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  1. November 10th

    Most exciting game in the state is that week!!!good luck finding a ticket!!!
  2. PNG Defense Needs Help

    It happens everywhere,not just PNG!!!
  3. Vidor 40 Lumberton 21/FINAL

    And there goes Ward!!!!!!!TD!!!!
  4. PAM vs PNG

    I'm going with PAM in this one..
  5. PAM vs PNG

    Never know in this crazy district!!
  6. PAM vs PNG

    Never know..could always lose to vidor,,and they could beat PAM again,possible 4 way..
  7. PAM vs PNG

    True statement..
  8. Vidor @ Lumberton

    109 and new tires,,nice job 24...
  9. Vidor @ Lumberton

    I'm going with big #24 
  10. Vidor @ Lumberton

    Till the Ward and Ciccio show..head to head,let's see who is gonna win that battle!!!!  
  11. Vidor @ Lumberton

    Gulfway in PA,,I was there Monday..motivation goes a long
  12. Vidor @ Lumberton

    Better hope Raider24 doesn't bribe his son again this week,if he does it's gonna be a long night for that pirate
  13. Nederland @ Beaumont Central

    Central isn't scoring 35 on Nederland!!!!
  14. Nederland 28 Vidor 21/FINAL

    Another great game..congrats dogs...
  15. Prayer for all football players

    Thank you and I'll do the just never know.last year watching my son getting an iv started in the end zone and loaded in a ambulance is a very scary and helpless I pray for every players safety this season,no matter what color jersey you wear!!!