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  1. Weekly LSU Games

    Tigers another dominating performance with a 45-16 win over the rebs.  5-0 #5 in the Nation. At Florida next week before #2 Georgia heads to Baton Rouge.  Geaux Tiguhs!!!
  2. Weekly LSU Games

    How's Herman working out? You're gonna wish it was last year when tu starts 1-5. 
  3. Weekly LSU Games

    Good thing you don't do this for a living. 
  4. Poorly ran tournament. They could have found something a lot better. 
  5. Beaumont United Applicant List

    Aka Dicky V
  6. Weekly LSU Games

    Still less losses than tu 
  7. Texas A&M @ UCLA

    It was, he still won a national championship and brought us to another with multiple 10+ win seasons and a bowl every year. Whos your team?     
  8. Texas A&M @ UCLA

    Good thing I'm an LSU fan   Try again
  9. Maryland @ #23 Texas

    Charlie Strong 71% winning percentage at Louisville Charlie Strong 43% at tu (No winning seasons and only 1 bowl game in 3 years) Charlie Strong 2-0 at South start he's had since Louisville days...sure he started 2-0 his last year at tu, but we all saw how good the Notre Dame win really was. Also, lets not forget he lost to FOOTBALL. Shaka Smart 74% winning percentage at VCU Shaka Smart 47% winning percentage at tu...hmmm another coach under the 50% mark at the big bad tu David Pierce 64% winning percentage at Sam Houston and Tulane David Pierce 61% winning percentage at tu...alot easier to have a winning record in baseball with all those cupcake mid week games...but can't fake conference games...11-12 in conference play See a trend yet? Now, obviously Herman has more than enough time to turn things around, but losing a home opener to the University of Maryland in FOOTBALL? Not a great start.  San Jose State is rolling into town next, Charlie Strong beat them opening week by 20 btw, no pressure longhorn fans. Lastly, in before the recruiting excuses...look up tu recruiting compared to Maryland the past 5 years...ill wait  
  10. Texas A&M @ UCLA

    Especially for a tea sipper
  11. Maryland @ #23 Texas

    Must be miserable being a tu "fanatic" LMAO such a sorry athletics program across the main 3 sports...and they're supposed to be the flagship University of Texas? Nothing special about Austin either, unless you like hippies and AIDS. Lastly, enough with the sunflowers lame jokes...pretty pathetic thats the best you can come up with. 
  12. Maryland @ #23 Texas

    Your years must seem like decades in that case...
  13. Maryland @ #23 Texas

    Yada yada, same old song and dance. Texas = the place where up-and-coming coaches careers go to die.
  14. Former Ozen star transfers to Lamar

    You're the one who hijacked the thread talking about colors.  And don't care, I'm not an Aggie. 
  15. Former Ozen star transfers to Lamar

    tu going to qualify for a bowl game this year?