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  1. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    so,is this game worth traveling to see,,thoughts!!!
  2. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    from the outside looking in,i truly believe that wos is only figuring out  better qb play away from finding their way back to jerry world.just my opinion.not saying they can or cant just saying its possible from what ive seen
  3. negative,png went further by one win.they beat texas city in 2nd round.
  4. Nederland 21 Silsbee 14/FINAL

    Far from a star qb,just a kid that loves the sport that does what he is asked from his coaches.
  5. Nederland 21 Silsbee 14/FINAL

    I only went by what my son told me they were wearing,I thought they were wearing gold pants,not sure what happened I forgot to ask,but I’ll find out just for you!!
  6. Nederland 21 Silsbee 14/FINAL

    He is fine,could of went back in,just slipped again and tweaked same knee again that he hurt in scrimmage,now he has two full weeks to heal before district which is good!!!
  7. Nederland 21 Silsbee 14/FINAL

    Very sloppy game,hope everyone is ok this morning and injury free,but that’s what pre district is for,to prepare for what really counts.Good luck to both teams the rest of the way!
  8. Nederland vs Silsbee

    gold pants tonight
  9. Nederland vs Silsbee

    i was told hamstring issue.
  10. not saying vidor is better by no means,but sometimes they are hard to thing for sure is its hard to score when vidor has the ball 3/4 of the game
  11. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    sure wish I could make this one,id like to see cornels changes since week one against us...I still think wos has a shot to shock the world tonight..go get em stangs,good luck to both teams and may god be with everyone involed for safe travels and an injury free battle
  12. Nederland vs Silsbee

    I heard Nuke wasn't playing tonight,i hate that for him,he is a great young man.The times he has been at my house he is quiet and very respectful,if that is true get well soon and back to the grind.
  13. congrats pee-rats,now get back to work,im expecting you guys to knock off  crosby in district with that offense!!
  14. Galena Park vs Lee

    I'm hoping for lee to pull it out,their district will be tough to win a game.
  15. Candy creek at Vidor

    does any radio station cover vidor games?