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  1. It is a homer pick,just an opinion and a hope lol..but I do think they will better than you think!!
  2. Had Crosby on top,forgot the's in 2017 Dave Campbell magazine 
  3. I see PA in the drivers seat,than anything is possible after that. PA Ned PNG Central Lumberton Vidor just my opinion,anything is possible in this district!!!
  4. Predict Your Teams Record For 2017

    Just like ESPN...Com'on man!!
  5. 7 on 7

    Like I said,it was our first time to play 7 on 7..we started of shaky against Dayton but once they figured it out it was a very good game..I was told we won by 1 but not at all saying Dayton didn't win.either way it was a win for our group.they need to see that competition.for never practicing or anything they looked was a good time,can only help the kids get better for the season!!
  6. 7 on 7

    He plays for and a buddy are kinda over seeing this 7 on 7 team.first time to play today.dayton definitely looks athletic.
  7. 7 on 7

    No I left after my sons team finished!!
  8. 7 on 7

    Not sure about it all but nederland beat Dayton,beat Kelly and lost to West Brook.West Brook is playing Dayton and Kelly playing Legacy now
  9. 7 on 7

    I think Kelly,Dayton,West Brook,Nederland,and Hamshire Fannet so far,or what I was told.not 100% on teams!!
  10. Question about PA Memorial

    Oh,nevermind..I just seen you said best athlete at QB..
  11. Question about PA Memorial

    Better than R.Johnson??the kid is legit!!!
  12. I hope the best for the players of each and every sport and I hope the best for each and every coach of every sport in the city of nederland.bottom line is not to many student athletes from nederland go on to make a living playing sports so all we can hope for is these coaches teach these kids a valuable lesson that helps them become adults and a future in whatever life brings their way,enough bashing let's just pray for a better future for every coach and every student athlete in nederland!!!
  13. Hey Lil buddy,can you buy me a burger????