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  1. Thought mason was gonna be lumberton running back this year,well that’s what I heard from some raider faithfuls anyways??
  2. It’s over,let’s focus on the health of this years teams and a great season to all the young athletes..
  3. Well in all honesty it wouldn’t be an advantage to Nederland because they practice at the high school not the stadium.
  4. He has nothing else to prove,the kid can go,not gonna win a state championship at PNG,time to focus on UT and possible future in the league,hope they don’t get him hurt before January,,,good luck until then..
  5. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    Gonna be an interesting year!!DC is up for grabs!!!PNG has Roschon,Nederland has the Dogs to do it,Crosby always has athletes,The Hill is building,Nobody gives more than Vidor with what they have,Dayton has been down but has tradition.Lee has gotten better,and just don’t know anything besides Santa Fe only lost to quality opponents last year.with that being said,good luck to all and praying that everyone stays healthy..Go Dogs!!!!
  6. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    dogs will be fine,remember that!!
  7. Realignment

    Son told me they are scrimmaging Lumberton and PAM

    Who cares!!!!
  9. Possible realignment

    Tomorrow at 9am we will all know for sure!!
  10. Possible realignment

    that is just someones projection,opinion..not anything for sure.thats been out a few days
  11. Ned vs PNG??

    Nederland is playing,it will be low scoring,been a while since they have hit 40 points in a game..
  12. Rumor,rumor,rumor...believe me they get around quickly,and sad thing is,it’s usually from the adults not the kids!!!!Last I heard from a PNG coach,Roschon will graduate from PNG in December after next football season and just for the record his 2nd loss against the Bulldogs!!!!!lol,had to get that jab in....