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  1. Silsbee vs Longview Spring Hill

    Spring Hill not very good. That's a long ride. I didn't know they were playing. 
  2. Newton 51 Gilmer 31/FINAL

    Well I think we covered the spread!! And we probably scored more on the Eagles than anyone else will the rest of the year.  On the other hand we at this moment have a loosing record @2-3 for the first time since about 2001. It's been a tough schedule.......but loosing records don't sit too well with the folks around here. We should get a W with Center next week but who the heck knows about district. The only thing anyone can tell you is that Spring Hill is going to be last place. Other than that it is up for grabs. 
  3. Newton 51 Gilmer 31/FINAL

    And Newton is graduating 17 seniors according to our announcers. We are very young and bring the house back. Newton gets to come see us next year. We don't forget. Lol
  4. Newton 51 Gilmer 31/FINAL

    We are just down but no disrespect taken. That team is one to be proud of. We have had an amazing run since 2003. We are getting some of that goes around comes around. It's all good. Not only that, I still expect us to play 2,3 or maybe even 4 rounds deep. 
  5. Newton 51 Gilmer 31/FINAL

    30-15. We get ball first in second half but I think we are just overmatched. 
  6. Newton 51 Gilmer 31/FINAL

    Our offensive line hasn't blocked anyone all night. Cudos to the Newton defensive line. They badass
  7. Newton 51 Gilmer 31/FINAL

    22-15 Newton. Our defense just can't tackle nobody. 
  8. Newton 51 Gilmer 31/FINAL

    Well we have the wrong QB in. 2 punts in row
  9. Newton 51 Gilmer 31/FINAL

    15 -15 middle of 2nd
  10. Newton 51 Gilmer 31/FINAL

    Somebody came to play ball tonight.I hope it continues.
  11. *****GILMER @ NEWTON*****

    These Chinese SOB's are pissing me off!!! http://etsn.fm/preview-reeling-gilmer-runs-into-no-1-newton/
  12. *****GILMER @ NEWTON*****

    I don't think we can beat Newton THIS year, but we are playing 2 animals back to back. With that said, we haven't taken a beating like that since the 70's. I would expect a good game plan and a good effort Friday night. We will match up better with the Eagles than we did against Carthage. Our kids are proud. They won't take to kindly the whipping they got last week. I believe a closer game is coming than some expect. 
  13. *****GILMER @ NEWTON*****

    May end up in the playoffs......lol we may go four or five rounds deep. 4a DII is a crapshoot this year. This thing is up for grabs. Don't count our youngsters out yet just because we got hammered by Carthage. 
  14. *****GILMER @ NEWTON*****

    We hung 70 on Carthage about 4 or 5 years ago. What goes around comes around. They seemed to have bounced back from it ok. We will too. 
  15. *****GILMER @ NEWTON*****

    We will show up and play hard. Sorry we won't be much competition. Lol