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  1. Warren 78 Kountze 59/FINAL

    No the parents from Silsbee told me he moved to Kountze then moved back to Silsbee about 2-3 was ago I believe 
  2. Warren 78 Kountze 59/FINAL

    If it’s #14 for Silsbee 7th grade  then yes he’s about 6’1 ,6’2 
  3. Summer Basketball

    If you have or know of any 8th grader from the SETX area looking to play summer basketball and improve please contact Lawrence Pender @
  4. West Brook 60  Channerlview 55 4th 
  5. Channelview 54 West Brook 51 4th qtr  
  6. Somewhat true I think they soft actually just a little we come from a football mentality we know how to bring it in Texas and those country boys are built tough. Texas is the New Mecca for basketball. More players playing in both men & women than any other state ...
  7. I THINK Silsbee can make it to the semis maybe play for 3rd which would be great!!! That guard play can win you some games they just have to play smart
  8. Lol that was the safe pick ..WHite Station is always good though !!!!
  9. My pick would be White Station out of Tennessee 
  10. They will not beat North Shore !!!! Coach Benitez is a very good coach and those kids at NS have bought in. Deer Park will give them problems and of course WB....But of these guys are fans so i don’t expect them to truly understand what is going on when all you beat is mediate teams that isn’t anything to celebrate the exact mentality when i talk about participation trophies it’s a dangerous facade to give these kids. This team is playing .around .500 basketball almost and if you have to rely on a guy who  had a major injury to help( no shot at Dotson that’s my guy) then idk what to say !!!!! Dotson will help but that region is tough too many good teams out there to just show and participate 
  11. This isnt for you UWS ,,,but do others still want to have this conversation ,no way on this earth should this team get beat by almost 30.... One quality win on the year for Cinco Ranch and that’s against Eisenhower.. There is a disconnect between players and coaches . When all you do is yell,scream and cuss and not correct and teach kids will check out on you !!!!!! 
  12. Dallas ISD tournament

    Silsbee on a collision course with Lancaster that will be a very good game!!!!!!
  13. I knew when I heard Tekoa was going to be in the Gamble it was downhill. Now i see their JV team is in it wow. Gotta start doing pool play so team can get more games. They don’t wanna drive 3-4 hours for 3  games.  And for God sakes hire RCSPORTS !!!!!!!
  14. St.Pius vs PA Memorial in the championship