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  1. Dogs won first,beat United 46-13 in finals!!!long hot day!!!
  2. SETCA All-Star Rosters for all Sports

    not sure I recognize any big d1 names on roster...
  3. SETCA All-Star Rosters for all Sports

    football game is June 15
  4. Congrats Smitty,,I wont wear purple but I sure will support you lol
  5. Nederland Next Season

    Freshman team was decent,but once you lose 4 freshman to varsity it goes down hill quick!!At that level 3 or 4 kids can carry a team,lot different on Friday nights!!
  6. Nederland Next Season

    Weaver will be a senior,hoping for a good season but hard to replace 7 starters on both sides of the ball and come out clicking on all cylinders!!Will have to find some leaders and some kids will have to step up tremendously!!!
  7. yea that's it,i knew football games were streamed from turner stadium..thanks   
  8. anyone know if it will be online to watch.
  9. If Hefner can’t score its lights out for the Bulldogs!!!
  10. Not a very good game here but Bh coaches are winning the game with their game plan!!!
  11. lots of issues with this team this year,plain and simple!
  12. Congrats guys,all coaches and players props to you guys!!!not many get to experience what you did!!!amazing story!!!!
  13. West Orange Stark Next Year

    Congrats WOS!!another great season!!You guy always make SETX proud,most schools around here would love to do what you do every year!!!!Stay strong and start again for next year young men and coaches!!!!
  14. Congrats to the players and coaching staff,win or lose not many kids get to experience that feeling of being where they were today!!!Keep grinding kids and to the coaches keep doing what ya do,nobody should hang their head,you made SETX proud!!!!Go Bruins!!!