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  1. Port Neches-Groves 72 Crosby 69/FINAL

    Just saw the highlights on FSW. This game must have been CRAZY!!!!
  2. Gilmer Union Hill 56 Fannindel 6/FINAL

    The Hill is very good. I have seen them play. I'm not terribly familiar with 6 man........but they have 3 kids that need to be playing about 6 miles south. Hopefully if they play on a Wednesday night in December........I will be there to watch. 
  3. Went to this one. My first 6-man game. I was learning on the fly, but it's an exciting game. Union Hill and High Island have some history from late 70's early 80's when they were 11 man. The Hill has a very good team. 
  4. Great game!!! Lived up to everything it was supposed too..........the streak lives on!!!!!
  5. Brutal in mistakes or physicality?
  6. That's one I will never live down!!!!
  7. I doubt few if any have seen Kennedale play. Most are probably just hoping.  It's Gameday. Good luck to both and safe travels to Nac!!!!  
  8. Streaks are made to be broken. Just not tomorrow. Wanna be there. I just can't make it happen. I be paying attention though. Should be an awesome game!!!
  9. The streak does not end tomorrow night!!!
  10. Exactly. This is the same thing I said when we played Carthage. Should be a heck of a matchup. I'm still trying to figure out if I can get there or not. Good luck to both.
  11. Friday or Saturday and time?
  12. Getting my 6-Man fix tonight!!

    I actually have the High Island/Union Hill game marked on my calendar for Saturday Oct.21st. It will be my first game. 
  13. Week 5 Regional Coaches Poll

    This is stupid in region II. Spring Hill got a first place vote. There is not a team on the list they could beat, even in the "others receiving votes" category. They will go 5-0 in non-district and then 0-5 in district. 
  14. #1 Carthage at #2 Gilmer/Tonight

    Wherever he goes......they will be dang glad to get him. In college he will have to put on some weight........but as my bird dog trainer told me yesterday. She's light on her feet, that's a really good trait. Keontay is certainly light on his feet. That kid is a little different and a cut above. 
  15. #1 Carthage at #2 Gilmer/Tonight

    Yes the did. 2 pick 6 and a fumble scoop. Defense played not to bad against a very stout Carthage offense. Ingram is an absolute stud.  If it winds up being Argyle and Carthage in the final.......it will certainly be worth the price of admission