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  1. Kelly vs Westlake 8pm tonight in the Westlake Holiday Classic
  2. Not to pile on, but the NBA isn't a sport. Its a show, thus no coaching needed
  3. CHSM 65 Kelly 42 F Kelly without 3 starters tonight. 
  4. Hefner scored 5 in the first half and 16 in the second.
  5. The 6'9 kid is Clayton Carpenter. Kid gets better and better every year
  6. From Maxpreps...Houston Heights won 42-40
  7. Hunter Gonzales is the man! The most liked coach in the history of Kelly basketball lol. At 24 we didnt have a player on the floor at practice who could hang with Coach G
  8. I can almost guarantee you that it wasn't that no one wouldn't play them, but rather couldn't play them. Most of the schedules have been set now for weeks and it's virtually impossible to move games around.
  9. Come on Ozen...

    Head coach is a great guy and leader. This was just kids posting kid stuff on twitter. I wouldnt judge the program by that tweet. 
  10. Scrimmage results/Post here

    Kelly 54 Orangefield 43
  11. Inexperienced  and young. Lost all five starters from last year's team. We lost tonight 60-51. Two of our starters are still in football. We're pretty scrappy and will improve especially after we get our football players.