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  1. Manvel vs Angleton

    I know I’m biased from the butt whoopin we took from manvel but until proven differently,,Manvel is state champs this no means am I saying Nederland is any shape a state champion team,just know manvel is tough Big and fast!!!
  2. I think wagner beat Silsbee by 40 last weekend,bet it only makes em stronger..
  3. Matter of fact,losing to bigger and better teams can only make you better as a whole.
  4. I understand what your saying but gaining a lil confidence doesn’t guarantee anything.throwing em to the wolves every now and then can’t hurt either,,just my opinion!!!
  5. I think Nederland should of went and played that tournament in Houston with all the big basketball schools,to me the better competition will get you ready for a tough district and a deep playoff run..playing better teams will make you better..
  6. New 5a D2 Region 3

    Looks about right
  7. Local 5A Div 2. Any guesses????

    Glad it didn’t work for you,beating png is better with him there,lol
  8. Local 5A Div 2. Any guesses????

    Imagine a mid County Madness in the playoffs...
  9. Lets TalkLocal 5A Div 1

    PAM GCM ? ? ? ? ? ?
  10. Local 5A Div 2. Any guesses????

    Doubt it,looks like ozen and central gonna stick around another year!!!
  11. Cutoff Numbers

    Yup,not looking good for HJ
  12. Cutoff Numbers

    Gotta beat the best to be the best!!!
  13. 11-4A-II All District

    Should of just named 3 teams to the all district team!!
  14. Nederland - UIL

    It’s about him,his parents bought a house in nederland,,and moved here,the kid has done better with everyday life since he has changed schools.nithing to do with sports.