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  1. Well folks

    Not in wos backyard!!

    The Board members that wanted Barbay gone are still on the school board and his  contract comes up for renewal in February 2019,hope the board realize that the community is watching them. 
  3. Jasper 55 Shepherd 3/FINAL

    Shepherd has lost to Orangefield and Hamshire Fannett, so Jasper 44 Shepherd 14.
  4. That is the difference between Barbay and Cornell, we may have to play then again in the third round,,,
  5. Sub Varsity Scores 10/04

    Jasper J.V.  28. West Orange 21
  6. L.c.m. keeping same q.b. in all scrimmage, but looks good,
  7. Jasper vs Waco Robinson

    SAM Houston, first game wed.two and three friday. 
  8. Jasper new video score board

    J DOG,this is for the fans to enjoy,the new scoreboard at the baseball Parkside not produce more home runs are no hitters,but great for the fans
  9. Jasper new video score board

    Jasper school board voted to accept the donations for it at last at last nite school board meeting.
  10. Jasper new video score board

    Jedco donated $62,000.00,Jasper foot ball boosters donated $10,000.00 and athletic dept added $12,000.00,it will set on old scoreboard with four more vertical I beams and two more horizontal I beams added ,will be ready before first football game.
  11. Jasper new video score board

    Ok,J Dog,you know that J
  12. Silsbee v Lumberton 2/27

    Lumberton lost 4 games in Jasper tournament !!
  13. And Jasper is not ranked in top ten in area after beating ,West Brook,lumberton,porter,Livingston and now Port Neches Grove,WOW!!!
  14. Half Huntington 38  Jasper,,32
  15. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    Bulldog 92 come to the Booster meeting and get informed on what is going on,West Orange is on the schedule this year