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  1. Nederland vs Marshall at NRG

    As long as they give 100% it’s all good,,getting beat by a better team is never hard to swallow!!!
  2. Nederland vs Marshall at NRG

    Not a bad draw,it’s the playoffs,this is what you want!Lose to better teams or upset them!!!Do or die!!
  3. He was suppose to start until they went in locker room from warm ups,arthritis from dislocated hip two years ago and cold weather got the best of him.Went to get mri this morning he is fine,just started on meds,should be good to go!
  4. PNG vs Lindale @ NRG

    PNG in another blowout!!
  5. Barbers Hill 42 Manvel 62/FINAL

    Don’t knock the onside kick everytime,I remember Neumann doing it one year and I was complaining,,guess what Nederland won in an upset!!!
  6. Barbers Hill 42 Manvel 62/FINAL

    Let’s go Hill,keep grinding!!
  7. Willowridge @ Nederland

    Not anything personal at all,phenomenal athlete,I know how good he could be at a safety Ive seen it,only other concern is why they are still recruiting top notch qb’s knowing he is going plus the qb there isn’t a senior and I’d use shug somewhere,,I’m not saying he can’t or won’t play qb just my opinion!!!!i want him to be successful!!!
  8. Possible Upsets Round 1

    hopefully the wet grass,mud,and home fans will help out!!!
  9. Willowridge @ Nederland

    Bottom line here is one thing,Roschon single handidly kicked nederlands ass for three years,even with a last minute win last year he still had his way with our defense.ppl can sit here all day and give the what ifs  but one thing for sure is nederland coaches or players has never stopped him,give credit where credit is due.Im hoping for one more chance to play against him but im a realist and that doesn't look good.Not knocking coaches or players he is just that good,do I think he goes to start at texas ,I say if he does it wont be at qb but then again I hope im proved wrong,but in the big picture I just wanna see him on the field,im a fan and any team would be lucky to have an athlete like that on the field.Just like my son said it was an honor to play against him,it was an honor to watch him kick our butt,but that is over lets focus on willowridge  and whoever else gets in our way now,because till its said and done I will be backing our boys 100%..Do I think we are winning state no but would I be surprised to get there no,,thats if we show up every week and give it our all at every position from fans in the stands to the trainers giving boys water,,get behind your city and team and buckle up your chin straps,,regardless what happens go support and have fun..It will all be over soon,dont blink!!!FACTS
  10. Willowridge @ Nederland

    not really a trap game,its the playoffs most teams should be good,makes the playoffs exactly what it is,,win or go my opinion its nederlands own fault,if you don't play your absolute worst game of season last Friday and handle your business you have two weak games coming up,thats what happens to #1 seeds,weaker schedule until the end!!so with that being said,its simple,,PUT UP OR SHUT UP!! win and keep playing or get ready for basketball and baseball season!!
  11. Final Coaches Regional Rankings

    How are they suppose to go to state when they have already dropped two games to teams in region 3,,not the same manvel team!!!!
  12. Willowridge @ Nederland

    he did get ran over but that kid has heart as big as anyone,he got right up and back at it,,take a lot more than that to get hiltz off a field!!
  13. Willowridge @ Nederland

    just hoping the hype from last week got to everyone especially the youngers ones,and now that's over and the dogs are back to what ive seen all year..