. Little ole Union Hill came to town on the yellow dogs. Wheeler went home with a one game loosing streak and The Hill had their first of 2 state championships. Another could be in their future soon. 
  5. Although I am a Buckeye at heart, I live about a 1/4 mile from UH school and follow them closely. Thank you for the good info. 
  6. This is an excellent post. 
  7. Gilmers game of the year is always the goal of a state championship game. Doesn't always work out that way, but the goal is always the same.  Now as for our 10 game schedule, of course the district games are important, but...........there is a little dustup in Gilmer on a Saturday night in September that the whole state will be interested in. That would be the Buckeyes vs those mighty Carthage Bulldogs. That's one the fans can't wait for!!!!
  8. Today is......****Countdown****

    If you are are going to tell what every day is between now and Football season........I'm gonna be right here with you. There just might be a party or a celebration that I'm missing out on!!!
  9. State 7 on 7 Schedule (Local Teams)

    I believe for the kids that play here is a lot of relevance. The fans of every team that doesn't win a State 7on7 championship will say it doesn't matter. I believe every kid that goes down there wants to win. If nothing else, there is always a pride factor. 
  10. State 7 on 7 Schedule (Local Teams)

    Actually it gives you A LITTLE bit of a football fix!!!
  11. Div 4A Reg 2 Just a Got Tougher

    We were evidently typing at the same time. He ain't our kid.......but I wish he was. Lol
  12. Div 4A Reg 2 Just a Got Tougher

    And now I have read the story that you have posted. You know nothing. You don't even have the right kid. The kid that is moving from Aledo to Gilmer is a DB and his name is Bran Webb. I don't know who the heck you have in that link but it ain't our kid. 
  13. Div 4A Reg 2 Just a Got Tougher

    Lets not jump the gun here. This kid is a Gilmer kid. He went to school in Gilmer thru Jr. high. His father was a Buckeye qb in the 90's and lives about 100 yards from the stadium. How or why he left for Aledo I have no idea, but it's not like he doesn't have roots and ties to Gilmer. 
  14. My how La Marque has fallen. Don't even seem right.
  15. Best GT Team Ever?

    But man, once upon a time, you came close........So very close!!!!