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  1. Yep Hefner is as good as advertised for those who still doubt .....
  2. Of course coaches use this to see how their players match up against other teams. But honestly the coaches aren’t coaching so the  lineups, players all change when the coaches get involved. What you in fall ball doesn’t necessarily translate over to the regular season “most” times.
  3. Any consolation that year Ozen beat  that same Westbury team  by 37 @ the super 16 and st.thomas by 23 meant absolutely nothing lol.
  4. Only if you were my assistant.....Thanks but I could never be a high school coach, they don’t get paid enough to put up with the foolishness from community ,school board,kids ,parents or fellow teachers haahahahaha.....
  5. Fall ball means absolutely nothing when the coaches aren’t coaching. I’ll give you an example the year CL went 43-1 en route to winning state their last loss before the in season loss came to Ozen in the back to school battle at Yates . I coached that game we were up 25 on them ,I put the the bench in and they went 7-11 to cut it to 4, cue starters going back in lollll... Both Silsbee and CL won state that year getting revenge in a fall ball the following year means nothing imo especially when it’s not the same CL team. 
  6. Morton Ranch blows the doors off Dickinson if not for all the subbing . Concordia is just so solid they won’t beat themselves. Memorial is better than some expect , they just need to develop the fresh and he will be very key in how far they go . I thought Yates was surprisingly good I mean yea they lost a lot but the more i watched them the more I liked them.  United has to find some sort of offense structure & be able to make adjustments defensively. You cannot press everyone or just be helter skelter on offense. They have some very good pieces to work with they are extremely long and the coaching has to take advantage of that . I said this about MR and it holds true for United they have too many kids. All of them can’t possibly play top 8-9, trying to play 14 kills rhythm. It’s a 32 minute game no way you can play 14-15 kids.....
  7. Hoops , MR is too loaded I know it sounds crazy but he was having trouble subbing. He couldn’t leave a player on over 2 min that could come back to get him . It was like that for United . Play the top 8 or 9 and unless someone is in foul trouble then that’s what it is 
  8. I spoke to a kid who was on the 2015-16 state championship team . I asked him do they recruit he said no they don’t have to when you win like that because when you are an athlete in middle school and you play sports the best ones go to North Shore. He said Jalen Hurts was suppose to go there but his dad was the coach at channelview imagine that. He also said in middle school that they go thru speed & conditioning drillls starting in the 7th grade til the time they graduate & their position is already predetermined . That is where the problem lies in Beaumont most middle school coaching is terrible. HS coaches have to get their feeder schools on board with what they are doing !!!!!!
  9. Devon McCain and Jordyn Adams

    I don’t think ppl really understand what happens with recruiting . Some think because a kid is good in high school it will translate to college & that’s further from the truth. Devon has high major talent but playing high school ball won’t cut it. There a million kids with his numbers and better.(no knock on him). Will his game translate to the next level we will see coach’s want to win numbers one or they get fired. Character is everything is this game believe that .
  10. Come on now you know I’m not sensitive at all also for those that say United is not deserving of the ranking ,”most” of the time they go off who’s returning, summer success and college offers . United has a lot of all district kids coming back. I believe Kasen is the most highly recruited out of west brook or United soooooo what’s the fuss for .
  11. I have some questions: 1. What are the expectations for this years group(how far can they go)?.  2. What is the window for the United staff in the next 2-3 yrs with this group of talent he has . Will the basketball experts in this fine community view it as a failure if they don’t advance far or come close to a trip to state. You know how folks are out here !!!!!!
  12. Yates will probably win this one even though I’m rooting for United . United won’t have an identity until maybe December or district time. They’ll win some games but a lot of things will factor into it for them to win .
  13. Sleeper teams

    My pick is Nederland to win that district they are the most dangerous because ppl assume they won’t be able to compete. They have the best player in Hefner & some solid contributors.  Memorial will be solid but they were senior heavy last year. And of course coaching will be key in this.  Barbers Hill has some good pieces too with Cleveland and Vidor rounding out the district. 
  14. I think it’s Nov.24 at United Hs 
  15. Stop stirring the pot AAW lolllll